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Oh, those silly boys from One Direction.

While Liam Tomlinson was busy over the weekend getting into a Twitter war with Tom Parker, the singer's bandmaters were having a blast on stage in London.

Much to the excitement of young females in attendance.

That's because Liam Payne took a quick break during a rendition of "What Makes You Beautiful" and pulled down the pants of Harry Styles. Seriously!

Do not blink around the 20-second mark of this video and you'll get an idea of what once belonged to Taylor Swift:

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Is Shaniece Nesbitt dating Harry Styles?

The One Direction cutie, who was famously in a relationship with Taylor Swift, is rumored to be dating the beautiful brunette by that name pictured below.

  • Styles
  • Shaniece Nesbitt Pic

Is there anything to this rumor, though?

Does it matter? Not to 1D Universe.

Shaniece Nesbitt has been on the receiving-end of major Twitter hate, even as sources close to Harry deny that these two are even together.

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Ummm... eat your heart out, Taylor Swift?

Harry Styles has gotten himself some fresh ink, and it's his most impressive tattoo yet. Size wise, at least.

Artist Liam Sparkes has posted the following photo to Flickr and a rep for the group confirms that, despite the faceless image, this really is a shot of Styles and his new body etching:

Harry Styles Butterfly Tattoo

Styles has over 30 tattoos covering his cute body, but this one clearly stands out.

Do you like the butterfly?


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To repeat one of our favorite Austin Powers quotes: Honestly, who throws a shoe?!?

That's what Harry Styles is wondering after an unusual incident during a concert in Glasgow, Scotland.

While he and fellow One Direction members Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik were chatting up the crowd, a shoe came flying on stage - and clocked Styles in the crotch!

As any male can understand, the singer went down in a heap of pain, eventually arising and laughing off the attack by doing a few lunges.

Pity the genitals that once belonged to Taylor Swift and watch now:

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He sings. He dances. He has that face and he bakes?!?

Taylor Swift, you may wanna rethink this one.

Proving he is as adept in the kitchen as he is on the stage, Harry Styles has been photographed baking cupcakes for a good cause:

He and his One Direction band mates support the U.K. Comic Relief initiative "Red Nose Day," which encourages people to do something "funny for money."

Harry Styles the Chef

Wrote Niall Horan as a caption to this photo:

"look whats goin on! @harry_styles is wreckin to kitchen to make muffins for @rednoseday ! Wey hey! Lets keep it up! lets make this week as big! This @rednoseday is gona be amazing."

We recommend these Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies if you wish to join in on the fun!

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Harry Styles has spoken out for the first time since his split from Taylor Swift.

During a radio interview with London's Capital FM yesterday, the One Direction member was asked how he's been handling himself since his recent breakup with the country music superstar.

"I'm okay, thank you for asking," Styles replied. "I'm good."

Happy Harry Styles

Swift appeared to diss Styles in her Grammy performance of "We Are Never Getting Back Together," using a British accent at one point.

But Harry didn't take this bait when the subject was broached.

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Harry Styles is single - and very ready to mingle.

New photos of the One Direction singer have made that very clear, as Harry and friends celebrated the artist's birthday over the weekend with at least one nearly naked woman inside a London club.

You may want to turn away, Taylor Swift. This is most definitely a shot of your ex and a stripper:

Harry Styles, Stripper Pic

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He may be the youngest member of the hottest boy band on the planet, but Harry Styles is now one year older.

The gorgeous Brit turns 19 today, as readers are encouraged to do more than just squeal over his photo below. They should send in their birthday wishes right at this very moment!

Pic of Harry Styles

Styles, of course, famously dated Taylor Swift for a couple months before that relationship felt apart in late 2012.

He was born in Evesham, Worcestershire and has an older sister and divorced parents. Among Harry's major influences? Elvis Presley!

There's a fun fact, huh? Now go ahead and wish this One Direction member the happiest of birthdays, will ya?

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Taylor Swift is a prude who is so worried about her public image that she doesn't put out nearly enough and that's why Harry Styles dumped her.

According to an anonymous source, that is.

With the latest Taylor Swift split still making headlines, and with fans wondering why the singers didn't last, an insider blames the couple's demise on Taylor's concern over her loose reputation.

Taylor Swift Cleavage Flash

Taylor is so concerned that the public will think she’s a whore because she dates around, that she doesn’t put out,” a supposed friend claims. “What she doesn’t get is that the guys keep dumping her because she’s being a prude.”

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