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Veteran actor/writer/director Harold Ramis died this morning at the age of 69.

Having starred and/or written everything from Ghostbusters to Animal House, Groundhog Day to Knocked Up, the beloved Ramis counted numerous friends and admirers from across Hollywood.

Below, many remember him via Twitter...

Harold Ramis in Ghostbusters

Ike Barinholtz: Very very sad to hear about Harold Ramis passing. He directed Vacation which is simply my favorite comedy of all time.

Jake Tapper: i interviewed Ramis once and i have to say, just a lovely, lovely man. generous with his time & very sharp & kind. sad.

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Harold Ramis - a beloved actor, writer and director likely best known for his role in Ghostbusters - died early this morning at his home Chicago.

He was 69 years old.

Harold Ramis Picture

Ramis' wife confirmed her husband's passing to The Chicago Tribune, saying the star passed away from a rare autoimmune disease at 12:53 a.m.

Born in The Windy City, Ramos grew up idolizing the Marx Brothers, Sid Caesar and Ernie Kovacs. He graduated in 1967 from Washington University.

His first job? The jokes editor for Playboy. 

Ramis went on to join the improv group Second City, where he met two future famous friends and colleagues, John Belushi and Bill Murray.

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