The lovely American Idol contestant, Haley Scarnato is showing off her pipes every chance she gets. And her legs.

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Wanna become the next Carrie Underwood? The latest Kelly Clarkson?

The chance to do so begins this Monday, as auditions for American Idol Season Seven kick off in San Diego. Before the latest batch of hopeful give their pipes a run-through, USA Today asked seven of last year's finalists to offer a few tips...

Jordin Sparks: Know that they're watching to see if you'll crack under pressure. Sing something nobody else is doing, because by the 10th time they've heard it, they're going to cut you off early, and you need all the time they give you. Smile. Dress nice, but not so nice. Maybe smart casual.

Blake Lewis: People have to realize it's a show, and producers want what's best for television. You're trying to get a job. You've got to be yourself and be confident. I didn't view it as television, so it was easy. You're not even singing a whole song. Just be true to yourself. There will always be other auditions.

Jordin Sparks, Blake Lewis and other American Idols have advice for newcomers.

Melinda Doolittle: One of my friends did the whole audition with her eyes closed. She can sing beautifully, but she didn't connect with the judges. Even if you're nervous, look them in the eye. Sing a song you believe in, one that you can really sell. Capture their attention. They're looking for more than singing.

Phil Stacey: You've got to be real. The truth is, I would have left a better impression if I had done the music I wanted to do from the start rather than wait until I was comfortable. Blake went a long way because he was crystal clear about who he is.

Gina Glocksen: Don't get overwhelmed. It's going to be a long day. Don't sing Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston or Etta James. Make yourself be noticed without overdoing it. I remember this girl at the L.A. auditions who looked as if she didn't have a care in the world. She made it through.

Chris Sligh: Be comfortable. Have fun with it, and show some personality. Maybe tell a joke. I mean, three jokes got me to the top 10. Be original, be funny.

Haley Scarnato: Stay true to who you are, which is hard to do when you're on a TV show. Focus on the song and get caught up in that moment so you won't let everything else overwhelm you.

What, nothing from Antonella Barba? She must be too busy planning a major photo shoot with Amy Polumbo or something.

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The legs of Haley Scarnato have received more attention in recent weeks than her voice. That could explain why she was voted off America Idol Tuesday night.

When talking to reported after the results were announced, though, Scarnato was first asked about her hair.

Is it true that you got Katharine McPhee's old hair extensions from last season?
Yes, that is true. I think it's cool. They can wash them, so it's fun. I think it's cool to wear the hair extensions of Katharine McPhee. She's Katharine McPhee!

What was Jennifer Lopez like in person?
She was great, she was so helpful. She was very warm and comforting. You could tell she really wanted to help us. She was so down-to-earth and I think everyone felt that way about her. I got to spend about 10 minutes with her. It was a great experience to hammer out the song and stuff.

Did you get to meet Marc Anthony at all?
Yes, I did. That was really cool. He's so nice. He loves her, he just adores her and that's really great to see. They just look really happy.

In retrospect, do you think that not responding to Simon's criticism was the right move?

That's not who I am. On national TV I still want to stay in that frame of mind that you have to respect him. He is Simon Cowell. It does hurt a little bit, but you just try to brush through it.

The judges gave you conflicting advice week after week. How did you adjust?

Well, if I was going to be here next week I was going to wear a choir robe! I was going to be fully clothed. You just take it for what it's worth and try to brush it of and know that you still have to perform.

* Follow this link to see Haley Scarnato pictures and let us know if you think she was too scantily dressed.

When Simon first commented on the way you looked, did you think about changing it at all?
I never really changed my look since Hollywood week. I showed my midriff and stuff. I want to stay true to who I am. It's fun to dress up and play the part of the week. With Latin week it's more of a sexier vibe. I don't think I wore less clothing than before. I just did the same thing. It was going to happen eventually, I figured. I got a good vibe from the judges and I didn't really get that before.

Does it bother you that you got eliminated before Sanjaya?
No. [Sanjaya Malakar] is a great personality and he's got a great energy backstage and onstage and I think he did a great job this week and I hope the best for him and all the other contestants.

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Haley seems sweet. We hope she lands a record contract alongside other Idol beauties Alaina Alexander and Antonella Barba.

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American Idol fans bid farewell to Haley Scarnato last night.

After Ryan Seacrest gave her the news, the gorgeous contestant shed more tears than layers of clothing she typically wore every week.

Not that we minded Scarnato's wardrobe choices. Nor did most men around the country. Heck, after the Antonella Barba picture story broke, can you blame others for trying to capitalize on their looks?

Anyway, here's one fan who sure was thankful he paid money for good American Idol seats a couple weeks ago. His view of Haley on stage is akin to that of Britney Spears, as she checks out Luke Walton on the court.

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If you support American troops overseas, you'll support Haley Scarnato in American Idol.

Okay, that could be pushing it a bit. But it does appear - by the look of the photo below - that our heroes aren't exactly casting votes for Sanjaya Malakar. See, they're both brave and smart.

Whether or not the troop vote puts Haley over the top over talented singers such as Melinda Doolittle and LaKisha Jones remains to be seen. But this is proof that American Idol touches lives around the world.

That can't even be said for someone as cute as Lucy Pinder.

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She's no Antonella Barba.

Granted, Haley Scarnato has been receiving a lot of attention recently for her looks - but there's one difference between this American Idol contestant and the one that was best known for her sex photos: Haley can sing.

Believing He Can Fly

Well enough, in fact, to have cracked at least the top nine on the show. Let's get to know her a bit better, courtest of this People magazine profile ...

Age: 24
Relationship Status: Engaged to Bobby Krudwig, a sales executive
Pre-Idol: Wedding singer in her native San Antonio
Fame Factor: Although she thinks it's "cute" that she has a fan club called "Haley's Comet," Scarnato doesn't want to know much more than that.

"I completely stay away from the Internet and gossip â€" it's scary," she says. "I got recognized recently, which was weird. They said something about my mole!"

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Come on, Haley, you're not curious to read about The Bachelor, Andy Baldwin?

Guest Mentor She's Psyched to Meet: "Martina McBride," says the country fan. "I love her."
What's On Her iPod? "I love Elvis, which is shocking to people for some reason."
On Being Judged: "Some comments are pretty harsh. Ryan Seacrest lightens the mood. It's nice to have him on that big stage next to you."

And with that, Scarnato left to stick pins in her voodoo doll of Sanjaya Malakar. No, we're just kidding.

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Don't worry, Antonella Barba, you still have the blowjob picture market cornered.

However, a new contestant might be going after your title of American Idol Hottie.

Fortunately for Haley Scarnato, she can carry tunes a lot farther than Antonella could ever dream of - but it looks like this hopeful is realizing that looks also go a long way toward remaining in the competition.

Scarnato was striking in her short shorts last night, stealing a lot of the Idol chatter from more talented singers such as Lakisha Jones. There's a very good chance we'll be seeing a lot more of Haley over the next few weeks.

And that's a much better thing than seeing Heather Mills nude. We're just sayin.

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