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There's no rest for the talented.

Just days after they all performed on the season 10 finale of American Idol, champion Scotty McCreery and the rest of the final four took to the stage again in Atlanta. They were on hand to help open a new Microsoft store in the city.

On a hot afternoon, Scotty performed "I Love You This Big," "Gone" and "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not," while Lauren went with "Flat on the Floor" and "Like My Mother  Does." Haley Reinhart and James Durbin also belted out a few singles, all of which are posted below. Watch and enjoy!

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We didn't see this duet coming.

Among the many performances on the American Idol finale - Beyonce teamed up with the gals HERE, while Lauren Alaina sang with Carrie Underwood HERE - Haley Reinhart taking up with Tony Bennett took us most by surprise.

In a great way. Might the third place finisher have a jazz career in front of her? Following this rendition of "Steppin Out," we can totally see, couldn't you?

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Haley Reinhart was eliminated from American Idol last night.

To many, though, it was shocking that this singer even made it as far as the final three. Even she admitted, in a post-episode interview with journalists, that she struggled early on.

"I think I took a lot of risks in the beginning early on, when usually you do the opposite. Maybe America didn't know how to take me. I started getting into my own little niche, the rock bluesy sultry feel, throughout and I think America finally started to catch on and they kept me around!"

Haley Reinhart Says Farewell

The judges continued to be harsh on Haley, however. But it sounds like she understands why.

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You Oughta Know, American Idol fans: Haley Reinhart is in it to win it!

The talented crooner took to the stage three times last night, covering songs made famous by Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac and Alanis Morissette.

While the results were mixed (we loved "What Is and What Should Never Be," but Haley struggled during the verses on Morissette's revenge-based classic), there's no doubt that Reinhart stood out from Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. That's what happens when you actually fall during a performance when your dad plays guitar for you on stage.

Check out one of Haley's renditions above and two more below. Think we'll be seeing her in the finals?

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The rocker is out, and three remain.

As American Idol heads into the final run of season 10, taking us to the hometowns of its remaining contestants next week, three distinct singers remain.

Idol Final Three
  1. Scotty McCreery: The all-American boy, seemingly came out of the womb with the perfect voice for country music. As consistent as any performer this season, but also as predictable.
  2. Lauren Alaina: Carrie Underwood, 2.0? A similar look and sound to the season four champion. An early favorite who has built up momentum each week.
  3. Haley Reinhart: The clear underdog. Has openly battled with judges, notably Randy Jackson, who have been critical of her recent renditions. Viewers have come to embrace her fighting attitude.

So, who will it be? Who should it be?


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Haley Reinhart had a moment on American Idol last night.

That's what Randy Jackson said about the finalist's cover of "I Who Have Nothing." Haley was joined on stage by a string section and responded perfectly to Lady GaGa's advice to give fans "drama."

Reinhart surely did, as J. Lo deemed it "one of the best performances of the year."

Prior to this incredible rendition, Haley delivered a somewhat shaky version of Michael Jackson's "Earth Song." The judges questioned her song choice and we've posted a video of it below for readers to sound off on. Enjoy!

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Haley Reinhart has never been regarded as a serious contender, but she's made it all the way to the top five, and served notice last night that she's no fluke.

With a great effort on "House of the Rising Sun," then a go-for-broke cover of an unreleased Lady Gaga track, Haley proved she belongs on American Idol.

"House of the Rising Sun" was clearly right in Haley's wheelhouse, and was head and shoulders above anyone else's old school covers last night. Watch:

As for Lady Gaga's "You and I," which Gaga does at her shows, and which required Haley getting permission directly from Gaga, it was a risky call.

While the judges weren't all moved by the song itself, it's perfectly suited to her style and her distinctive sound, and she took it to the house!

It's the kind of performance that makes Haley Reinhart stand out and really make her mark as a contender. Watch it here and see if you agree:

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Casey Abrams may have been voted off American Idol, but he's still trying to be a force on the show, telling his fan base to vote Haley and vote often!

Abrams has been telling friends, family and hometown supporters in Idyllwild, Calif., to stay united and send Haley Reinhart through to the final four.

Casey denies being in a romantic relationship with Haley, but last week referred to her as a "special musical friend." Translation: TOTES hitting that.

  • Casey Abrams Promo Pic
  • Haley Reinhart Promo Pic

JAZZED UP: Casey and Haley may or may not be dating, but he wants to make sure Reinhart has a date to perform in the next round of American Idol.

Abrams was ousted last week in a bit of a surprise, as many viewers felt Jacob Lusk would be the next to pack his bags. But the votes are the votes.

Regarding America's rejection of him, Casey has been humble from the start and says the five contestants remaining were just better than he was.

We have a hunch which of the five he thinks was the best ...

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Haley Reinhart's version of Carole King's "Beautiful" - a bit of a surprise choice from the singer - was good, but not great last night on American Idol.

But we can blame her background singers and ear monitor, neither of which did her any favors. Despite those hiccups, it was a cool arrangement.

Heck, to hear one observer tell it, it was beyond perfect: "Haley, you are as beautiful as all that song is," Steven Tyler says. "I just saw God."

Not hyperbolic at all, is he? In all seriousness, she was good:

Follow the jump to watch Haley's second performance of the night, a duet with Casey Abrams, and then vote on who you think was the best:

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Matching efforts by James Durbin, Casey Abrams or even Lauren Alaina was a tall order for Haley Reinhart, who chose to sing Adele's "Rolling the Deep."

While choosing such a current hit is always a risk (especially a hit sung by, you know, Adele), Haley did her best to do it justice, vocally and emotionally.

Jennifer said there were moments where she did it better than Adele. We're not going that far, because it was far from perfect. But she held her own.

Watch Haley Reinhart do her thing here and vote below ...

Who do you think was the best on American Idol last night? Vote:

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