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Gwen Stefani performed her best version of "Wind It Up" on The Late Show With David Letterman, and like the incredible mom she is, she even brought along a special guest.

Gwen Stefani Image

Awww. Little Kingston James McGregor Rossdale even got a cute Letterman t-shirt. It's nice to see that this pop star also seems like a great mom with her head in the right place. Yes. If you're reading this, Britney Spears, we are calling you out.


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Stars have babies. Stars lose weight. Us Magazine reports on the process. It's the circle of celebrity child birth.

Britney Spears recently relayed her magical plan of eating less and exercising more to shed her Sutton Pierce (or Jayden James?) pounds to the publication.

Gwen Stefani Image

Most recently, Gwen Stefani called in to On the Air With Ryan Seacrest on L.A.'s 102.7 KIIS FM on Monday morning to launch her new single "Wind It Up."

The new mom, who gave birth five months ago to Kingston with husband Gavin Rossdale, also weighed in on getting back her post-baby bod. Here are excerpts from the interview:

Gwen Stefani: "The last tour for me was really challenging being that I was pregnant. And if you've ever been pregnant you know that it totally consumes you, so it was really ... I'm excited to go out there and have the baby on the outside!"
Ryan Seacrest: "Well I was gonna say, it's probably gonna be equally as challenging but in a different way because you have to bring Kingston along. So cute."

GS: "He's the greatest thing in the world, it's gonna be so much fun."
RS: "I like his fauxhawk."

GS: "Thank you, yeah ... He finally has enough hair to do something with it so, I was trying to do, you know, doing what I can with it. And his dad doesn't like the side part, he's not really into that, so I was trying to give him some cooler looks."
RS: "You're such a natural the way you hold him and everything."

GS: "Oh thank you. You know, there was no transition, it was just like, 'Where were you?' Like so great."
RS: "And who dresses Kingston?"

GS: "Both of us. But, this morning his dad dressed him. He has on a Bob Marley onesie and some like Comme des Garcons slacks or something, I don't know. He looks really cute."
RS: "It looks like you're keeping in shape though."

GS: "Let's just talk about how hard it's been ... That has been really hard trying to get rid of that baby, that whew! That was a big one but, it's almost down, it's almost gone."
RS: Are you dieting or just exercising?

GS: "You have to be healthy. I've just been eating healthy. I cheat every day at least once a day."
RS: "Can you drink beer yet?"

GS: "No, no not really."
RS: "You're not a beer drinker?"

GS: "I don't really drink a lot of beer anyway, it's not my thing. I don't come home and have, like, a six pack or anything." [laughs]

** THG NOTE: We hope Keith Urban one day feels the same way


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Gwen Stefani - who denies having skipped the VMAs due to any problem with Kelly Clarkson - certainly looked care-free during a stroll around the Big Apple over the weekend.

Then again, if Heidi Klum was by your side, you'd probably feel pretty relaxed, also. Or at least speechless.

Klum And Stefani Families Photo

In this shot, Stefani and husband, Gavin Rossdale, walk with baby Kingston alongside Klum, hubby Seal and their kids on Labor Day.

Earlier this summer, Gwen and Gavin spent a weekend with Brangelina and children. Could the couple be leading the way for of super human children to take over the planet?

We doubt it. They'll probably all just friends.

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Ahhhh .... Kelly Clarkson!

Don't expect to see Gwen Stefani at the MTV Video Music Awards tonight - but if she decides NOT to boycott the event at the last minute, you might hear her scream one of the famous 40-Year Old Virgin quotes, made known by Steve Carell.

  • The Original American Idol
  • Gwen Stefani Image

Why would Gavin's more beautiful half attend not attend the festivites? Reportedly, she's still angry by how she was treated last year.

"She had a ton of nominations and was under the impression she would be taking home at least one award," an insider said. "But every award, except that lame best-dressed award, went to Kelly Clarkson, and every time Kelly won, the camera went straight to Gwen. She felt set up."

The Gossip isn't one to get in the way of a good catfight, but we hope Stefani appreciated being named Best Dressed more than this quote makes it sound like. After all, that's something not even Paula Abdul could come close to.

While Stefani's rep declined comment, rumor also has it that Gwen thought she'd be closing the show. Who did that honor go to instead? Clarkson.

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T.H. Gossip has learned from a reputable source that Gwen Stefani, hubby Gavin Rossdale and baby Kingston James McGregor Rossdale have officially become the proud owners of a four-bedroom home in an exclusive gated community in Beverly Hills.

The cute rocker family purchased their new pad from Sam Nazarian, a mogul in the entertainment biz and the CEO of SBE Entertainment. He put the house on the block in April with an asking price of $15 million, and it's not clear whether Gwen, Gavin and Kingston paid less than that.

Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale Walk

The seven-bathroom, 10,000 square-foot house spans two acres and features an infinity pool, tennis court, and movie projection room. We're not sure what the hell an infinity pool is, but man does that $hit sound tight.

Nazarian bought the residence from diva Jennifer Lopez in October 2004. Lopez owned the property for four years and married Marc Anthony on the estate in a hush-hush ceremony in June 2004. She has since moved on to produce terrible music and act in bad movies.


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Controversy and police raids won't get in the way of an Indepedence Day celebration for the Brangelina clan!

Brangelina in Toronto

Indeed, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shook off any legal conflicts and took Shiloh to meet the second more famous newborn of the last few weeks: Kingston Rossdale. You know, the offspring of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, the couple that's currently accepting suggestions for a witty moniker (Gavin? Gwen?).

On Sunday, the famous families gathered at Pitt's Santa Barbara compound. The new moms were rocking matching baby slingsm as Brangelina's second youngest, Zahara, was spotted walking. Give her a gratuitous sex scene and she'll be competing with Jolie's movie career before we know it!

Meanwhile, Gavin and Brad, hit the water on a pair of jet skis. Stefani has no comment on the fact that she's a close friend of Pitt's ex, Jennifer Aniston. For on this day, it was all about Shilo, Kingston and America's birthday.

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Popping out a baby one second, popping up on the big screen the next second, Gwen Stefani can't be held down!

The singer is reportedly preparing to star in an adapation of the Tennessee Williams screenplay, Baby Doll. Naturally, the former No Doubt lead would play the role of said doll.

Gwen on the Red Carpet

The film, originally made in 1956, features a gorgeous young woman who promises her failed businessman husband that their marriage will be consummated a year from their nuptials. For whatever reason, this isn't good enough for the strapping, viral male.

He's dying to bed his wife, and anxious to improve his business, so he decides to burn down the plant of this arch-rival. After this occurs, the rival has to use the husband's plant to produce cotton, but things start to go awry when he meets Baby Doll.

Got all that? Neither do we. But we do know Stefani has previously starred in The Aviator, playing screen legend Jean Harlow.


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Less than one-month old Kingston James McGregor Rossdale may have no idea where he is right now (or why he has four names), but the infant son of Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale is already out of the house and having fun. Here's a recent picture from People Magazine of Kingston and his trendy, rocker mom at a park in L.A.

Gwen And Kingston Enjoy The Day

What a cutie! Kingston's kind of endearing, too.


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Kingston James McGregor Rossdale. That's quite the mouthful, especially when the little guy is not even two weeks old. Here are some pictures of the silly new addition to the home of Gwen Stefani and hubby Gavin Rossdale. A full spread is due out in this week's edition of OK Magazine, but the pics are already live on the official site of Gwen's band, No Doubt.

Singer and Her Family

Eat your heart out, Shiloh.

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