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We're talking about this in the business sense.

This isn't a story about Tom Brady removing sexy lingerie from the smoking hot body of his leggy, curvy Brazilian girlfriend.

Gisele Shows Her Abs

Although we're starting to wish it were.

Anyway, Gisele Bundchen no longer wears Victoria's Secret, according to the New York Post. At least not professionally. The supermodel is giving up her wings (so to speak) as lead angel for the lingerie giant because it won't up her salary.

Gisele currently makes a paltry $5M annually - or the same amount that the Kim Kardashian sex tape settlement netted a certain slutty socialite.

It's no joke, though. The supermodel's sister, Patricia Bundchen, confirmed to Brazilian Web site Glamurana that contract talks had broken off. 

"Her demands were outrageous. She got a new lawyer who was unrealistic," said a source. "Victoria's Secret doesn't care. They have five new hotter, younger girls debuting next year. And they won't have to deal with any craziness."

Five younger, hotter girls than Gisele Bundchen? We're not sure we believe it - but where do we sign up? Just promise Toastee Toof is not one of them.

Reps for Gisele Bundchen didn't return e-mails. A rep for Victoria's Secret declined comment. Tom's pregnant ex, Bridget Moynahan, likely doesn't give a crap.

If Gisele were pregnant too, though? Then $h!t would hit the fan.


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Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen has finally spoken out, denying reports that she's pregnant with her boyfriend's child.

"It's crazy how people can make up these stories," the Victoria's Secret model said of the pregnancy rumors on the Spanish TV program Corazon de Primavera.

Gisele Bundchen Photograph

"I'm not pregnant and I'm not planning to be pregnant anytime soon. I have so many contracts to do, so many projects."

Two weeks ago, a popular Brazilian celebrity website reported that Bundchen was expecting a child with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The hunk is currently expecting a baby with the ex-girlfriend he dated for years before Gisele, actress Bridget Moynahan.

Bundchen has admitted that she wants babies, but for right now, she says she feels she's much too young to have a child.

"It's just something I don't want now - it's for the future," she said. "I'm 26 years old, for Christ's sake! Why would I have a baby now?"

Better yet, why two? Sorry, Britney Spears.


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In the NFL draft next month, it's fairly obvious the New England Patriots need to draft an offensive linemen. Their quarterback, Tom Brady, needs serious protection.


Tom Brady, New Hairstyle

Just a couple months after his ex, Bridget Moynahan, announced that she was preggers with a tyke from Tom, the football star's latest tight end may also have a Brady bun in the oven.

Indeed, after The Hollywood Gossip staff joked that Gisele Bundchen was happily telling the Super Bowl winner about his latest sperm touchdown, rumors are swirling that this is actually the case.

A source tells Rush & Molloy: "She has told friends it's true."

That's good enough for us to run with the story. Now, the question is: Will Brady make an honest woman out of Gisele? Or Bridget? Or both? As Salma Hayek just proved, pregnancy often leads to marriage ... but what about dueling pregnancies?

And coule any team of celebrity babies knock off Brady's bunch on the football field? We doubt it.

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Supermodel Gisele Bundchen wants to spread more than her legs.

We're talking about her good genes - something boyfriend Tom Brady would certain contribute nicely to. In the new issue of Italian Vanity Fair, the Victoria's Secret model revealed that she wants a big family.


When the magazine asked Bundchen whether she wants kids, she replied, "I'd be lying if I said no - my parents have been married for 35 years and have six children. Thing is, I'm just 26 years old, so I have plenty of time."

The fact that boyfriend of two months, New England Patriots quarterback Brady, is now expecting a child with his ex-girlfriend, Six Degrees actress Bridget Moynahan, hasn't fazed the couple.

Bundchen brought Brady on vacation to Italy recently, and designer Stefano Gabbana told Vanity Fair at Milan Fashion Week: "They looked really good together. He is gorgeous, and if you ask me they are very much in love."

What else did the Brazilian beauty say? Excerpts from the interview below:

On love:
"It's one of the most beautiful things in life, but you have to live it the right way," she told the mag. "You have to be able to give love before you can receive it.''

On staying in touch with ex Leonardo DiCaprio and his family:
"Certainly we still see each other - I am really fond [Leonardo DiCaprio's] family. When you are with a person for a long time it's natural that you get tied to their family, but they are separate from the relationship between him and me."

On her life in New York:
"I really love dancing, but I can assure you that when I am working I never go to parties or nightclubs."

THG NOTE: We hope Britney Spears is listening.

On keeping it low-key:
"The days that I am busy I very rarely go out in the evening. I prefer to stay at home and cook for my friends."

On her hobbies:
"I also adore sports, it's a passion I have had ever since I was a little girl."

On being a woman of the people:
"Thinking about it, the only difference between me and other people is that I travel a lot more."


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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and super hot super model Gisele Bundchen continued their European adventure in Italy this week, seizing the day - and every opportunity possible to suck face. See below...

Gisele in V

Man. Get a room, you two! Earlier this month, Tom's ex, actress Bridget Moynahan, announced that she's three months pregnant with Tom's baby. Meanwhile, the QB and his Brazilian babe kicked their romantic vacation into overdrive overseas. The couple were spotted shopping near the Coliseum and smooching it up all over Rome.

One thing's for sure: Gisele Bundchen is going to be give Tom's kid the sexiest stepmom since Brody Jenner's. Brody's dad, Bruce, married Kim Kardashian's mother, you know.

Think about it.

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Bet Tom Brady wishes he could call an audible.

After all, his ex-girlfriend, the lovely Six Degrees star Bridget Moynahan, recently came forward and announced that she's pregnant.

Topless Gisele Bundchen

There's not likely to be an Anna Nicole Smith-style dispute over paternity, either.

Brady has since started hanging out with supermodel Gisele Bundchen, which seems like the perfect way to forget one's troubles. Only Gisele has a little surprise for Tom as well, and the star quarterback's facial expression tells it all...

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Forgive Tom Brady if he isn't too crushed about not playing in the Super Bowl this weekend.

The studly quarterback is stil considered a winner now that rumors of he and Gisele Bundchen dating have been confirmed.

Gisele Topless

In this photo, they are walking the streets of New York after a night spent at Gisele's apartment.

Let's just hope she's changed the sheets since the days of boinking Leonardo DiCaprio.

Anyway, this is a beautiful, famous coupling that rivals that of John Mayer and Jessica Simpson.

But no way that pansy singer can throw a spiral.

So the Brady Bundchen wins our favorite new couple award, hands down.

Better luck next time, Dustin Diamond and poor taste.


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... if you know what we mean!

Indeed, Gisele Bundchen appears to have gone from a star of the big screen to a star of the pig skin.

Gisele Waves

The ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio has latched on to - at least - the golden arm of New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady. She was seen waiting outside the team's locker room after its playoff victory over the Chargers on Sunday.

Brady, of course, recently split with hot actress, Bridget Moynahan.

Often compared with New York Yankees shortstop, Derek Jeter, the quarterback knew he had to nab a new babe in order to compete with Jessica Biel. Gisele does fit that bill.

She had previously been linked with Josh Hartnett, but obviously deserves a much better looking, more famous mate. We hope these two have lots of cute babies together!