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The X-Files star Gillian Anderson poses in a stunning, revealing photo for the BLOOM & Fishlove campaign, which seeks to end destructive fishing practices.

Anderson, 45, posed topless for the shoot with an eel covering her chest. Check out the woman many will always know as Scully like you've never seen her:

Gillian Anderson Topless

The actress has been very active on Twitter, where she has nearly 80,000 followers, in pushing her various charities and causes, Fishlove included.

The Fishlove petition Anderson supports states:

"Amazing animals that live in the deep ocean are being systematically destroyed by massive fishing nets that catch or crush everything in their path."

"But in days, the European Parliament could vote to protect one of the world’s most precious deep-sea habitats - and we need to give them the public mandate to do it."

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