Gigi Goyette actually had a role on Little House on the Prarie when she was young. But that's not why she made news in the spring of...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger holds a special place in the heart and groin of Gigi Goyette.

In an interview with Extra, the alleged mistress says she first met the ex-Governor when she was 16; they reunited a decade later when Goyette worked at a fitness convention in Ohio. An affair soon broke out, as Goyette and Schwarzenegger started doing it at the same hotel where Maria Shriver was staying with the latter's three children.

"It's pretty much the first time I had sex with anybody in my life," Gigi says of the bodily fluid exchange.

How would Goyette describe the disgraced politician?

"He has this overpowering way with women that you get weak... Arnold is a very physical and sexual man, with a voracious appetite that likes a lot of physical attention."

She also issued an apology to Shriver, which ought to be accepted on the spot.

After all, who can't forgive someone who sleeps with her husband and then opens up about it on an entertainment news program?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger came clean about his love child with Mildred Patricia Baena and apologized last week after Maria Shriver confronted him about it.

He's had no further comment on the matter since, nor has Baena spoken out publicly. The same can't be said of his other alleged mistress, Gigi Goyette.

Goyette, a former child star who appeared on Little House on the Prairie, tells Extra that she too had an affair with the married actor-turned-politician.

She apologizes to Shriver, who separated from Schwarzenegger after 25 years of marriage after he admitted to fathering a child with Mildred Baena.

"I am very sorry for the mistakes I made in the past and for being intimate with your husband, and I would hope that you forgive me," Goyette says.

The claim of the affair is not new. She made it last week, in fact, and it had been rumored years ago when Schwarzenegger first ran for office.

Schwarzenegger's attorney, Marty Singer, slammed her Wednesday.

"This woman recently sold at least four stories to the tabloids relating to my client," he said. "She's just a person who wants to make money selling stories."

"Her actions speak for themselves."

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Move over, Mildred Patricia Beana. Former child star Gigi Goyette has come forward as The Sperminator's mistress as well, via her attorney Gloria Allred.

"I represent Gigi Goyette, who had an intimate relationship with Arnold," Allred said.

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The attorney declined to comment on why Goyette is coming forward now or her intentions for going public, but we have pulled together some details.

Gigi Goyette, 52, had success as a kid on Little House on Prairie. She reportedly met and slept with Schwarzenegger back in his 1975 Pumping Iron days.

She was 16 then. He was 28. But that's beside the point.

After a long layoff, the two reportedly picked things up again and had an affair in 1989, three years after the action star married Maria Shriver.

Goyette, who also goes by Gigi Jeffers, was one of the many women linked to Schwarzenegger as he made his bid for governor of California.

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Gigi Goyette actually had a role on Little House on the Prarie when she was young. But that's not why she made news in the spring of... More »
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