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The Gene Simmons sex tape has taken the web by, um, storm. But the KISS star hasn't reacted one way or the other - until now.

The rock star's legal team has taken an interesting first step in shutting down the website featuring the video, showing Gene Simmons having boring sex with some woman with his pants on as Foreigner blares in the background.

KISS Singer

The woman is not his longtime girlfriend and Playboy model, Shannon Tweed, but rather some model named Elsa. Who apparently won't kiss him.

According to TMZ, Gene Simmons' lawyers contacted, the company which is responsible for the content on the website promoting the video - ordering them to cease and desist because of copyright infringement.

How is this copyright infringement?

Gene Simmons' lawyers claim the site had no right to use face paint to promote the skin flick, as it has done, because face paint is a KISS trademarked thing.

"I wanna know what love (and copyright infringement) is ... "

Now various reports are saying that the Gene Simmons sex tape is rather old and the copyright owner is ... wait for it ... Gene Simmons!

Apparently, Gene Simmoms got wind of the tape's existence a few years back and bought the rights. So how did it get leaked then?

Also, the sex tape was reportedly shot without Simmons' permission or knowledge - and may well be illegal. Story still developing ...

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While the celebrity sex video itself may be anything but, the Gene Simmons sex tape remains hot - as a topic of discussion on the Internet.

That said, in case you're interested in watching the rock star do his thing, we've found a site with few good clips of the Gene Simmons sex tape.

KISS Singer

But first, we must warn you of the following points ...

  • While it's not exactly riveting action, Gene Simmons is definitely having intercourse with a model, so it's not safe for work. Use caution.
  • Said model possesses physical attributes that many might consider hot, but you must cope with a lot of Gene Simmons naked, as well.
  • Gene doesn't bother to remove his pants until late in the game.
  • Before going to town on this lovely lady, Simmons apparently selected "I Wanna Know What Love Is" by Foreigner as his sex soundtrack.

Alright, you have officially been warned. You may WATCH HERE.

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We're sorry, but we must report it. The Gene Simmons sex tape has officially hit the open market. Now, try to cleanse your mind of that thought.

Well, after you look at the photo below.

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed

According to AVN, the Gene Simmons sex tape was allegedly made while he was promoting ... Frank's Energy Drink.

Also, the woman in the video is not Shannon Tweed (Gene Simmons' longtime partner and mother of his two kids) but some random model named Elsa.

Elsa is a spokesmodel for Frank's Energy Drink. Part of her job description apparently entails letting Gene do his thing Ray J style...

A still photo from the Gene Simmons sex tape. Wonderful.

The video is supposedly available for purchase at, though the site is not functional as of this posting. The demand for a Gene Simmons sex video must be so high that the server just can't handle this huge load.

Which is also what Elsa said. Heh, heh?

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