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Appearing alongside husband Mark Kelly, Gabrielle Giffords was a guest today on Good Morning America, touching on a subject she sadly knows all too well:

Gun violence.

The ex-Congresswoman - who survived a shooting in Arizona two years ago - visited Newtown, Connecticut last week and had one word for Diane Sawyer when the topic turned to these bloody massacres:


Gabrielle Giffords on GMA

"After the shooting in Tucson, there was talk about addressing some of these issues, [and] again after Aurora," Kelly said. "I'm hopeful that this time is different, and I think it is. Twenty first-graders' being murdered in their classrooms is a very personal thing for everybody."

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Gabrielle Giffords paid an emotional visit this afternoon to Newtown, Connecticut, as the former Congressman tragically has something in common with this scarred area.

Giffords, of course, was shot in the head two years ago outside Tucson in an incident that claimed five people.

The brave politician was accompanied by husband Mark Kelly and reportedly met first selectman Pat Llodra, Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman.

Gabrielle Giffords Waves

"Our horrible event of Dec. 14 has some of those same tragic elements as experienced in the Tucson event that so harmed Ms. Giffords and took the lives of innocent citizens," Llodra said in a statement. "I believe that our community will see Ms. Giffords as an ally in the efforts to draw attention to gun control legislation."

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Gabrielle Giffords Biography

Gabrielle Giffords Facebook Photo Gabrielle Giffords is a Congresswoman from Arizona. She made news for a tragic reason in early 2011, as a gunman opened fire at a rally... More »
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