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Gabriel Aubry can't name the best part of being a father to daughter Nahla.

"I had no expectations so everything is a surprise," Aubry told Us Weekly about fatherhood. "There is no best part. Everything is amazing!"

Gabriel Aubry, Daughter

The boyfriend of Halle Berry isn't as keen on marriage, however. Sorry, Sarah Palin, but he doesn't see parenthood as a precursor to a wedding ceremony.

"We have no plans for marriage. We are more married than ever, really,” he said.

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Celebrity gossip followers are already familiar with how attractive Gabriel Aubry is.

But, based on the photo below, the older generation is just realizing how lucky Halle Berry has it.

Gorgeous Gabriel

Check out the mature, good looking women in the background of this picture. They appear to be enjoying the view of Aubry, as he walks hand-in-hand with Berry, head held high because, well, he's Gabriel Aubry...

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As excited as The Hollywood Gossip staff is for Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry, our glee pales in comparison to those that actually know the new parents.

"I was so happy when I found out," Eugenie Aubry told People Magazine about the new baby girl born on Sunday to Berry and Eugenie's younger brother, Gabriel. She added that "it's been a long time since we've had a new baby in the family."

Gabriel Aubry with Daughter

Gabriel Aubry is a new, really attractive father.

The elder Aubry sibling is yet to meet her new niece, but this Canadian was thrilled to hear that Halle has been practicing her language skills.

"I'm a Quebecer, and it's great that she is learning how to speak French," Eugenie said. "I'm glad that the little one will speak French, too."

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Halle Berry is due to squeeze out one of the world's most beautiful babies sometime this spring.

But if it were up to the actress, she'd stay pregnant forever.

Gabriel Aubry and Nahla Pic

"My skin is aglow from all the hormones," the Oscar winner tells InStyle in its February issue. "I want to stay pregnant forever."

She also wants to remain by the side of boyfriend Gabriel Aubry forever. Can you blame her?

Like Tracey Edmonds and Eddie Murphy, Berry and Aubry seem like a happy couple.

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Gabriel Aubry is getting ready to give Larry Birkhead and Brad Pitt a run for their fantastic fathering money.

"I've been in preparation mode for five months," the boyfriend of Halle Berry told Extra about the couple's impending parenthood. "I've read a lot of books."

Nahla and Dad

For example, Kevin Federline, perhaps you should pick up "Family First" by Dr. Phil. Aubry said it's a "great book. I recommend it."

Aubry has been preparing for expectant-father status for a while now, telling People in September that he's been massaging Berry's feet and satisfying her food cravings.

He also offers some more words of wisdom from the trenches for other soon-to-be paps: "Don't say she's fat."

Ross McCall has already learned that lesson, we're sure.

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We hope the following story isn't true, but unnamed sources are stating that Halle Berry may be left to raise her new baby alone.

Reportedly, the actress wants to bring up her child in Los Angeles. But boyfriend Gabriel Aubry wishes to remain in New York City in order to pursue his modeling career.

Gorgeous Gabriel

"She's been shocked by the news. Halle had always assumed Gabriel would move to the west coast so they could live together as one happy family," an inside said. "If Gabriel stays in New York, it'll mean long separations. She knows their relationship won't survive and has been begging him to change his mind."

Come on, Gabriel, see the parental light. You gotta be a presence in your kid's life. Do you really wanna be known as the Britney Spears of the modeling world?

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Take a listen to what Halle Berry has to say about pregnancy, Jennifer Lopez - and then please come clean about the bun Marc Anthony has obviously placed in your oven.

"There's no bad," Berry said Sunday at a press gathering for her new movie, Things We Lost in the Fire, which opens October 19.

"There is nothing bad about it. The morning sickness and the vomiting and the hot sweats. Nothing's been bad about it. I've loved every second of it," the Oscar winner added to People magazine.

In fact, there may be just one thing - or person - that Halle loves more han her baby bump: the man responsible for it.

"He's a wonderful person, and I happened to find someone really special to have a baby with," she said of Gabriel Aubry.

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Before Halle Berry can squeeze out a baby for him, Gabriel Aubry has a few duties to fulfill.

One of them involves a certain random food.

"She does crave pickles," the model and soon-to-be father told People magazine at Macy's Herald Square in New York for "The World of Calvin Klein" event.

And it apparently doesn't matter what the pickles are placed on. Aubry went on to say Berry is happy with "any bread... as long as it's salt and pickles."

The couple is expecting its first child "sometime around spring," he said, as the actress joins other knocked up celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Tameka Foster and Nicole Richie.

So, is there anything else Aubry does for Halle? Can he tell us without getting X-rated?

"She loves foot massages... I do all of that stuff," he said.

Looks like you have competition for Best Boyfriend in the World, Josh Kelley.

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We've learned a lot about Halle Berry over the last few days.

Sadly, this breathtaking actress tried to commit suicide a decade ago. She also placed an unreturned booty call to Justin Timberlake back in the day.

Gabriel Aubry Outdoors

Fortunately for our Hollywood Gossip Hunk of the Week, however, JT never called back. Indeed, Gabriel Aubry is happy that Berry was available when the two began their public romance last February.

This 31-year old model was born in Montreal and discovered when a stylist saw him in a nightclub. From there, he hit the big time with a modeling campaign for Hugo Boss and even opened Café Fuego, a Cuban restaurant in New York's East Village.

In other words, this hot guy is very much like Andy Baldwin: he comes equipped with looks and brains.

We apologize to Matthew McConaughey for ignoring his hunk status with this post. But the guy just hasn't gone topless in awhile.

Gabriel Aubry Biography

Gabriel Aubry Nude Gabriel Aubry was the longtime boyfriend of Halle Berry. He's still the father of her daughter, Nahla, of course, who was born at 10:17... More »
Montreal, Canada
Full Name
Gabriel Aubry

Gabriel Aubry Quotes

We have no plans for marriage. We are more married than ever, really.

Gabriel Aubry

I mean, look at her - she is unbelievable! She is the best mom that anybody could ask for -- or wish for!

Gabriel Aubry [on Halle Berry]
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