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With Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry also clashing in court, over the latter's alleged violent actions toward daughter Nahla's nanny, the actress has now ratcheted up the legal intensity.

By telling a judge she wants to move with Nahla to France.

Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry Photo

According to TMZ, Berry submitted papers this week that request permission to take the three-year old with her to the native country of boyfriend/rumored fiance, Olivier Martinez. As you might expect, Aubry is angry over the proposal, believing it to be punishment for his actions and a way to strip him of shared custody.

A hearing will likely be scheduled in the near future.


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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry spent hours inside a Los Angeles courtroom yesterday, but little was accomplished in terms of settling on what changes would be made to the pair's custody arrangement.

  • Gabriel Aubry, Daughter
  • Halle and Nahla

The former couple is at odds because Aubry is under investigation for allegedly shoving his nanny while she cradled daughter Nahla,in her arms. Berry wants her ex to be barred from contact with Nahla until the investigation is complete.

But that determination was not decided by a judge yesterday.

Instead, according to TMZ, the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services submitted various recommendation for Halle and Gabriel, including third party mediation. She was reportedly open to the idea; he was not.

Both parties did, however, agree to send Nahla to counseling, while Berry will undergo therapy on her own and Aubry had already said he was open to anger management courses.

The judge did not rule on the nanny's fate, or on Berry's request to prevent contact between Nahla and Aubry. A full trial may be convened in the near future to deal with these issues.

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Anger Management. It's more than just the name of a terrible Adam Sandler movie and Charlie Sheen's next vehicle.

It's also the way in which Gabriel Aubry hopes to maintain contact with his daughter.

Following a reportedly ugly incident in which Halle Berry's ex either shoved his nanny while she was cradling daughter Nahla, or at least screamed at her, Aubry has agreed to enroll in anger management courses. The move came after he and Berry met for hours yesterday with representatives from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

Gabriel Aubry with Daughter

Sources tell TMZ Aubry still insists he didn't touch the nanny, but a law enforcement official close to the case says: "Gabriel has a little bit of a temper, but the good news is that he realizes it."

Aubry is not free from potential charges or consequences, however. He and Berry will still convene in front of a judge on Monday morning and it's possible Gabriel will be barred from seeing his child until a criminal investigation is complete.

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Gabriel Aubry stands accused of not merely shoving the nanny of his three-year old daughter, Nahla, but of doing it while the woman was holding the toddler in her arms.

But an insider tells Radar Online this allegation is clearly false because, come on, it just isn't logical.

Photo of Gabriel Aubry

"Why in the world would Gabriel push the nanny causing her to fall while she was holding his daughter?” a source says. “Gabriel is fiercely protective of Nahla. The nanny tripped, and she fell while holding Nahla. Yes, Gabriel and the nanny were arguing, he felt like his parenting skills were under attack again. Gabriel can't believe how out of control this situation has become."

It all started on Wednesday, January 18, when Alliance Kamdem alleges she asked Aubry why Nahla was not in school. He reacted in anger and that's when the pushing/tripping incident took place.

Kamdem has since resigned her post, had her request for a restraining order against the model denied and a judge will decide on Monday whether or not Aubry can see Nahla while this investigation is ongoing.

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While Halle Berry attempts to deny Gabriel Aubry access to daughter Nahla - following a report that claims he shoved the child's nanny while she was holding the three-year old - a Los Angeles judge has granted this model one tiny victory in court.

Alliance Kamdem, the nanny in question, had applied for a restraining order against her former employer on grounds that he has abused her physically and emotionally, twice pushing her out of doorways; sometimes violently snatching his child out of her arms; and once even saying she was a "spy."

Nahla and Dad

But a judge referred to Kamdem's petition today as "insufficient and speculative." He said she should take her complaint to family court.

Alliance quit her position after the most recent incident and has also filed a police report against Aubry.


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Actress Halle Berry will step inside a Los Angeles courtroom this morning and do all she can to prevent Gabriel Aubry from seeing the former couple's daughter, Nahla, any time in the near future.

The Oscar winner will make this demand for an order of protection against Aubry because a nanny named Alliance Kamdem filed a police report against him last week, alleging Gabriel screamed at her and shoved her through a doorway.

Famous Mother and Child

According to new information uncovered by TMZ, Kamdem told authorities that Aubry repeatedly cursed at her with Nahla present, sometimes even making her sit in a corner until her help was needed.

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Gabriel Aubry could be in major trouble with the law.

The Canadian model, who shares custody of three-year old Nahla with Halle Berry, is under investigation for allegedly screaming at his nanny last week and shoving her out a door... while the woman cradled the child in her arms.

Gabriel Aubry and Nahla Pic

According to a police report published by TMZ, Aubry kept Nahla home from school last Wednesday, unbeknownst to the nanny. When she arrived at Gabriel's house and asked why the tyke was not in class, Berry's ex supposedly went off on her:

"You're the f*cking nanny. Who do you think you are? You are a nobody. You don't need to f*cking know anything."

He then pushed her out the door.

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Gabriel Aubry has lost to his ex-girlfriend in court once again.

The Canadian model was hoping a judge would lift the ruling that obligated a nanny to be present any time he was with he and Halle Berry's three-year old daughter, Nahla. The actress had opposed such a request.

Gabriel Aubry and Nahla

And a judge sided with the Oscar winner yesterday, upholding the original agreement between these exes for supervised visitation only. Sources tell TMZ Aubry is peeved over the outcome because he feels a lack of alone time is affecting his relationship with his child.

Berry also defeated Aubry in court this summer when a judge ruled she could bring Nahla with her on a movie shoot in Europe.

In June, Berry accused her ex of neglect. Court documents cited a specific incident in which Aubry allegedly placed the former couple's daughter in danger. No other details have been revealed.


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Halle Berry won a battle in court today with ex Gabriel Aubry. But, as this custody battle rages on, it's clear who the real loser will be: three-year old Nahla.

Sunny Day Out

Sources tell TMZ the former couple was in front of a judge because Berry will be leaving to film a movie in Europe and there was an issue over which parent gets to spend time with his/her daughter when Halle is working.

Berry won this round, meaning Nahla will be accompanying her mom overseas.

The issue is unrelated to a larger problem Berry has brought up to the court, however. She alleges that Aubry has imperiled the safety of their child. Many more hearings will unfortunately take place involving the family.


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After a few weeks of rancor, it appeared in April as if Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry had reached a truce in their battle over their three-year old daughter, Nahla. A custody agreement was signed.

But the actress was back in court today, claiming that Aubry violated said agreement and accusing the father of neglect.

Picking Up Nahla

Details are scant at the moment, but TMZ first broke the story of Berry submitting a lengthy complaint to a judge. It outlines all the ways in which Aubry - a Canadian model who split with the actress in May 2010 - supposedly violated the former couple's terms.

One incident overseas, where Aubry allegedly imperiled Nahla's safety, is specifically cited.

The judge has scheduled a hearing to hear more on the matter and we'll keep readers apprised as news breaks.


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