Fred Willard is a beloved, hilarious actor. We loved the guy in Best of Show. But the 78-year old made headlines for all the wrong...

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After completing a program for minor sex offenses, actor Fred Willard will not face a criminal trial stemming from his arrest at a Hollywood movie theater.

Willard, 72, finished the program intended to divert minor sex offenders from the justice system, said Frank Mateljan, a city attorney spokesman.

Fred Willard and Jimmy Fallon

Fred Willard was arrested in July at the Tiki Theater for being "engaged in a lewd act" by an LAPD unit assigned to crack down on sex crimes in the area.

Later that month, the actor appeared on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, joking about the lewd incident that ultimately got him fired from a PBS show.

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At least Fred Willard is able to laugh at himself.

Appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday, a week after being arrested for allegedly having his pants down inside an adult movie theater in Los Angeles, the veteran comedian kicked off his interview with one question for the host:

"What do you want to talk about first?"

Fred Willard Image

From there, the actor made a few more jokes (“It’s the last time I’m gonna listen to my wife when she says, ‘Why don’t you go out and see a movie?’”) before admitting he did stop by an "exotic" looking theater and it felt like "a trip down Alice in Wonderland and down the rabbit hole," where he was the "only awake and sober and conscious” person in the theater.

But seriously, folks.

“It’s very embarrassing,” Willard said. “It’s embarrassing as hell! But let me say this: nothing happened. I did nothing wrong, everything’s being sorted out as we speak.”

The actor has been fired from his gig at PBS, but is unlikely to face prosecution

“I have great respect for the authorities,” Willard added. “I mean, when we need a policeman, God bless ‘em, they’re there. But, if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, everything seems suspicious.

“But it’s very embarrassing. Very painful. And I’m trying to laugh it off. But my summary of the evening is that it’s an interesting theater, boring movie, and a great place to take a nap.”


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Fred Willard is expected to get off easy in his lewd conduct case. Okay, wrong choice of words.

The veteran actor, who was arrested this week for an incident inside a Hollywood theater that allegedly involved his pants being down, can avoid prosecution if he signs up for a $380 "pre-filing diversion class," The Los Angeles Times reports. This is a program that teaches one about responsibility and decision-making.

Fred Willard Picture

Willard has referred to the arrest as a "a big misunderstanding" and he's already been fired from his job at PBS.

But at least it looks like the funny man won't get into any real trouble with the law and at least he has the support of his friends. Tweeted Albert Brooks a couple days ago:

"I love Fred Willard. He's a great guy. For his birthday I'm getting him a den and a computer."

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In light of his, ahem, embarrassing arrest, Fred Willard finds himself without a steady job.

The 78-year old actor, who was booked last night on charges of lewd conduct when police caught him with his pants down in a movie theater, has been let go as the voice of PBS's Antique Rainbows spinoff, Market Warriors

Fred Willard Photo

The veteran actor's attorney, however, has issued a statement proclaiming his client's innocence.

"With all due respect to the individual officer, our belief is that Fred did nothing in any violation of any law," Paul Takakjian tells TMZ. "We will be working vigorously to clear his name in this matter."

In the meantime, can someone please buy this man a big screen TV and a DVD player?


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Fred Willard has been arrested for allegedly pulling a Pee-Wee Herman.

According to TMZ sources, the 78-year old comedian (Modern Family, For Your Consideration, American Wedding) was booked last night after undercover LAPD officers entered the Tiki Theater in Hollywood - and discovered Willard with his pants down and his hand around his penis.

Talk about giving a whole new meaning to Best in Show!

Fred Willard Pic

Willard was cited for lewd conduct and released from custody not long after he was taken in around 8:45 p.m. local time.

As for what films may have led to such a mess? The three in the theater's rotation at the moment are: Follow Me 2, Step Dad No. 2 and a parody of The Client List.

Really an amateur move here on Willard's part. He could have stayed at home and legally enjoyed the actual Client List. He has seen those Jennifer Love Hewitt ads for it, right?

UPDATE: Willard has been fired by PBS.

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