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Frank Ocean WILL NOT press charges against Chris Brown after last week's brawl, announcing that he after some soul searching, he has opted to move on.

Ocean posted on his Tumblr, "As a child I thought if someone jumped me it would result in me murdering or mutilating a man. But as a man I am not a killer."

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  • Chris Brown Modeling

"I’ll choose sanity. No criminal charges. No civil lawsuit. Forgiveness, albeit difficult, is wisdom. Peace, albeit trite, is what I want in my short life. Peace.”

Simple, yet profound thoughts from the rapper.

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Chris Brown swears he didn't start Sunday's fight with Frank Ocean.

Ocean says he was cold-cocked by Brown and was the clear victim.

So who's telling the truth? Let's break down both sides now ...

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  • Frank Ocean Live

According to an eyewitness account, Chris threw the first punch after he felt Ocean disrespected the singer in front of his boys at Westlake Recording Studios.

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Was the Chris Brown-Frank Ocean fight really just over a parking spot? Or did a shared history of animosity between the musicians and their camps trigger it?

If you missed it, Chris was listening to artist he represents at an LA-area studio last night; when he went to leave, Ocean and his people blocked him in.

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Chris reportedly went to shake hands with Frank, only to be attacked by one of Ocean's entourage members, and things went downhill from there.

Soon enough, a brawl involving six people broke out; Ocean told cops (and Tweeted) the fight started over a parking space, and that Brown punched him.

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Chris Brown and Frank Ocean got into a huge fight at a recording studio last night - we're talking an all-out BRAWL - and Brown's camp says Ocean started it.

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According to reports, Chris Brown was at Westlake Studio in the L.A. area listening to one of the artists he represents, when Ocean got confrontational.

As Chris went to leave, Ocean and his supposedly crew blocked Chris from leaving. Sources say Frank said, "This is my studio, this is my parking spot."

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Frank Ocean enjoyed a tremendous 2012, coming out of the closet personally and exploding on the music scene professionally.

But the singer's year ended on a down note, law enforcement officials confirm, when he was pulled over twice in late December for exceeding 90 mph in 65 mph driving zones.

Frank Ocean on SNL

The Mono County Sheriff’s Department says Ocean was initially stopped on December 30 near Keoughs and cited for speeding. It happens, right?

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Frank Ocean bares all in the December issue of GQ.

The artist, who came out as gay in July, talks very openly with the magazine about his concerns upon making that announcement and how he reacted about revealing this secret to the world.

Read on for excerpts from the interview...

Frank Ocean GQ Photo

Is he bisexual? I’m not a centerfold. I’m not trying to sell you sex. People should pay attention to that in the letter: I didn’t need to label it for it to have impact. Because people realize everything that I say is so relatable, because when you’re talking about romantic love, both sides in all scenarios feel the same shit.

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It took a lot to get folks from talking solely about Miley Cyrus' fashion choice on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards last night.

But Frank Ocean delivered a whole lot and then some with his incredible rendition of "Thinkin About You."

Introduced by Zoe Saldana, the rising superstar made headlines for reasons above and beyond his sexuality, taking a simple, vocal-based approach to a beautiful song and earning perhaps the biggest ovation of the evening. He's all the buzz today and for good reason.

Watch the performance now:

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Chris Brown and Frank Ocean have traded Twitter barbs before, and the former has been accused of making gay slurs in the past, so a report attributing one to Brown regarding Ocean coming out came as no surprise.

But it's not true, the singer says.

"My Opinion on the whole Frank Ocean subject is ......... Love who u wanna love. It's ur decision. People stop searching for BS," Brown tweeted Monday.

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  • Frank Ocean Pic

The "BS" he's referring to is a celebrity gossip report in France that claims he responded "Man, no homo," when asked about Frank Ocean coming out.

Apparently this is something one says in the hip-hop world when, after giving props to another guy, a guy makes clear there was no sexual connotation.

While the phrase is a debate in and of itself, and Brown's list of controversial actions and comments remains lengthy, he insists there was no ill will here.

Ocean, who counts 50 Cent, Beyonce and Russell Simmons among his supporters, even if Target won't sell his album, hasn't commented on Brown.

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He may not have donned a Snuggie on stage, but Frank Ocean recently covered the Beyonce single "I Miss You," a track the artist himself actually penned for the beloved singer.

Give it a look and a listen now:

Ocean, of course, revealed a previous gay relationship to the world a few weeks ago, an admission that has mostly been met by positive reviews and support from others in the industry.

Beyonce has been leading that charge. She penned an ode to Ocean on her website and has encouraged others to send the star their best wishes.

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For the most part, following his same-sex relationship admission, Frank Ocean has received nothing but love from those in the music industry.

But to the occasional hater or misguided critic, such as Lil Scrappy, 50 Cent has a message: You're a complete moron!

Fiddy Cent

"Anyone that has an issue with Frank Ocean is an idiot," 50 Cent tells MTV UK. "I think Frank Ocean is a talented artist, I think he's created material that made me know his name, that impressed me, with things he said on a song like 'Novacane.'"

Fiddy does believe Ocean came out with this information for "marketing" purposes, but he still has no problem with anything in Ocean's personal life. After all:

"Obama is for same-sex marriage. If the president is saying that, then who am I to go the other way?"

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