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Just when you thought Farrah Abraham had hit rock bottom, she proves you wrong. No, not because she's "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom."

She's just redefining where the bottom is.

The sex tape star and her creepily vacant expression took to Twitter and suggested that, y'know, people should follow her. Well, if "your" single that is.

Farrah Abraham Topless Pic

Why? WHY would anyone follow Farrah Abraham? Unless you're just curious what on earth she would post about ... in which case we sort of get it.

We don't entirely get it, because it's more than likely going to be Farrah tweeting about strippers, porn or "staying positive" despite "haters," but sorta.

The other funny part?

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Is Farrah Abraham already plotting a sex tape sequel? After the major success of her first "leaked" effort, Vivid would apparently love to run it back.

CEO Steven Hirsch says "we would love to work with Farrah again," noting that her first porn foray is still selling like XXX-rated hotcakes (or something).

“The video continues to do exceptionally well! She really knows how to keep herself out there. The interest is there and we would love to do another tape.”

After trying to pass off the Farrah Abraham porn with James Deen as an amateur sex tape, she claimed she was done with the porn biz for good.

The former Teen Mom star released this statement:

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Farrah Abraham recently had a customized mold of her private parts made to be sold as a sex toy. We're as weirded and grossed out by this as you, trust us.

  • Farrah Abraham Crotch
  • Farrah Abraham Crotch Shot

Whether she's shilling for nightclubs, pimping herself on sugar daddy websites, staging leaked sex tapes, Farrah Abraham is both shameless and enterprising.

The Teen Mom star turned porn star is taking her sex symbol status to a new level - and not necessarily in a good way - with this sex toy foray, however.

Radar Online posted video of Farrah sitting for a molding of a replica of her lower half and breasts during a recent visit to sex toy company Topco Sales.

Crafted using the company’s world-renowned CyberSkin materials, the replicas of her body parts will be sold novelty items hand-selected by Farrah.

Don't everyone sign up at once. More NSFW photos after the jump:

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Porn star James Deen got more than he bargained for when he signed up to shoot with Farrah Abraham, he says in the October issue of Playboy.

Deen, 27, actually turned down the offer to film with the Teen Mom alum initially, but later agreed to do it as long as it didn't turn into a media circus.

So much for that. He tells Playboy:

  • Farrah Abraham Vivid
  • The Deen

"I got a call, and they asked if I wanted to do a celebrity sex tape with Farrah. They said, 'We'll set it up so it looks like you guys are dating, TMZ will find out and it'll be all over the TV.'"

"I said, 'No, I don't want to do that. Hire somebody else.' But they promised the media wouldn't be involved. I made sure they knew I was going to tell the truth if anybody asked me."

Which, of course, is precisely what happened.

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Not even nine weeks after getting kicked out of rehab, Farrah Abraham is showcasing strong willpower by partying at clubs and posting videos to boot.

How can a woman who sought in-patient treatment for addiction keep it together in this environment? We have no idea, but we can't tell if she's sober.

She could just be ... Farrah Abraham. Girl is not smart.

The bottom line with her trip to rehab is that like everything she does, it was all for attention and not to truly better her existence or her daughter's.

Let's be real here, THGers.

A Teen Mom star who acts like her daughter is a non-factor, trolls for men on sugar daddy websites, makes a "sex tape" and gets kicked out of rehab?

Not going to be writing self-help books anytime soon. Although in Farrah's case, she might actually try if she thinks she can make a quick buck or two.

No shame.

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Asked if she considers herself a feminist, Teen Mom-turned-adult film star Farrah Abraham recently revealed that ... she has no idea what that means.

And we thought asking "who is Trayvon Martin" was bad.

Like many in her new profession, Farrah Abraham is making appearances at strip clubs across the country, raking in cash and dropping pearls of wisdom.

Ahead of a trip to a South Florida establishment next week, she spoke with Miami New Times and reiterated her version of how her sex tape came to pass.

The interviewer notes that Abraham's version of events - that she dated James Deen and their sex tape was intended to be private - is hard to believe.

Just the same, she's sticking by her story that she decided to cash in only after the video "leaked." At which point the following exchange took place:

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"You can expect to see me being on top of everything." - Farrah Abraham

Ever the Renaissance woman, America's most infamous Teen Mom says she's delving into the literary world with an upcoming erotic romance novel.

We know what you're thinking ... Farrah Abraham knows how to write?!?

Backdoor Teen Mom certainly opened a lot of doors (so to speak) for her, but Abraham says she's focused on being a parent to her little girl Sophia, 4.

"I'm always working, but I'm a mom first and foremost," she insists.

As for all her "work" pursuits? "Right now I'm working on a new song that will be released next month, my spinoff show and my erotic romance novel."

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Farrah Abraham will not play any role on Days of Our Lives, despite reports that she auditioned to play a hooker, which did seem to make sense logically.

Abraham definitely did try to secure the part of call girl Destiny on the long-running NBC soap opera, but a new report says she will play no part on it.

"That is false," a rep for the soap opera said regarding the casting rumors.

The audition tape has surfaced online, however, and it's hilarious. Watch:

Yeah. At least she can swear and play with her hair a lot. So convincing!

Farrah Abraham auditioned for the soap opera part earlier this year, and the above video "leaked" much like her "private" sex tape with James Deen did.

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Farrah Abraham has reportedly been offered a part on Days of Our Lives as a hooker, but the soap opera's cast worries she may tarnish its reputation.

Yes ... the Days of Our Lives cast is concerned that a guest star will hurt their image. That's how far Farrah Abraham has fallen since Teen Mom.

Farrah was reportedly asked to play prostitute named Destiny in the iconic NBC daytime drama after she sent producers some homemade audition tapes.

Those videos impressed show-runners, which isn't too surprising, given the success of Backdoor Teen Mom and her sugar daddy website experience.

Also, she has been accused of being an ACTUAL hooker by Myla Sinanaj (see below), a charge she denies but is not really all that far fetched.

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Farrah Abraham cast on Dancing With the Stars? It could happen.

Chelsea Houska's dad Randy calls the rumor laughable, though.

Fans of Teen Mom 2 know Randy does not mince words. That includes when discussing other Teen Moms, such as Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham.

His latest passive-aggressive comments were issued regarding the buzz that the Teen Mom/porn star may soon join Dancing With the Stars:

"Dancing with the Stars seems to be #JumpingTheShark."

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