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Farrah Abraham has a new boyfriend in DJ Brian Dawe, who appears to be willing to admit this no less. They have taken the budding romance public.

Dressed in a blue dress and leather jacket, the mom-of-one looked relaxed as she kissed and cuddled her new beau during an early evening stroll:

The two have been dating for five months, meaning they got together after Farrah Abraham shot her "leaked" sex tape with a porn star James Deen.

It's been a whirlwind year for the former Teen Mom star in any case, and not just because of the scandalous porno she filmed. Okay, mostly that's why.

Since then, though, she has ridden her 15 minutes harder than ... you know.

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Farrah Abraham recently got a new tattoo. One that honors the person who is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the number one priority in Farrah's life:

Farrah Abraham.

  • Farrah Abraham, Sophia
  • Farrah Abraham Mom Tattoo

She recently tweeted a picture of her new ink, a red heart emblazoned with the word "Mom." Lest you think this was a tribute to Debra Danielsen, think again.

"Being the amazing mom I am :) #Tattoo <3 Always!" she tweeted.

Yes. Amazing as it is to believe, Farrah Abraham is a real person.

The 22-year-old later confirmed that her tattoo is all about her ...

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Farrah Abraham is sort of like the train wreck you can't take your eyes off of. Oh, you can definitely avert your eyes from her sex tape. Just not her. In general.

Having previously dropped some epic knowledge on our domes by saying her sex tape helps connect her to fans, she now says she's so over that stuff.

"I am not a porn star," says the girl who wants to single-handedly save your marriage, spice up your life and give you #pleasure (another quote).

"I’m going to be done doing adult gentlemen’s clubs and exotica expos soon you know. At first I loved doing that, meeting new fans that appreciated me."

"Now I feel like it’s gotten too far and I just kinda want to be done with that."

It's gotten too far, alright. But does the Teen Mom really want to rein it in?

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Farrah Abraham is ready to spice up your life and save your marriage, people. In case you weren't already aware, she aims to please ... in so many ways.

Crazy as this sounds, we're talking about a girl who thinks a sex tape helps fans relate to her as a person. Delusional may not even cover this one.

Still, you have to love this cryptic Tweet she sent: "I save marriages, I add that spice in your life, unknown to me & you this is life get ready for #Pleasure"

  • Farrah Abraham Crotch
  • Farrah Abraham Crotch Shot

Apparently, the Farrah Abraham sex tape wasn't enough pleasure for humanity. She is going to unleash more of it upon us, and we will be better for it.

While we're not exactly sure what pleasure it is that we're supposed to be getting ready for now, but we'd guess it pertains to that custom mold of her junk.

Yes, you can buy something that was made to look like Farrah Abraham's vagina, if that appeals to you. And your marriage may even be salvaged.

Talk about a win-win.

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You're not going to believe this, but Farrah Abraham may have the wrong idea about how the public views her. Shocking, we know, from such a sharp mind.

A pathological liar and shameless self-promoter, Farrah's been living in the land of denial long before she ever shot a "leaked sex tape" with James Deen.

That took it to a new level, though. She still hasn't fully admitted that she planned it all along, and continues to wax philosophical about the project.

According to Farrah Abraham, making porn isn't too different from Teen Mom. It's just part of connecting with fans and her evolving career in the spotlight.

Seriously. You have got to read this actual quote from her, and try not to slap your forehead so hard that you give yourself a concussion afterward:

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Days after saying her daughter should get a life, Farrah Abraham and little Sophia were able find time in their busy, separate schedules to hang out.

They went grocery shopping together. How sweet. At least Farrah is kind enough to feed her four-year-old before she does her own thing again.

Even though they can't get together that often these days, 'cause they do their own thing and all, these two totes have a good time together! Aww!

We kid. This is not an aww-inspiring moment. It's sad, really, that Farrah Abraham thinks we're so stupid or that this makes up for absentee parenting.

No cute Keek videos from the local grocery store can erase the fact that she'd rather be elsewhere, and likely will be as soon as humanly possible.

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Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham are two young mothers, reality stars and walking cautionary tales who seem to resent being compared to one another.

Case in point? A recent tweet that Jenelle re-tweeted from a follower that looks like a direct shot at the Teen Mom turned Backdoor Teen Mom's career.

"At least @PBandJenelley_1 didn't have to take it in the butt to stay in the public eye," read a message on Twitter that was re-tweeted by the star. "F**k Them!"

It's true ... Jenelle Evans has not made a "leaked" porn like Farrah. But her reasons for staying in the public eye are not exactly what you would call enviable.

For example, she goes through guys like she does drugs, aggressively. She started using a long time ago and does not appear to have stopped.

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Farrah Abraham is basically over parenting. Like, even more than you would have assumed, judging by the example she's set over the past few months.

In an interview with In Touch Weekly, the Teen Mom and Backdoor Teen Mom star says she has no qualms about staying busy promoting her "career."

"It's healthy that we have a break," Abraham tells the celebrity gossip magazine. "She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I'm doing mine."

Her daughter Sophia, for those who are unaware, is four. Four.

Learning to be independent is one thing, but Farrah Abraham is not talking about broadening Sophia's life stills. She's talking about "doing her own thing."

As in all the time.

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Whether it was leaked or staged, and whether you love or loathe her, Farrah Abraham made major bank off the she shot with James Deen this year.

Or did she? A new report suggests that the former Teen Mom star sold the rights to her XXX-rated sex romp for less than initially reported. A lot less.

Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom was sold to Vivid Entertainment for $10,000, according to Fox 411. Just a little shy of the million she supposedly got.

Professional sex tape broker Kevin Blatt said that Pippi Longstocking star Tami Erin recently received the same offer from Vivid for her own tape.

“Tami Erin was offered the same, $10,000 up-front ,which is standard for Vivid,” Blatt said. “It is what they offer every celebrity, not a million dollars.”

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Teen Mom star turned adult film legend Farrah Abraham gets grilled on the premiere episode of The Soup Investigates, a spin-off of E!'s hit The Soup

On the new satirical show, the network's faux-reporters interview celebrities and big-time entertainment stories. Or even Farrah Abraham for that matter.

It's unclear, based on her wild-eyed expression in the clip below, if Farrah is a really, really bad actress or is just not in on the joke. Either way, it's classic:

The interviewer, Sarah Tiana, kicks off this hard-hitting journalistic sit-down with the ultimate ice-breaker: "When did you decide to become a teen mom?"

Follow-up question: "When you first peed on that pregnancy test, like, how did you feel?" Did she know she had just urinated on her golden ticket, so to speak?

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