Fabolous is many things: Rapper. Poet. Thug. All around weird guy.

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Ray J has been caught on tape once again. This time, though, Kim Kardashian won't become a millionaire as a result.

The aspiring singer was thrown out of Moon nightclub in Las Vegas over the weekend because he threw down with Fabolous as a result of the rapper mocking Ray's singing abilities - and TMZ has acquired footage of the fight!

In it, you can actually see 50 Cent standing between the artists and smiling. Sources say he prompted Kim's ex-lover to stand up for himself, but did then attempt to break up the fisticuffs once they broke out. See for yourself:

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Ray J knows how to publicize a good pounding. First case in point: Kim Kardashian Superstar.

The most recent example: a fight in Las Vegas with Fabolous.

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After getting kicked out of The Palms over the weekend for throwing down with the rapper, Ray J went on local radio station 105.1 and explained what led to the fisticuffs: a not so Fabolous Tweet that mocked the aspiring singer's career. Explained the man who made Kim Kardashian famous:

"When I seen him, I was with Floyd [Mayweather] and 50 [Cent] and he tried to say, 'Don't touch me.' And I touched that n***a!"

Well, that explains it. Mayweather himself was in a fighting mood on Saturday night - and we don't mean during his match against Victor Ortiz!

[Photos: WENN.com]

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Rapper Fabolous was shot in the leg early Tuesday morning as he stood in a Manhattan parking garage, MTV reports. His retarded name was not listed in the police report as a possible motive for the attack.

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The 28-year-old rapper (born John Jackson) was shot once in the right thigh by an unidentified man who approached and opened fire upon Fabolous and three members of his crew shortly after the group left an NFL Players' event at Diddy's downtown restaurant, "Justin's."

Following the hail of gunfire, Fabolous and the other three men hopped into a white Dodge Magnum and sped away, running a red light one block away from the scene of the shooting -- attracting the attention of police responding to the call of shots fired.

According to NYPD spokesperson Mike Wysokowski, officers stopped the car and found two unlicensed, loaded guns, leading to the arrest of all four men. Charges have not yet been filed, but criminal possession of a weapon will likely be among the laundry list of crimes these guys are accused of.

As police continue to search for the shooter, Fabolous was taken to a local hospital where he is in stable condition. Fellow rapper and thug Lil' Wayne had no comment.

Back in 2003, Fabolous was arrested and charged with criminal weapons possession. His most notable hits include "Breathe" and "Can't Deny It."

T.H. Gossip's most notable hits, in case you were wondering? Probably the inaugural mock Stephen Colbert "On Notice" board (what a classic), and this exclusive photo comparison of Celebrity Look-Alikes.

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