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Move over, Britney Spears.

Sit down, Justin Chambers.

Mendes, E.

Eva Mendes is the latest celebrity to check into rehab. The Ghost Rider star is currently residing in the famous Cirque Lodge, near Sundance.

Yes, this is the same facility that treated Lindsay Lohan. It's actually one of the most respected institutions of its kind in the country.

Mendes has been at Cirque for several weeks and wish her the best.

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Hey, if we're gonna admire Eva Mendes nude, can you blame the actress herself for doing the same?

As the billboards for her PETA campaign were scattered around Los Angeles this week, Mendes gave her tush a little rub, personally fulfilling the fantasies of men around the world:

Eva Mendes Picture

If PETA really wants to get its message across, it ought to have Valerie Begue pose nude for a campaign. Evidently, she carries a higher power.

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It's not unusual to find a picture of Eva Mendes naked.

Typically, though, the gorgeous actress is showing off her body on the cover of magazines such as Maxim. In the photo below, she's joining the likes of Sophie Monk nude by baring it all in the name of animal rights.

Mendes, E.

Eva Mendes gets naked for PETA. Heather Mills gets naked for spankings. To each her own.

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Here's an update on Eva Mendes' bush: it often gets trimmed while the actress is naked.

We're talking about the flower beds and plants of this actress, people. Focus, please.

"I love being naked. I do everything in the nude, even the gardening," Mendes recently said. "We're Cuban, and it's a hot island. Why not go nude?"

Of course, like Kim Kardashian and Kimberly Bell, Eva also likes taking her clothes off on the cover of magazines, as evidenced below:

Naked Eva Mendes

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In the latest issue of Maxim, readers can enjoy a pair of treats:

  1. Eva Mendes nude pictures.
  2. Eva Mendes talking about sex.

It's enough make you stop reading now and go pick up a copy of the magazine, isn't it? But don't do that.

Because we've got excerpts from the interview with the actress below, along with a picture that redefines sexiness...

Your new movie, We Own the Night, opens with a pretty explicit scene between you and Joaquin Phoenix. What was that day at work like?
It was tough. That morning I was so nervous that the director was like, "Why don't you put a little vodka in your orange juice?" So I did. It took the edge off.

Is it bizarre to watch your own sex scenes?
It's weird to see myself in bed with Joaquin up on the big screen. I told my mom she has to come 15 minutes late. She wouldn't live through that first scene; she'd have a heart attack. The poor lady would keel over in the movie theater.

Eva Mendes Naked Picture

Mendes makes like Kimberly Bell in the latest issue of Maxim.

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Thanks, as always, to People magazine for this great collection of celebrity quotes from the past week.

"Of course, there are things anybody wishes they didn't have or wishes [there] were more of, but why even bring that up? I think it comes off as bratty."
- Eva Mendes, on being satisfied with her nice naked physique, to Jane

Lindsay Lohan Maxim Cover

"I am innocent."
- Lindsay Lohan

"Oh Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay! Ohhhhh, Lindsay! And that's my final word on the subject."
- Late-night talk-show host Craig Ferguson (who probably didn't mean that quote in the same way Calum Best once did)

"Don't put it on YouTube."
- Beyoncé, after slipping onstage during a concert performance. Despite her plea, the accident was posted on the Web site multiple times hours later

"F.A.T. means fabulous and thick, full and tasty, fluffy and tender."
- Mo'Nique

"I've actually gained 10 pounds back, which I think I needed. I kind of looked sick, I got down to 180. Now at 190, my clothes fit again. My underwear was big on me, okay?"
- Ian Ziering, on gaining back weight after Dancing with the Stars

"I bring the fear. Does big oil sleep around? Got bad credit? I'll find the dirt. And I will make big oil regret the day it ever uttered the words 'price gouging!'"
- Ben Affleck, in the environmental video Clean My Ride, Flex My Fuel

"I feel like I'm being punk'd."
- Affleck BFF Matt Damon, spoofing himself in an installment of the same campaign

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Eva Mendes and this celebrity gossip reporter have something in common: we're each thankful for how the actress looks naked.

"I'm thankful that I'm healthy and that I have my limbs and a nice physique," the actress tells Jane for its August "Naked" issue for which she is the cover girl. "Of course, there are things anybody wishes they didn't have or wishes [there] were more of, but why even bring that up? I think it comes off as bratty."

Mendes, E.

Heidi Montag, of course, thinks it comes off as a need she can change (see job, boob).

But Mendes seems surprisingly healthy when it comes to her body. She says that simply living in Hollywood can be tough on a woman, but she's staying strong.

"Once you start doing the red carpet thing, you can become very critical of yourself; it's very easy. I was like, 'I'm not falling into that.' It's just not healthy."

This might not be the last Eva Mendes nude photo you ever see. The actress is comfortable with her body.

People magazine reports that the actress also tries to follow the lead of others. During a recent visit to a Korean spa, she says:

"There were all these beautiful Korean women bathing, being totally comfortable, no matter what type of body they had. I was like, 'This is what it must have been like back in the Roman-bath days.' And you feel like you're all in it together, in a weird way."

Well, except for Britney Spears. She's obviously in her own world.

Among other topics that Mendes touches upon is her family in the magazine, with whom she enjoys a relationship as healthy as her body image. You might say it's the opposite if the one shared by Jayden James and the aforementioned Spears.

"Now I realize that not all families work like [we do]," she says. "We're loud, we yell, we get it out, then two minutes later we're like, 'Okay, what do you want to eat?'"

Mendes is turning into one of our favorite actresses. While Jessica Alba nude pics would bother that celeb, Eva is honest enough to admit she looks fine. And we couldn't agree more.

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Eva Mendes nude photos aren't too difficult to come by.

This gorgeous actress may need to get drunk for sex scenes, but she's taken it all off for Maxim in the past, and she's doing it again now for the final issue of Jane magazine.

Eva Mendes Picture

Indeed, Mendes is going topless and bottomless - like a typical Tuesday night for Tila Tequila - in the publication's annual Body issue. It's also the last cover ever for the mag, which is going out of business after this summer.

"You don't want to come to a shoot, take off your clothes and feel bloated because you had a McGriddle for breakfast," the Ghost Rider and Hitch star told Entertainment Tonight regarding the pressure of these shoots.

Eva joined singer Joss Stone, plus-sized model Kate Dillon, a pregnant Milla Jovovich and actress Lili Taylor in the issue, which helps promote Clothes Off Our Back, a non-profit charity which sells celebrities' gently worn clothing to benefit children's charities.

Posing in little more than a necktie, a fedora and a pair of flowers - similar to the odd half-nude Britney Spears photo from a few months back - Mendes proudly shows off her toned bod for Jane readers.

And she says there's a fine line when such nudity is involved.

"You're a step away from being vulgar, because things aren't tucked in and hidden by a dress."

As for those rumored Linday Lohan nude pics? We're sure they're very vulgar.

Eva Mendes naked photos grace the pages of yet another magazine. Not that we're complaining about that.

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Thanks to People for this collection of celebrity sound bites...

"If I was her, I would hit someone the second I got in there and go into PC, protective custody. Then she's just got to sit in there and read some books."
- Law & Order: SVU star Ice-T, when asked by New York magazine if he had any advice for Paris Hilton before she went to jail.

THG NOTE: Kind of similar to our initial (Office Space-inspired) advice to her, which was to either kick someone's ass the first day, or become someone's bitch.

"What can I say besides... farewells are always difficult."
- Rosie O'Donnell, responding to fan support over her feud with her View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, during her regular blog Web cast. ABC and O'Donnell announced Friday that she's not returning to the show.

"On this one I think Rosie should win. I think anybody that's against the war in Iraq is the winner of the fight, because to justify the war in Iraq ... only an imbecile could do that."
- Rosie's former nemesis Donald Trump, siding with O'Donnell in her feud with Hasselbeck

"I feel fabulous... When I wake up in the morning and I haven't had my coffee and I stumble downstairs, I'm like, '... Oh, s---' I completely forget that I've done this. And I have a few moments where I'm, like, 'Who's that?'"
- X-Men star Anna Paquin, on joining the ranks of Hollywood stars who've gone blonde

"They were very sweet and they poured me a vodka and orange juice and then I was fine."
- Eva Mendes, on having to be coaxed to do her very first on-screen nude scene with Joaquin Phoenix for her new film We Own the Night

"To think that Yoko Ono would even see it makes me want to throw up."
- Paul Rudd, discussing taking on the role of John Lennon in the rock-biopic parody Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, to Entertainment Weekly

"Both are ways to make a good dishonest living."
- Keith Richards, on snorting his dad. Just kidding. What the guitar god refers is being a rock star compared to a pirate. Keith portrays Johnny Depp's dad in the new Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. Depp has admitted his portrayal of the character is based on Richards.

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Eva Mendes nude? That's not so unusual to come across on magazine covers.

But baring it all for a movie sex scene? That's a tad different, the actress recently said.

Stars of The Other Guys

"I wasn't comfortable at all," she told reporters Friday at the Cannes press conference for We Own the Night, which contains a steamy sex scene that would make Jennifer Toof blush â€" Eva's first â€" with Joaquin Phoenix.

"They were very sweet and they poured me a vodka and orange juice and then I was fine," she said.  "I'm very professional and I don't usually drink on the job but that morning I had a little vodka and OJ."

Hey, that's okay, Eva. Lindsay Lohan starts every morning, afternoon and evening with one of those.

Of the scene, Mendes said: "It was my first sex scene and thank God it was with [director] James Gray. Not that it was actually with James," she said, correcting herself to much laughter. "He did it at the end of the shoot, so it was the last day and I was really, really comfortable with these clowns," she said, referring to Phoenix and Gray.

Asked if it helped to think it was her character and not her up there, Mendes said that was difficult. After all, her giant boobs are still her large boobs.

The actress also described her co-star as "one of the greatest actors of my generation," to which Phoenix rolled his eyes, probably because he figured Andy Samberg was more deserving of that description.

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