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Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria watches her share of basketball - but does she really watch the game, or just one of the players? Clearly, her mind is on one thing alone: Her fiance (and San Antonio Spurs point guard), Tony Parker!

The Cleveland Cavaliers' mascot, Moondog, watches his share of hoops as well. Every home game, in fact. But unlike Eva, this affable canine has become a student of the game - so much so that he remains focused even with smoking hot actresses next to him...

Eva Picture

Incidentally, LeBron James and the rest of the Cavs heeded Moondog's sage advice and clamped down defensively, defeating Eva and Tony's Spurs, 82-78.

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It's a language of love, so it's only natural Eva Longoria would want to learn French. There's just one problem:

Her France-raised fiancé, Tony Parker, doesn't wanna teach it to her.

Beautiful Eva

"He's terrible. He always wants to speak English," Longoria told People magazine Thursday while in London to open the annual Harrods Winter Sale. "I try to remind him but he always forgets and says it's easier and faster to speak English, but I want to understand."

So the actress decided to master French the hard way â€" in a classroom.

"I couldn't speak French before Tony. All I knew how to say was, 'My name is Eva.' I went to a Berlitz French school this summer, doing about five hours a day."

The Desperate Housewives star seems as determined to learn new words as we are for Ali Lohan to remain young and innocent.

Longoria spent Christmas in her home state of Texas and will be back in the U.S. for a quiet Dec. 31. "Nothing is planned for New Year's Eve," she said. "Tony plays that date so I'll be watching, sitting at a Spurs' game."

She continues shooting Desperate Housewives until April before taking a new film role.

"I'm picking my next summer movie as we speak. I don't know what it will be yet. I've read a lot of scripts and I am amazed at how many movies will be made next year. I'm a big fan of the romantic comedy and would love to do another one."

She will NOT, however, be getting it on with Beyonce on screen, as rumors had it. Sorry, guys.

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The initial reaction of Eva Longoria, upon her engagement? Shock.

"I was heading home from a long day on the (Desperate Housewives) set," the actress told People magazine. He had been playing in Utah, so I was just shocked to see him in L.A. I thought it was so weird, sort of, 'Why are you here? What's going on? Oh my God! It's happening!' "

Awesome Eva Longoria

And then it happened: at Longoria's home in the early-morning hours, surrounded by rose petals and candles, Tony Parker fell to one knee �" "I'm a traditional guy," he says �" and, having already told both of their families, popped the question.

Eva said she "cried [her] eyes out" and was especially impressed by how nervous Parker was.

The NBA player, meanwhile, was probably just thankful Mario Lopez wasn't in his lady's bed.

Beverly Hills jewelry designer Jean Dousset, a friend of the couple, designed Longoria's five-carat-plus emerald-cut diamond ring with Parker. It boasts 247 accenting diamonds. That's almost as many diamonds as hot guys Jordana Brewster has dated.
Naturally, it didn't take the actress long to start spreading the news among her Wisteria Lane neighbors.

"Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman and I are really, really close," she says. "Telling them was really exciting."

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They had some tough times.

We were afraid Tony Parker and Eva Longoria might never get to the point.

Eva Longoria Photograph

But we're now proud to announce: the pair is engaged.

"Eva and Tony are officially engaged," Longoria's rep, Liza Anderson, offers as proof. "The couple have [sic] never been happier."

Parker, a point guard for the San Antonio Spurs, flew into Los Angeles after his game on Wednesday night and surprised Longoria at her home as she got off work, according to the actress's rep, who added:

"The proposal was romantic and perfect."

Let's hope Rupert Friend was taking notes.

The couple plans to wed in France next summer in what they describe as a "big, happy ceremony with lots of family and friends."

It almost didn't happen, though. Rumors flew that Eva and long-time friend, Mario Lopez, were an item. It's possible The Hollywood Gossip spread some of those.

But we apologize. We hope we can still snag a wedding invite. We promise not to bring Brandon Davis as a date.

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We are trying really hard to think of a good reason to post one of the Eva Longoria pictures we came across in Entertainment Weekly. But it's just not happening.

Yes, we'd love to tell you that she is driving a wedge between lovers and dancing partners Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff, or that she has decided to get freaky with Beyonce on screen after all. But alas, neither story has legs (unlike Eva)!

Eva Longoria, Bikini

No, Eva and Beyonce are keeping it platonic, and Longoria is not dating the former Saved By the Bell star, and as far as we can tell, Mario and Karina are grateful for one another.

That leaves us with jack, but seriously now, who needs a reason to appreciate this hottie? Exactly. Just gaze in bewilderment at the talented Desperate Housewives star and stew in your abject jealous of Tony Parker.

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Well, that rumor was fun while it lasted.

In light of numerous gossip rags telling Eva Longoria she'd be shooting a few lesbian scenes on screen with Beyonce Knowles, the Desperate Houswives had to come out and quell such talk.

Eva Picture

"Stop the madness," Longoria said to People magazine about the false reports that she and Knowles will play a couple in an adaptation of Sarah Waters's love story Tipping the Velvet. "Believe me, I would love to work with Beyonce one day. She's so talented. But this is definitely not something we are doing together. It's completely and absolutely not true."

Longoria says the rumor started about a week ago â€" before she had ever even met Knowles. Many of the false reports also alleged that Sofia Coppola had been tapped to direct the film.

"Beyonce and I just did the L'Oreal event a couple of days ago and we were like, 'What is the deal?'" Longoria said. "What makes me crazy is that there are quotes out there, quotes from me saying it's true. But in fact it's not true. And (there are) quotes of Beyonce saying it's about time we had a female Brokeback Mountain. And we're like, we never said that."

The Hollywood Gossip pleads the fifth on printing such nonsense. We'd prefer to distract Eva by asking her about tonight's Dancing with the Stars finale and the chances of her friend, Mario Lopez.

Up next for Knowles, at least, is a starring role in the film Dreamgirls, which opens next month. It co-stars Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx.

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When Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger swapped spit on screen in Brokeback Mountain, many viewers found it offensive or hilarious.

Call us crazy, but if rumors are two that a pair of beautiful women may be doing the same on screen in the near future, we doubt they'll receive the same sort of reactions.

That's Some Dress

Indeed, rumors are circulating that Beyonce Knowles and Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria may be pulling their own Jake and Heath, if director if Sofia Coppola has her way.

The lovely ladies are in talks to play the lead roles in a film version of Tipping the Velvet, the graphic Victorian tale of a love affair between a dance hall star (to be played by Knowles) and a fishmonger's daughter (Longoria).

"We've had Brokeback Mountain, so the time is right for this divine novel to get the same treatment," said Beyonce last week.

And Longoria confirmed that she's angling to do the movie. We're not sure how friend and possible lover, Mario Lopez, would feel about it, however. But it's probably the same as most other warm-blooded males:

That this is the best new since Britney Spears started being hot again.

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We can forgive her for dressing like a cat with Mario Lopez. After all, it was Halloween.

But we're not sure what Eva Longoria was going for in this embroidered art class smock and long gloves ensemble this week. Looks like she was set to paint the town red.

Pic of Eva


Longoria showed off her unusual fashion sense to attend a charity event at New York's American Museum of Natural History on Wednesday.

No matter what she wore, however, we suppose Eva felt better than her Desperate Housewives co-star.

Rumors of pictures of a naked Marcia Cross probaby have that actress just thankful someone else's clothes may draw attention away from her lackthereof.

And if that doesn't work, there's always the upcoming nude Mischa Barton sex scenes to help with that cause.

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Just when rumors of their romance had quieted down, Mario Lopez and Eva Longoria have seemingly let the cats out of the bag again. So to speak.

Yes, that is the pair dressed as a couple of supposedly friendly felines for Halloween, but we have our questions:

Beautiful Eva
  • Where was Tony Parker?
  • Where was Karina Smirnoff?
  • Who actually dresses in as boring a costume as a cat these days?

It almost makes Leonardo DiCaprio seem creative with his outfit selection this year.

Meanwhile, in a battle of sordid Saved by the Bell alums, the Screech sex tape still trumps any dirty Slater shanningans. But we've got our eye on you, A.C. and Eva.

We've also got our eye on Matt Lauer. He looks incredibly similar to Johnny Depp in this Jack Sparrow costume. Now THAT's how you do Halloween!

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