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Sports fans love Erin Andrews.

They know and adore everything about her - how she was on the dance squad at the University of Florida, how she started out covering the NHL for a local TV channel in Tampa, how drunk college kids propose to her as she roams the sidelines.

One “fan” who went too far: the freaking perv who shot that peephole video of Erin Andrews nude in a hotel. But we're not talking about that now!

Erin Andrews in GQ

In the new issue of GQ, Erin gets down and dirty (literally!) in a football locker room and tells us a few things about herself that we didn't know ...

  • She’s ready to bolt Atlanta, where she lives, for New York City.
  • She’d like to graduate someday to the NFL: “No doubt. But right now, the college game, I ’m enamored with it. I grew up in the South. It’s a religion.”
  • She plans to get married ... eventually: “I’ve always looked out for my career first. That’s not to say I don’t want to have kids and get married. But the guys I’ve dated are happy I’m not calling 24-7. They’ve got their own stuff going on.”

There's your playbook, guys. Have your own thing going on, and whatever you do, don't stick a camera in the peep hole of her hotel room.

Click to enlarge more Erin Andrews pictures from GQ ...

  • Erin Andrews GQ Picture
  • Erin Andrews GQ Photo

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Reporters live in front of the cameras - on their own terms.

But the Erin Andrews 911 call to report two photographers parked outside her house in suburban Atlanta shows just how uncomfortable her situation is now.

Andrews describes herself as "the girl that was videotaped in a hotel naked" and expressed frustration about being treated like "f*%king Britney Spears."

Sounding totally in control and absolutely helpless at the same time, the hotel video target is exceedingly polite, yet swearing like a sailor a minute later.

Seconds before almost breaking into tears, Erin playfully tells her mom that she's "totally being obvious" as they're trying to get a license plate number.

These contradictions are fitting, in a way, for a story that is full of them.

So many people want to make the scandal a black and white issue: Andrews is a victim, she brought it on herself, blame bloggers, blame the Internet, etc.

There are no simple answers, however. Just because Erin Andrews cultivated her sex appeal to make her the most popular sideline reporter in America doesn't mean she somehow deserved to be the subject of a nude hotel peephole video.

But even as she is calling the police about paparazzi stationed outside of her house, it was just weeks ago that Andrews was openly campaigning for a spot on Dancing With the Stars, a move that invited attention on a celebrity level.

There's no grand lesson to be learned here, just another sad, cautionary tale about the perils of fame. Oddly enough, Britney Spears can probably relate.

Listen to Erin's 911 call below ...

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When ESPN reporter Erin Andrews spotted "suspicious people" lurking around her Georgia home last week, she called 911 on them and did not hold back.

Describing to the dispatcher just how she feels about her recent video scandal, her call for assistance soon turned into a frustrated, foul-mouthed rant.

The hotel peep hole video of Erin Andrews naked, which she did not know was being filmed, has catapulted the beautiful reporter into the news in a manner she never envisioned, nor asked for. And she's rightfully upset about it.

In the call, before she even says her name, a pissed-off Erin says she has paparazzi outside her house, calling them "jerks," "a$$holes" and pointing out that "I've been in the news recently about being in a hotel naked."

The dispatcher's response? "Oh ... I'm so sorry."

Erin Andrews has not had the best of weeks.

Asked to read off the license plate number of photographers' car, Erin, who was with her mom, said: "Let me see if I can read it. I can not believe these guys are knocking on my door. Such a$$holes! ... Mom, you're totally being obvious."

Increasingly frustrated about the nude hotel video, Erin goes on to say, "I did nothing wrong and I'm being treated like f***ing Britney Spears and it sucks."

It turns out that the dudes were just news reporters hoping to secure an interview with Andrews, and were allowed by police to leave without being cited.

Click here to listen to the 911 call ...

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It is deservedly called the worldwide leader in sports, but perhaps the #1 criticism of ESPN over the years has been its unabashed and frequent self-promotion.

Now, a pair of stories over the past week and ESPN's involvement in each have made the network the story - deservedly or not - and left it under fire.

Erin and Maks in Bed

First, a hotel peephole video surfaced of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, who was filmed in the nude without her consent. Andrews' representatives and ESPN acknowledged the grainy video was her and that they would seek civil and criminal action.

Erin Andrews was the victim of an abhorrent act, one no fault of ESPN's.

However, the network's reaction - particularly its banning of the New York Post after the paper printed Erin Andrews nude pics - was questionable, some feel.

The Post's gossip page ran an item Thursday blaming ESPN for its letter to the website hosting the hotel peephole video that ultimately outed Erin Andrews.

One columnist even wrote, "The fact is one person committed the crime, but all of us, including ESPN, contributed to this revealing peep at our culture."

First, there was the Erin Andrews tape. Then the Ben Roethlisberger case.

When a Nevada woman named Andrea McNulty filed a civil suit accusing the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback of sexually assaulting her in the hotel where she worked last summer, ESPN did not report it on TV or on its website.

Its reasoning: "A policy of not running stories based on civil suits without a criminal investigation or without conducting its own reporting."

ESPN claimed to be taking the high road by not reporting the lawsuit, but as it pertained to Ben Roethlisberger, many wondered if ESPN was refusing to only to stay in good standing with one of the country's most high-profile athletes.

Finally, three days after the story broke, ESPN reported it, saying it was just waiting for either Roethlisberger or law enforcement to make a statement.

Any news organization has the right to set standards by which it will report a story, of course. But the New York Times reported it, and given that it involved a sports figure, it's a little odd that the "Worldwide Leader in Sports" did not.

If nothing else, ESPN's impartiality and role in creating more news than it reports is a subject being hotly debated in journalism circles.

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Upsetting as it is for the talented, professional woman victimized, at least the Erin Andrews nude hotel video flap has produced some moments of comedy.

We're referring to media coverage of the Erin Andrews hotel peep hole video, which was allegedly shot at two hotels and without the ESPN reporter's knowledge or consent, and has been the target of massive online searches this week.

To say it's been a bit hypocritical may be an understatement.

Exhibit A: The front page of yesterday's New York Post, with its headline Peephole Outrage! How outrageous that someone would do this to Andrews indeed.

Not that it stopped them from posting a grainy shot of Erin Andrews naked ...

Somehow, the New York Post decrying the "peephole pervert" exploiting the "sideline siren" rings hollow when it covers of the Erin Andrews scandal in this way.

Not surprisingly, ESPN banned the Post and its personnel after it posted nude pictures of Erin Andrews on its website, barely censored as shown above.

The Post is far from alone. CBS aired portions of the peep hole video on The Early Show, as did Bill O'Reilly on his excuse for a talk show this week.

Here's a hilarious clip of Bill introducing the story with video, then saying he's not going to show any more video because of how "disturbing" this is ...

Amazingly, websites such as TMZ (and The Hollywood Gossip) have arguably shown the most restraint in not posting images or clips from the video.

Yes, even TMZ won't go there because it's a clear invasion of Erin Andrews' privacy. That tells you something about CBS, Fox and the N.Y. Post.

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It turns out we probably never would have even known that some sick loser had secretly taped Erin Andrews nude in her hotel room, if ESPN, the hot reporter's employer, hadn't sent a letter to an obscure website back in February.

ESPN demanded that take down a fuzzy video of an unidentified blonde, which had gone largely unnoticed since it went up in February.

Maksim and Erin Andrews

Last Thursday,, which had linked to the Erin Andrews peep hole pictures, received a letter from ESPN counsel David Pahl demanding that the "photos of a young, blonde woman" be removed. Then people put two and two together.

It didn't take long for sites to identify the blonde in the hotel pictures, and for readers to search for Erin Andrews nude in droves. Her lawyer then confirmed it.

ESPN rep Chris LaPlaca refused to admit they outed their own employee, but said "Any action we have or will undertake is in concert with Erin and her team."

Erin Andrews is one of ESPN's most popular personalities.

While the personal responsible for the hotel pictures and video (believed to be shot at two hotels) remains unknown, Andrews' attorneys are hot on their trail.

Reports from the AP also reveal that ESPN has now banned any reporters from the New York Post, who are regular guests on ESPN shows, from appearing on any of its programming, after the newspaper printed photos taken from the video.

We have not run the peephole video or photos here, but that has not stopped other organizations, such as Fox News or CBS, from showing the blurry images.

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It comes as no surprise that Fox & Friends aired numerous still photos from the peephole video taken of Erin Andrews, naked, changing in her hotel room.

But CBS' The Early Show showing several seconds of the video? Wow.

Sure, The Early Show blurred out Erin Andrews nude. But it marks the lowest of low points for a network that once boasted "the most trusted man in America," the late Walter Cronkite, as the face of its news department.

Cronkite died the same weekend as the Andrews tape leaked. How fitting.

The endless fascination over a video filmed without Andrews' consent - she is not an exhibitionist, just a reporter who does her job, and well - is a shame in that it sets female journalists back when she is just a victim in this.

Fox on Andrews

Fox News aired pics from the Erin Andrews peephole video shot by a "creep voyeur." This is to be expected from Fox News, of course. But CBS stooping that low?

Good to see that a shameless drive for ratings at the expense of the public or an innocent woman's reputation can even happen at a real network. Nice.

Reporting the story is one thing, but to actually air portions of the video? Unless they are secretly giving viewers viruses, we completely disapprove.

ESPN is looking into reports that someone familiar with Andrews' schedule did this at two different hotels. Whoever filmed the hotel video of Erin Andrews naked has since been trying to hawk the pics and tape to the highest bidder.

We can't wait until the perv is brought to justice and we can report it here. Until then, click to enlarge clothed, but still gorgeous Erin Andrews pics:

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A review of six video clips shot by the perv who secretly videotaped ESPN reporter Erin Andrews naked and walking around her hotel room may suggest that the perpetrator may be connected with her coverage of sports events.


Erin Andrews, Maksim Chmerkovskiy Picture
  • Four of the hotel video clips were shot in the same place.
  • Two of the clips, meanwhile, were from a different hotel.
  • The furniture in the two rooms is different, and in hotel #1, the peephole used to film Andrews is round, while in hotel #2, the peephole is jagged.

The first set of videos show Erin Andrews nude, curling her hair and looking into a mirror. In the second set of clips, Erin is also naked, but she's ironing.

An extremely upset Erin Andrews does not know where she was filmed and the person or persons shopping the pics and videos for profit is still at large.

But the videos raise the suspicion that it was an inside job by someone familiar with her schedule - and possibly even traveling on the road with the reporter.

Her lawyer and ESPN are hunting down the losers responsible for the invasion of privacy of a beautiful, talented woman who had no idea she was being taped.

We have seen a couple of clips and nude Erin Andrews pictures from the tape(s), but will not post them out of respect for Erin, who is the victim of a crime.

Now, if she wants to pose in Playboy someday, that would be different ...

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Hackers and people who write computer viruses are losers. But we have to say, this is the greatest thing those degenerates have ever hung their hats on.

Thousands of horny morons received lessons in karma after trying to download naked footage of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews only to get a virus instead.

Video of the stunningly beautiful and extremely popular sports reporter nude in her hotel room hit the Internet over this past weekend. It was taken through the door's peephole and shows the 31-year-old naked, unaware she's being filmed.

Taking advantage of sports fans' collective fascination with Erin Andrews nude, hackers are posting links that claim to have the tape but really just give you a virus.

Talk about a d!ck move on their part. Yet you can't help but laugh.

"Hackers are no slacks when it comes to taking advantage of a hot Internet search trend," Graham Cluley of anti-virus company Sophos told USA Today.

Many of the real nude video links were broken after Andrews' lawyer and ESPN's legal team stepped in, reminding people that Erin Andrews is a victim.

"While alone in the privacy of her hotel room, Erin Andrews was surreptitiously videotaped without her knowledge or consent," her lawyer said.

"Although the perpetrator or perpetrators of this criminal act have not been identified, when they are identified she intends to bring both civil and criminal charges against them and against anyone who has published the material."

Please, do not click on any links in our comments sections claiming to be the Erin Andrews nude video. We don't have, or link to it. Period.

We will take bogus links down as we come across them, but we do not endorse, nor can we control the miscreant hackers who publish these toxic links.

In the meantime, click to enlarge some beautiful, fully clothed Erin Andrews pictures that will definitely not give you any viruses. Bet that's a relief ...

Erin Andrews Pic

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The person behind the secret nude video of Erin Andrews is not yet known, but what is abundantly clear is that this pervert has serious issues.

The tape's owner is shopping it to celebrity gossip sites left and right. As it is an egregious violation of privacy, there have been no takers. Yet.

Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy Pic

From what our sources are telling us, the video of Erin Andrews nude was shot from some sort of spy cam. She does not know she is being filmed.

The theory: Someone drilled a small peephole in the wall of a hotel room where the gorgeous ESPN reporter was staying from an adjoining room.

The tiny camera used to film her was clearly being operated by someone in the process, as it follows the unsuspecting Andrews around the room.

That Erin Andrews has no idea she was being filmed naked makes the incident the farthest thing from sexy. It's just upsetting and unfortunate.

While it appears she was in a high-end hotel when she was clandestinely filmed naked, Erin Andrews does not know when or where she was taped.

What she does know is that she is not taking it lightly. Erin hired one of the most powerful attorneys in L.A. in Marshall B. Grossman, who is trying to figure out the details behind the footage to plot his legal strategy.

As he does that, Grossman already released the following statement to the media: "While alone in the privacy of her hotel room, Erin Andrews was surreptitiously videotaped without her knowledge or consent."

Erin's employer, ESPN, is also furious about the situation, and released its own statement: "Erin has been grievously wronged. Our people and resources are in full support of her as she deals with this abhorrent act."

It was not clear what hotel the video was filmed in or when it was made. The Erin Andrews nude video is being pulled from the Internet left and right.

We don't suggest you try to find it either. Thousands who attempted to received a nastily appropriate prize for their voyeurism. Hackers set up bogus websites claiming to have the video, with links actually containing viruses.

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