Erika Van Pelt advanced to Hollywood with a rendition of Carole King's "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" She auditioned in Pittsburgh...

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The day after Erika Van Pelt was eliminated from American Idol, she was relatively calm, expressing excitement over this summer's tour and saying she expected to be in the bottom three.

But the first member of the top 10 to be sent packing took a few days to ponder the results of last Thursday and took a different yesterday in an interview with People.

"I definitely felt a little shafted by their decision not to save me," Van Pelt admitted, referring to the judges' veto power. "It's one of those things that, in hindsight, I'm looking at it like they didn't want to use their save this early."

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Erika Van Pelt saw her elimination on American Idol coming last night.

"I knew I was going to be in the bottom," the finalist told reporters today on a conference call. "I would've had to have a super, super standout, crazy, over the top performance to [advance another week]. I never had my moment!"

Van Pelt had been in the bottom trio four weeks in a row ("Those stools are uncomfortable!" she said), and admits it "really stinks" being the first of the top 10 to be sent packing.

But she's also hopeful.

"I'm stoked for tour. It's just going to be amazing. I'm so excited to be on tour, especially with this group of people. We have a ton of fun together. Even through long rehearsal days and just, you know, hell, we somehow have a good time every time we go out there. It's horrible - the stage managers want to kill us because we're always having too much fun."

Do you think Erika deserved elimination this week?


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With the American Idol top 10 taking the stage again tonight, and with this shaping up to be one of the more hotly-contested seasons to date, it's time for the first THG Power Poll of the season.

Who do you see as the favorite right now?

American Idol Top 10

10. Deandre Brackensick: Would have been our choice to leave after last week's debacle. He can hit the high notes... and that's about it.

9. Heejun Han: Love the personality, don't see anything on stage that makes him standout above the rest. It's solid and nothing more or less.

8. Elise Testone: Might suffer some likability issues. Did you notice her NOT applauding for Erika last week? Or not hugging Skylar? Yes, we're forced to nitpick when the talent is this even. We did love her version of "Let's Stay Together."

7. Joshua Ledet: We expect plenty of disagreement here. It's not a question of his voice, just of his theatrics. Ledet's "When a Man Loves a Woman" may have been the single best of any contestant this season, but we can see his act growing old.

6. Skylar Laine: She has the energy and the attitude, that's for sure. She also has the identity: a rocking country chick. She just lacks the range.

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With the bar set very high by Jessica Sanchez and her rendition of "I Will Always Love You" on American Idol last night, Erika Van Pelt couldn't have expected to clear it.

But did she come close to matching it? Yes, if you base your opinion on the judges.

Van Pelt covered Whitney's "I Believe in You and Me" for her audition and was told be Jennifer Lopez that gave the panelists "goosies" before even singing a note. Randy chimed in with props for the contestant's "unbelievable tone," while Steven added that she simply has a "beautiful fantastic voice."

Watch now and see if you feel the same way:

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Erika Van Pelt showed a lot of Heart on American Idol last night, choosing to cover the classic 1980s track "What About Love."

How did the mobile DJ's trip to Hollywood turn out? Not terribly, though not especially memorably, either. We aren't buzzing over Erika this morning the way we are over Hollie Cavanagh or even Elise Testone.

The singer seems to know her range, keeping everything in a mostly low, husky tone. The result? A "magical" performance, according to Steven Tyler and an "amazing" one according to Jennifer Lopez. Randy, meanwhile, gave Van Pelt props for her restraint. Watch now and see if you agree with these assessments:

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There's a Haley, a Hollie and a Hallie. There's also the daughter of a World Series pitcher and a young woman who auditioned five years ago and has now made a triumphant return.

Indeed, it's a mixed, talented bag of female American Idol semifinalists. They'll perform live for the first time on Wednesday night, so now is the time to place your early bets.

Sort through the following Fox promotional pics and then select a favorite and let's see if one of these females can break the string of male Idol champions...

  • Haley Johnson Photo
  • Hollie Cavanagh Picture
  • Baylie Brown Photo
  • Brielle Von Hugel Photo
  • Chelsea Sorrell Photo
  • Elise Testone Photo
  • Erika Van Pelt Photo
  • Jen Hirsch Photo
  • Jessica Sanchez Photo
  • Shannon Magrane Photo
  • Skylar Laine Picture
  • Hallie Day Photo



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Based on your audition last night, Erika Van Pelt, the answer is yet: we'll still love you tomorrow.

This Rhode Island native tried out for the Fox smash in Pittsburgh last night, wowing the judges with a rendition of a Carole King classic and piquing the interesting of viewers with her job: she's a mobile DJ, traveling from venue to venue and spinning records. That is, when she isn't performing as a wedding singer.

Watch the audition now to see why Adam Sandler should be worried:

See you in Hollywood, Erika! Along with other night two favorites, Creighton Fraker and Hallie Day.

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