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An alleged nude photo of Emma Stone is making the online rounds this week, and it certainly looks like it could be the actress, but is it even legitimate?

The picture shows a (not necessarily the) red-haired beauty snapping a selfie in the mirror, and the girl is naked alright. With the same body type.

Several celebrity gossip sites have published the photo saying it's "definitely" Stone, although a source connected to the 25-year-old star says otherwise.

Emma Stone Face

An Emma insider is adamant that this is just not her.

As for who the nude Emma Stone doppelganger is, how the sexy picture found its way online or how it was first rumored to be the movie star?

All quite unclear. But Stone's camp denies it's her.

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Emma Stone has a sex tape, according to a source, and its alleged co-star is 100 percent not her Amazing Spider-Man boyfriend Andrew Garfield.

"Emma Stone has a sex tape and that's a fact," a source told Radar Online, in a rare case of the words fact and Radar Online appearing side-by-side.

Emma Stone, Dress

A supposed insider claims Emma Stone, 24, has a wild streak most people don't realize, and that led to recording a video sex romp back in the day:

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