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We already know that Emma Stone has adoration for the Spice Girls.

But it turns out this totally awesome actress is also well-versed in Blues Traveler and DJ Khaled, as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star took on Jimmy Fallon in a Lip-Sync Battle last night.

And totally killed it.

Yes, Fallon did just fine pretending to sing along to Iggy Azalea and Styx... but Stone earned her victory the second words sped up on "Hook" and she didn't miss a syllable.

Truly amazing stuff. Watch the showdown now and then click around to see why else we adore Emma Stone:

Emma Stone Lip-Syncs Against Jimmy Fallon
We adore Emma Stone. Watch her battle Jimmy Fallon in this video, lip-sync style!

Also on The Tonight Show Monday, Fallon has Robinson Cano prank hate-filled Yankee fans on the streets of New York.

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Poor Emma Stone.

The actress has been brought to tears on more than one occasion over the past couple weeks, as she's been promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and has ended up talking more about her Spice Girls obsession than the movie.

In one case, Stone actually cried when Melanie Brown created a video message specifically for the awesome star.

With this in mind, Stone appeared alongside Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx this week on The Graham Norton Show, where the British host grilled Emma on her passion for the 1990s pop music group.

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been dating for nearly three years now, so it's safe to say, playing a young couple in love doesn't present much of a challenge to the charming twosome.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield: Spider-Man 2 Premiere
The young couple on the red carpet. They date in real life and onscreen.

Andrew and Emma displayed serious chemistry in 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man and their off-screen romance has continued to blossom since.

Reprising their roles as Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, Garfield and Stone recently wrapped filming a mega-budget Spidey sequel and now they're circling the globe and lighting up red carpets at premiere events. First stop: London.

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The challenge is on, Jennifer Lawrence!

Emma Stone is making a major play to be the coolest, most laid back and down to earth young celebrity in Hollywood.

Aside from charming us on Ellen while playing Never Have I Ever, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 star recently gave a couple of interviews in promotion of this impending blockbuster.

In one, the hosts played a video message for the major Spice Girls fan, as viewers got to watch Stone actually break into tears over Melanie Brown addressing her directly. See for yourself here:

Then, yesterday in Great Britain, Stone sang a snippet from a Spice Girls classic before being hooked via video chat with Sporty Spice herself.

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Jamie Foxx, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone stopped by Ellen this week for an interview that was likely far more revealing than any of the stars had originally planned.

The host had her guests play a game of "Never Have I Ever," prompting them to answer whether or not they had ever had a one-night stand... stolen anything from her dressing room... or sexted.

Yes, sexted, Andrew Garfield. Come on. You know what that means.

The segment, and a subsequent line of questioning, was especially funny/awkward because Garfield and Stone are a real-life couple.

Learn a great deal about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 cast now and watch Garfield grow especially uncomfortable with the line of questioning:

Go watch The Amazing Spider-Man trailer to see this trio in a different kind of action and check out a few of our favorite Ellen bits below:

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Redheads sometimes get a bad wrap in the looks department. They're pale, they're freckled, there's a whole day devoted to kicking them (thanks for that South Park!).

And yet there is something fascinating about redheads.

Maybe it's because they're so rare - only 1-2% of the world's population is ginger, and there have been studies for years saying they might eventually go extinct.

These 15 celebrities prove that though the gene might be recessive, their hotness is dominant. *rimshot!*

I'd be happy to do my part help keep the redheaded gene alive with any of them. Call me?

Emma Stone
Emma Stone is a stone cold red-headed fox.

Did your favorite ginger make the list? Who did we forget?

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An alleged nude photo of Emma Stone is making the online rounds this week, and it certainly looks like it could be the actress, but is it even legitimate?

The picture shows a (not necessarily the) red-haired beauty snapping a selfie in the mirror, and the girl is naked alright. With the same body type.

Several celebrity gossip sites have published the photo saying it's "definitely" Stone, although a source connected to the 25-year-old star says otherwise.

Emma Stone Face

An Emma insider is adamant that this is just not her.

As for who the nude Emma Stone doppelganger is, how the sexy picture found its way online or how it was first rumored to be the movie star?

All quite unclear. But Stone's camp denies it's her.

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It's no Kevin Spacey photobomb, but it's pretty solid.

Emma Stone struck last night at a New York City party for the Mike Bartlett play Bull, popping up in the background of a group shot with her boyfriend Andrew Garfield.

Check out her fine photobombing effort below:

Emma Stone Photobomb

Well played all around, Emma. Well played.

Stone, 24, and Garfield, 29, are also collaborating on other things. They'll star in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which is set to open exactly a year from now.

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Woody Allen just refuses to take a break!

The 77-year-old filmmaker is awaiting the release of his new film Blue Jasmine, while also preparing to shoot his next film!

The untitled Woody Allen comedy will star Emma Stone and Colin Firth.

  • Emma Stone in Berlin
  • Colin Firth picture

The film will mark Allen's return to Europe, after he came back to America (San Francisco and New York to be exact) to shoot Blue Jasmine.

The new film will be shot in the South of France, and will begin production this Summer.

Stay tuned for details on the plot and characters as they are released.

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The Croods has done very well in its opening weeks in theaters. So well, in fact, that a sequel has just been greenlit.

The Croods Still

DreamWorks Animation has announced that it will move forward with The Croods 2, with original writer/director duo Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders signed on to work on it.

The Croods stars Emma Stone, Nicholas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Clark Duke, and Cloris Leachman. It follows a family of Cavemen who venture out into the world after an earthquake destroys their cave.

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