Emma Bunton is a new mother. That's right, The Spice Girl has a Spice Son. Following her reunion with her former singing friends, Bunton...

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Just call her Engaged Spice.

Former Spice Girls member Emma Bunton has taken to Twitter to announce her engagement to Jade Jones, the man with whom she's expecting a second child. Tweeted the British singer today:

“Yahooooo I’m Engaged! Love you Jade! I’m a very happy lady!”

Bunton and Jones have been together for 10 years and have a son named Beau.

Emma Tweeted out a photo of her engagement ring, a large rock you can see HERE.

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Looks like another baby on the way for Baby Spice!

Emma Bunton will add to her brood with Jade Jones, she announced on Twitter. "We are so excited to announce we're having our second baby," Bunton wrote.

Kim Raver, Leo Kipling Boyer

That comes as an early Christmas present for the couple's 3-year-old son and future big brother: "Beau's wish for a brother or sister has come true!" the star Tweeted.

OH, BABY: Congratulations to Emma Bunton and family!

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Emma Bunton is bobbing for a new haircut.

The Spice Girl recently told People Magazine that she's a big fan of her new hairstyle, saying:

"I just feel liberated, it's just easy now, I get up and go. ... I love it! I've always had long hair and had to work it. I feel very comfortable."

An Emma Bunton Picture

That's all well and good - but do you think the new look is an improvement?

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Baby Spice is all grown up.

But despite actually having a child of her own, Emma Bunton admits to occasionally having the attention span of an infant.

"During 'Mama' I got so carried away looking at the video playing behind us of all the mothers and babies that I forgot some of the lyrics," the Spice Girl wrote on her blog, in reference to a recent San Jose show she and her British pals performed.

As People magazine reports, Bunton did say she "felt a little less nervous tonight than I did in Vancouver and I really let loose and had lots of fun."

That enjoyment is helped along by Melanie Brown, who Emma writes "has a thing for pinching our bottoms ... which makes us all giggle!"

Interesting. That didn't look like Brown in the Heather Mills picture that depicted Sir Paul's ex being spanked.

All in all, Bunton concluded:"We're truly having the best time of our lives and we feel so lucky to get the chance to do it again."

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The Spice Girls kicked off their reunion tour last night in Vancouver.

A certain Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder was among those in attendance, although most screams heard throughout the evening were actually not directed at David Beckham for a change.

Great Britan's The Sun reviewed the concert and said reported that Posh Spice "was her fabulous self" and even sang a few short solos; Melanie Chisholm (Sporty Spice) was the strongest singer; and Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) "looked just as bubbly and blonde as ever."

The newspaper also reported that Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) performed her solo hit remake of "It's Raining Men," while Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) showed off some post-Dancing with the Stars gyrations during her solo performance of Lenny Kravitz's "Are You Gonna Go My Way."

"Just as it was ten years ago, the show wasn't about great singing or dancing. But it was about great entertainment," The Sun wrote. "And the girls delivered the spice."

Almost as well as the paper delivered that pun.

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The Spice Girls may be reuniting for a slew of concerts in the near future.

But talk of Spice Kids is going strong right now.

For Emma Bunton, however, that talk has turned into an actual child. The appropriately nicknamed "Baby Spice" has become a mother for the first time, squeezing out a boy named Beau earlier today.

Bunton's boyfriend, Jade Jones, couldn't be more excited about his new son. He sounds like a quality, Larry Birkhead-like father already.

Speaking outside London's Portland Hospital, Jones said: "He is absolutely brilliant, and both baby and Emma are doing fine. In fact Emma is tucking into some flapjacks and Coca-Cola as we speak."

Meanwhile, Melanie Brown is talking about having more children.

According to People, she told Larry King that her and new husband Stephen Belafonte hope to have more kids â€" in addition to the three they already have between them.

"Yeah, I'd like to, of course," Brown said, in response King asking her about having more kids.

Besides 4-month-old daughter Angel Iris, whose father is Eddie Murphy, Brown is the mother of daughter Phoenix Chi, 8, from her marriage to dancer Jimmy Gulzar. Belafonte also has a daughter, Giselle, 3, from a previous relationship.

Add these to the three sons of Victoria Beckham and the Spice Kids could almost start their own baseball team.

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It's a great big Spice World out there.

At least it felt that way at a London church Saturday, when 11-month-old Bluebell Madonna, the daughter of Geri Haliwell, got a hand from her hot godmother, Victoria Beckham, at her christening.

Victoria Beckham Out and About

The event marked a near-complete Spice Girls reunion: Posh Spice made the ceremony along with Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) and Melanie Chisholm (Sporty Spice).

The only no-show on this day was Melanie Brown (a.k.a. Scary Spice and possible Eddie Murphy baby mama), who was unable to attend after just giving birth.

A source close to the pop pals told People, "It was a special Spice day."

For all the talk about Victoria Beckham's large breasts and the general absurdity surrounding her and her husband, David Beckham, there is little doubt that the girls had a lovely time Sunday.

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Emma Bunton is no longer Baby Spice - but the news of her actually having a little one is causing former singing mates to offer their congratulations.

The most notable, of course, is Victoria Beckham. A mother of three herself, the ex-Posh Spice told People magazine:

Posh Spice: Fashion Designer

"I am so excited for Emma. It really is fantastic news, and she really will make a perfect mummy!"

That's British talk for "mommy," folks. We know Jessica Simpson, at least, must've been confused.

Buton's close pal Melanie "Sporty" Chisholm was similarly enthusiastic.

Chisholm "is absolutely delighted," her manager said. "She spent much of the weekend trying to reach Emma, as they kept missing each other. She is overjoyed, thrilled to bits for her. As everyone is."

Wait, the woman formerly known as "Sporty Spice" still has a manager?!? Isn't that sort of like Katie Rees still having a copy of the bible?

Bunton and boyfriend Jade Jones made their happy announcement Friday. We're happy for them - and assume Posh's gal pal, Katie Holmes, is, too.

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