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Amanda Seyfriend is a woman of so many talents.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, the Les Miserables actress described a night out with her co-stars at a karaoke bar in Japan.

Ellen, of course, then had her reenact it exactly.

While sipping sake and wearing a frog mask (!), Seyfried showed off her hip-hop skills by performing 2Pac's 1995 hit "California Love" ... you gotta see it:

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The world's worst X Factor host was a guest on Ellen this week.

Yes, Khloe Kardashian stopped by the talk show, talking about Thanksgiving, explaining how photoshop is often required for the Kardashian Christmas card and also laughing while asking a very good question:

Why is Scott Disick still in the picture?!?

While we await the answer from Kourtney Kardashian, we point readers to the following video, which culminates in Ellen hilariously inserting herself into the family's annual card:

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Rihanna sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on her show today, and discussed her love life as well as "her." We'll get to who "she" is in just a few moments.

When asked by the host she was dating anyone, Rihanna simply replied “no.” This is two days after she said she and Chris Brown are not together.

Just slapping bodies. Anyway, watch an excerpt below:

Rihanna and Ellen also played a fun game of Who'd You Rather? Then, even more amazingly, Ellen asked about the status of one of Rih's body parts.

Apparently it's been a good run for "her" lately. Watch!

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Yup, it's official: Andrew Garfield is The Man.

During an appearance this week on Ellen, the actor got his dancing shoes on for a good cause:

At $1,000 a pop, all donated to charity by Shutterfly, the Spider-Man star took cues from the host and first danced an Irish Jig... then did some Robot... and capped it all off with an amazing example of belly dancing.

You've got watch this for yourself:

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Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson taped an interview with Ellen DeGeneres today.

And while the actors were not besieged by male strippers - as happened to Miley Cyrus during the same talk show visit - the topic of exposed crotches did come up.

See, Robert never remembers to zip his fly. Seriously. Ellen provides proof of this odd, sexy slip in the following hilarious clip:

Elsewhere, as if Pattinson could possibly get any more adorable, the trio talks about his adopted dog Bear. Watch them do so below:

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Miley Cyrus taped an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that will air across the country today (check local listings!).

The singer chatter with the talk show host about Liam Hemsworth, shot down rumors of multiple weddings for the couple - oh, and received a lap dance from male strippers.

Really! Watch this first sneak peek and see for yourself:

Cyrus has found someone who actually digs her new haircut. Watch Ellen gush over it in the following clip:

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Taylor Swift has appeared all over the small screen this week, performing songs off her new album "Red."

But the 22-year old superstar stopped by Ellen yesterday and the topic turned from the notes on her music to the lyrics in her singles, specifically: Who the heck has she been writing about?!?

Unwilling to reveal any ex-boyfriends, the host gave Swift a bell to ring any time a photo of one appeared on screen.

Taylor Lautner? John Mayer? Danny Devito?

Watch now as Taylor tries to respond, only to become legitimately uncomfortable and eventually joke that her dating life is "sad," making her question what she stands "for as a human being..."

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With Halloween around the corner, this seems appropriate.

The good folks at Ellen have released a montage of the host's greatest hits. Or greatest scare tactics, really, as DeGeneres is known for taking her guests by surprise. Often through the use of a costumed assistant.

Click Play now and see everything from Demi Moore to Jenny McCarthy to Taylor Swift let out a scream and a jump at the unexpected hijinks brought on by Ellen and her staff.

It's funny stuff...

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Ellen Watson sat down with Ellen DeGeneres this week for an appearance that will air across the country today.

The beloved Harry Potter star talked about The Perks of Being a Wallflower and also compared British suitors to those from America.

“English guys are very well put together," Watson says. "They dress really well and they are very well mannered. But they are also very restrained."

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