Ellen DeGeneres was a great host of the Oscars and an often funny woman. She entertains us. She was one of the very first stars to come...

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Despite rumors that Selena Gomez is living with Justin Bieber these days, the 22-year-old starlet is actually sharing a house with her childhood BFF.

And according to her latest interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Selena is fully enjoying the benefits of living in a dude-free zone:

"It's good, I can, like, walk around naked now," Selena said. She added that she enjoys not having to check in with anyone. (That means you, Biebs!)

Of course, Selena is doing a lot of grown-up things these days including slamming her adult critics (Yay!) and hiring Kris Jenner as her manager. (Boo!)

So it's a mixed bag with SelGo, but as she points out, she's only in her early 20s, and she has plenty of time to grow, change, and let go of the douchey, Canadian mistakes of her past.

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Phaedra Parks sat down with Ellen this week and broke her silence on Apollo Nida, saying that she did all she could for her soon to be former husband.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star discussed Nida's prison sentence and the impending divorce that she just went public with after months of speculation.

"I work, I just got my fifth college degree ... I'm pretty much an overachiever," she said. "I have two small children. I just stopped breastfeeding three months ago."

"So, I didn't have any idea that any of this was going on until he called me and he said 'I've been arrested and I'm having this problem, but it's not true.'"

She famously skipped his July sentencing hearing, which was a key sign that a Phaedra Parks-Apollo Nida divorce was pretty much a foregone conclusion.

Parks insists she stood by her husband at the start of the ordeal, however, working with him to fight the case when he first informed her of the trouble he was in.

"I went out of my way to get the best attorneys, the best investigators, and to do everything I could," Parks explained to Ellen. "I'm an attorney myself."

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Selena Gomez stopped by Ellen today for a chat with every favorite daytime host, touching on a number of subjects along the way.

And, thankfully, none of them were Justin Bieber.

First, the singer talked about being a first-time home owner and how she can now talk around the house naked. She also brought up best friend Taylor Swift and the pressure she's been putting on Selena to move to New York.

But then Gomez grew a lot more serious when discussing what kind of a crazy year it's been.

The artist has been through a number of changes and is in the process of re-assessing her life.

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Take note, Amanda Bynes. You can recover from a long history of bizarre behavior, and Shia LaBeouf is currently offering a master class on how it's done.

The weird things Shia's done in the past year are too numerous to list here so we'll just offer some highlights:

In June, Shia was arrested for disorderly conduct after spitting on a cop and disrupting a stage musical.

Shortly before that, LaBeouf fought a homeless man in Times Square. Oh, and prior to that, he attended a movie premiere with a bag on his head.

Not only does that not cover the last 12 months, that's not even all of the weird crap Shia did in the first half of 2014. But here's the thing, he recognizes he went off the rails, and he's seeking treatment and apologizing to those he hurt:

That's The Beef sitting down with Ellen DeGeneres (who's quickly replacing Oprah as the Queen of the Apology Tour) and opening up about his recent string of troubling behavior.

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Robert Downey, Jr. appeared on Ellen today and reluctantly confirmed a rumor that's been floating around for months: Iron Man 4 is a go.

Downey stated that negotiations are still taking place, but we doubt Tony Stark would guarantee the thing on live TV unless it was more or less a done deal.

It shouldn't be a surprise given the blockbuster success of Iron Man 3, but there were rumblings that Downey was eager to hang up his rocket suit. 

With Avengers: Age of Ultron hitting theaters in May of 2015, IM4 will mark the seventh time Downey's rocked the manicured Stark goatee. 

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Ellen DeGeneres is once again at the center of an awesome selfie.

The talk show host, of course, helped set up the most-Tweeted selfie of all-time at the Academy Awards this year. And now she's back to making similar news by posing alongside the awesome cast of Scandal.

Ellen has a special connection to the stars from this hit ABC show on Scandal Season 4, as wife Portia de Rossi will come on board in a mysterious role.

Along with Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Scott Foley, Guillermo Diaz, Darby Stanchfield, Joshua Malina, Katie Lowes, Jeff Perry and Bellamy Young, check out de Rossi getting cute and silly in this new selfie now

Scandal Cast Selfie

We'll post a full review of the Scandal season premiere after it airs tonight (in a new timeslot, at 9/8c) and we also encourage fans to visit TV Fanatic in order to watch Scandal online each and every week.

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With the ninth season of The Big Bang Theory just around the corner, Kaley Cuoco has been doing the talk show circuit lately and making some pretty surprising revelations about her personal life in the process.

First, Kaley talked about the nude photo leak, in which she was one of many young actresses targeted. Turns out what she wasn't all that bothered by the whole thing.

In fact, based on her recent sit-down with Ellen DeGeneres, Kaley spent way more time and energy thinking about the pixie cut she's rocking these days: 

For those who are unaware - the Kaley Cuoco haircut of 2014 was a big deal for some reason. Now, an even bigger deal is being made of the fact that Kaley said she asked her husband Ryan Sweeting for permission before making the dramatic change. 

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Talk show hosts were full of intense competitions on Wednesday.

First, there was Blake Shelton teaming with Gwen Stefani in an epic lip sync battle against Jimmy Fallon.

Then, Ellen DeGeneres played host and emcee to a dance-off no one could have seen coming, but everyone should take the time to watch.

It pitted two funny men against each other in a very serious one-on-one setting, as 60 seconds were put on the clock and Kevin Hart first stepped up to showcase his moves.

Josh Gad then followed suit, hitting the floor, sort of Twerking and giving us a look at his self-proclaimed "Bar Mitzvah" dancing. What the heck did that entail?

You may not wanna know. But check out the footage to see who Ellen crowned winner and why:

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Kristen Wiig and Ellen DeGeneres are apparently the only two people on the planet who have not seen Frozen.

But that didn't stop the actress and the comedian from singing their own version of "Let It Go" when Wiig stopped by the latter's talk show this week.

Their own terrible or their own awesome version, that is, depending on your viewpoint.

How does Wiig and Degeneres' Let It Go cover compare to the many, many, MANY other Let It Go covers across the Internet? Watch and grade it for yourself now:

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Major LOL Alert!

On yesterday's edition of her talk show, host Ellen DeGeneres inserted herself into Nicki Minaj's Anaconda music video, Twerking up a storm and popping her booty in a way we never expected from the comedian.

This is both disturbing and totally hilarious:

We wonder how a certain grandmother would react to see Ellen moving and grooving her rear end in such a manner.

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