Ellen DeGeneres was a great host of the Oscars and an often funny woman. She entertains us. She was one of the very first stars to come...

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Kate Walsh has traded in her stethoscope for a feather boa.

In the following video, the former Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy star proves how badly she wants to increase her Twitter presence by doing a pole dance on Ellen.

See, the actress originally thanked her 500,000 followers by giving them a quick high kick online... but the talk show host didn't think that was nearly enough.

So, out came the stripper pole and up on stage went Walsh. Watch the least sexiest pole dance in Internet history now:

For the record, Walsh portrays an ex-stripper on FX's Fargo, providing a bit of subtext to this footage.

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You can take her name out of the running now, folks.

With David Letterman announcing his retirement this week, chatter quickly turned to the potential replacements for the CBS legend.

Who Will Replace David Letterman?
Jon Stewart hosts The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Some believe the comedian is a contender to replace David Letterman on CBS' The Late Show.
View As List
Jon Stewart Image

1. Jon Stewart Image

Jon Stewart hosts The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Some believe the comedian is a contender to replace David Letterman on CBS' The Late Show.

Stephen Colbert Image

2. Stephen Colbert Image

Stephen Colbert is host of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report. Some believe the comedian is a contender to replace David Letterman on The Late Show.

Jay Leno Image

3. Jay Leno Image

Jay Leno is the former host of The Tonight Show. Some believe the comedian is a contender to replace David Letterman on CBS' The Late Show.

Craig Ferguson Image

4. Craig Ferguson Image

Craig Ferguson hosts the Late Late Show. Some believe the comedian is a contender to replace David Letterman on CBS' The Late Show.

Conan O'Brien Image

5. Conan O'Brien Image

Conan O'Brien is the host of his own talk show on TBS. Some believe the comedian is a contender to replace David Letterman on CBS' The Late Show.

Chelsea Handler Image

6. Chelsea Handler Image

Chelsea Handler smiles here for the camera. Do you like her sometimes offensive humor?

Tina Fey Photograph

7. Tina Fey Photograph

Tina Fey really might be the funniest woman alive. Don't you agree, THG readers?

Louis CK Photo

8. Louis CK Photo

Louis CK is one hilarious dude. Guy does not mince words.

Jerry Seinfeld and Wife

9. Jerry Seinfeld and Wife

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld are seen here at the 2010 Vanity Fair party. It's held annually, following the Academy Awards.

Kevin Hart Photograph

10. Kevin Hart Photograph

Kevin Hart was arrested for DUI in April 2013. But at least he quickly apologized soon afterward.

Neil Patrick Harris at the Emmys

11. Neil Patrick Harris at the Emmys

Neil Patrick Harris was in charge of the 2013 Emmy Awards. How do you think he did as host?

Jimmy Kimmel Live Pic

12. Jimmy Kimmel Live Pic

Jimmy Kimmel is moving up to the big time. His talk show moves to 11:35 p.m. in January 2012.

Photo of Andy Cohen

13. Photo of Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen smiles for the camera here. The Watch What Happens live host has become a major TV personality.

Would Ellen DeGeneres consider the gig?

Thanks but no thanks, the daytime star said yesterday, saying she's very happy with her current job and then hilariously showing how nighttime talk show monologues are very different from the types in which she specializes.

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Jamie Foxx, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone stopped by Ellen this week for an interview that was likely far more revealing than any of the stars had originally planned.

The host had her guests play a game of "Never Have I Ever," prompting them to answer whether or not they had ever had a one-night stand... stolen anything from her dressing room... or sexted.

Yes, sexted, Andrew Garfield. Come on. You know what that means.

The segment, and a subsequent line of questioning, was especially funny/awkward because Garfield and Stone are a real-life couple.

Learn a great deal about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 cast now and watch Garfield grow especially uncomfortable with the line of questioning:

Go watch The Amazing Spider-Man trailer to see this trio in a different kind of action and check out a few of our favorite Ellen bits below:

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Jennifer Love Hewitt will appear on Ellen later today, but - SPOILER ALERT! - the actress will actually be fully dressed this time around.

About a year ago, the former Client List star gave an interview while wearing a dress that left fellow guest Matthew Perry both slack-jawed and tongue-tied.

But the focus of this taped chat was less on JLH's breasts and more on her baby, as Hewitt is the mother of a four-month old named Autumn.

The beauty told Ellen that her child "loves your show and she loves Pharrell and Drake. She's big into hip-hop and Latin music for some reason! She does the Dougie!"

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The alleged Lindsay Lohan sex list was among many topics discussed when the troubled star sat down with Ellen DeGeneres for an interview airing Monday.

On more than one occasion, the talk show how appeared to light-heartedly throw shade on LiLo, beginning when they discussed her past appearances.

Playing a clip from Lohan's visit in 2004, when she performed her single "Over," Ellen said she did not even recall Lindsay having a music career at all.

"I don’t remember you actually ever singing. Did you sing longer than just on my show?" DeGeneres asked the 27-year-old after watching the clip.

"That’s great. That’s probably why I’m not singing right now," Lohan said.

Lohan went on to say she was really nervous performing that day, since "Over" is a "really emotional song" and she had just broken up with someone.

When DeGeneres teased her and asked if she remembered who,Lohan jokingly responding while rolling her eyes, "Apparently there's a list of many guys."

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For the first time in his Presidency, Barack Obama appeared on Ellen this week.

But whatever... so did Mateo Beltran!

This three-year old rose to viral fame this week after his mother filmed her toddler arguing with her over cupcakes.

"Listen, Linda, Linda, honey!” Mateo kept saying to the camera, trying to talk his way into having dessert for dinner... to no avail.

But Ellen finally provided the tyke with his beloved sweets, decorating the cupcakes with Batman and Superman decor, while also giving Mateo's mother a spa weekend gift certificate.

Oh, and $10,000. Ellen gave the family $10,000.

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President Barack Obama made his first appearance on Ellen this week.

And the Commander-in-Chief wasted little time in chiding the host over her Oscars selfie, which broke the record for most re-Tweets this month... a record previously held by Barack Obama!

"I thought it was a pretty cheap stunt," the President joked of the famous photo. "Getting a bunch of celebrities in the background...you feeding them pizza."

Obama on Ellen

On November 6, 2012, within an hour of being re-elected, Obama posted a photo of himself with his wife and wrote, "Four more years."

It held the Twitter record until Ellen, Bradley Cooper and company shattered it on March 2.

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Kate Winslet stopped by Ellen this week.

During her appearance, the Oscar winner discussed the Los Angeles earthquake that hit the area yesterday morning, saying it was her first ever natural disaster, but that she barely had time to notice it.

Because she was pumping breast milk for her 14-week old baby, Bear Blaze.

Yes, her son's name is Bear Blaze.

Where did she come up with that unique moniker? A house fire and a couple little kids were involved. We'll let Winslet explain in the following interview:

Is Bear Blaze the most ridiculous baby name out there?

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Someone should have flashed a boob.

So says Jennifer Lawrence to Ellen DeGeneres in the following video, which the talk show host has released online and which takes viewers behind the scenes of the 2014 Academy Awards.

We see Ellen preparing for her hosting gig in the footage, along with her telling J. Law and Kerry Washington about how the Samsung-sponsored Oscars selfie broke Twitter.

It would have broken the entire Internet if someone showed real skin, Lawrence jokes. Alas...

Watch to see DeGeneres receive props from a number of celebrities back stage, tell Will Smith that he's gonna finish hosting for her and then toast to her tremendous staff.

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Samsung spent an estimated $20 million on TV ads to run during the 2014 Academy Awards, but Ellen DeGeneres gave them the best product placement ever.

That's right, Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar selfie was not spontaneous.

Best Selfie Ever

Viewers may have noticed Ellen toying with a white Samsung phone during the broadcast, even before she handed a Galaxy Note 3 to Bradley Cooper.

The actor famously took a "selfie" photo of himself and other stars including Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Lawrence with the host.

While the stunt felt spontaneous, and became the most re-Tweeted photo of all time by a huge margin, it wasn't entirely unplanned on Ellen's part.

Samsung and media buying firm Starcom MediaVest negotiated to have its Galaxy smartphone integrated into the telecast, according to insiders.

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