Elle Macpherson makes us think of an old, corny joke: If we told her she had a nice body, would she hold it against us?

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Elle MacPherson has been a supermodel since before the term existed, and as she proved in her latest TwitPic, at 50 she's looking fit as ever.

Elle MacPherson Bikini Photo

Yes, 50. The photo serves as a welcome contrast to the Lindsay Lohan bikini pics from yesterday that showed the 28-year-old "actress" looking boozy and bloated in an ill-fitting two-piece.

In a way, Elle is sort of the anti-Lindsay, and not just because she looks better in a bikini.

Unlike LiLo and, in fact, most of the starlets to crop up over the past 30 years, Elle's career has lasted decades longer than anyone could've guessed and she remains a picture of class, dignity, and, yes, hotness well into middle age.

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Elle Macpherson is a married woman!

The 49-year-old supermodel wed billionaire fiance Jeffrey Soffer in Fiji in an intimate ceremony, according to reports. No other details were available.

  • Elle Macpherson Smiles
  • Jeffrey Soffer Picture

The pair dated for two years before breaking up in March 2012.

They reportedly rekindled their romance and got back together after the real estate developer injured his vertebrae in a helicopter crash later that year.

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For Elle Macpherson, age is just a number.

And for men across the country... well, Elle Macpherson is really hot.

The veteran model and iconic beauty covers the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar Australia, without a shred of clothing anywhere but her legs. It's an homage to her famous 1994 Playboy cover, as you can see and drool over here:

  • Elle Macpherson Nude
  • Elle Macpherson Playboy Cover

Macpherson was known as The Body during her modeling peak and it's not difficult to see why.

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The thought of Elle Macpherson nude is typically a cause for celebration. But during an interview with Howard Stern on Tuesday, this topic instead turned contentious between host and super model.

It all started when Macpherson admitted her bedroom wall is adorned with a photo from 1990 in which she poses nude on a beach, save for "a gun holster around my waist," she said, adding of the picture, which is taken from behind: "I love the image."

  • Elle Macpherson Photograph
  • Howard Stern Image

But Stern asked whether Elle's children - Arpad, 14 and Aurelius, 9 - were traumatized by such a decoration.

"Do your children get upset by that?" he wondered. "It's probably upsetting that his mother's ass is in the bedroom, and if the kids bring over friends..."

Macpherson's response?

"I think you're being absolutely Jewish... you're being overprotective. You sound like a nagging mother, 'Eleanor, should you have that picture in your room?' My children are very well-balanced."

The interview ended on a jovial note, with the two joking about Stern once seeing his mother coming out of the shower and Elle responding that of course that would be disturbing for a child, especially "if she looks like you."

But did Macpherson cross a line with the Jewish reference? You tell us:


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Forget the trophies and the quips. We all know the real story of last night's Golden Globe Awards: The fashion!

With that in mind, THG is trotting out a massive influx of red carpet Face-Offs from the event today, having already asked readers to vote and comment on the following showdowns:

Now, you're welcome, fellas, we're bringing you another pairing, this one between Charlize Theron and Elle Macpherson. Try not to drool too much as you cast your vote between the beauties.

Fashion Face-Off!

Cast a vote betwen Charlize Theron and Elle Macpherson in this Golden Globes-inspired Fashion Face-Off, and don't worry. There clearly won't be an actual loser. View Poll »

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In a manner of speaking, of course.

Anyone who's followed Mischa Barton news lately knows hers has been anything but beautiful. You know, trying to claim her own life, being on suicide watch and all.

But despite Barton's health concerns, she is back and filming The Beautiful Life, a CW pilot debuting this fall, as planned. We wish Mischa the best of food health.

Here she is with co-star Elle McPherson ...

Mischa Barton: Lucid, returning to TV soon.

The show, revolving around a group of models in New York City, also stars Corbin Bleu of High School Musical fame, former supermodel McPherson and two newcomers, Sara Paxton and Ashley Madekwe. It looks like a pretty entertaining series, actually.

Click to enlarge more still photos from The Beautiful Life pilot ...

  • Sara Paxton Picture
  • Bleu Chipper
  • An Elle Macpherson Pic

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There weren't many surprise winners at last night's Academy Awards. Until we heard the news about Vito Schnabel, that is.

Vito is the 21-year old son of director Julian Schnabel, who was nominated for his work behind the camera on The Diving Bell and Butterfly. He responded last night to a report that his son was actually dating , 44-year old super model Elle Macpherson.

Elle Macpherson Photograph

"They're hanging out. It's not like he's smuggling heroin across the border! It's not a big deal," Julian said.

It is to celebrity gossip blogs!

When Macpherson was asked if she's dating Schnabel, she told Access Hollywood:

"No, I am not. Sorry. I never talk about my personal life but in this particular case, because he is nearly underage, I have to deny it because there is nothing else to do except deny it."

Hmmm, didn't Milo Ventimiglia say the same thing about Hayden Panettiere a few months ago? And we all know how that turned out!

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Evidently, everything Bryan Adams does, he does for... Elle MacPherson.

Great Britain's Daily Mail reports the pair enjoyed a passionate kiss at a private party in Adams' London home Tuesday after the launch of his new photo exhibition.

Elle Macpherson Photograph

"They were all over each other, flirting outrageously and they couldn't keep their hands or eyes off each other," a source said, causing our minds to wonder about the true meaning behind the singer's hit, "Summer of 69."

Bryan Adams is seeing Elle Macpherson nude?!? Makes us wish we were a washed up rocker.

Earlier this week, Adams launched an exhibition of new photographic portraits, called Modern Muses, in The Hospital in Covent Garden.

Following the event, he threw a private Mexican-themed party at his Chelsea home, which Elle and many others attended. As the super model was leaving, the couple didn't hide its feelings.

"They enjoyed a passionate snog at his front door when they thought nobody was looking," the source said, using the funny British word for "kiss."

Looks like Marco Jaric has competition in the Luckiest Boyfriend in the World department.

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Wait, whose body is fortunate enough to be in the center of a controversy involving two of the world's most gorgeous super models?

No one's (although consider this an application for the position from The Gossip).

  • Heidi on the Red Carpet
  • An Elle Macpherson Pic

Instead, Heidi Klum and Elle Macpherson are battling over the simple use of the moniker, "The Body." Klum has bestowed it upon herself in a new ad campaign for Victoria's Secret â€" but Macpherson is takining exception.

Could a cat fight soon break out? Seriously, please, could it?!?

A rep for the 42-year-old Macpherson said Elle was "flabbergasted" at Heidi's chutzpah, especially because Elle was ordained "The Body" by none other than Time magazine (on its cover) and numerous other publications, including Harper's Bazaar, Vogue and Sports Illustrated.

Oddly, Jesse Ventura had no beef with the proclamation of either beauty.

In a TV spot for a bra also called "The Body," however, Klum purrs, "They call me The Body â€" and now I have a bra named after me."

The 33-year-old, 5-foot-9, stacked, breathtaking mother of two (and soon to be three) clearly isn't backing down from the title. Still, Macpherson has claimed a business stake in the nickname, starting her own skin care line called "Elle Macpherson The Body," along with a lingerie brand and a fitness video called "The Body Workout."

We say they're both The Bodies! Although Nick Lachey isn't too far behind.