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Elizabeth Hurley and her boobs hadn't made a public spectacle of themselves in quite awhile. We were getting worried about Hugh Grant's ex and her twins.

Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne

Fortunately, as seen here, Hurley's cleavage is doing just fine. Certainly better than that of Tara Reid, we assume. Now, to keep you abreast (get it?) of other stars and their chests:

Use this information wisely.

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Does Jessica Simpson has a nicer rear end than Beyonce? That's a battle of the booties that only fans can decide.

Equally as pressing, however, is the following cleavage competition. Jessica may lay claim to the world's top pair (she's referred to them as great "accessories"), but Elizabeth Hurley looks mighty proud of her two pals, as well.

Twitter Fiend

The real winner in this barrage of boobs?


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Summer is coming to an end. No, not the character played by Rachel Bilson on The O.C. (although that show's days are also numbered).

We mean the actual season. As sun gives way to clouds and, eventually, snow, let's take a look at how some celebrities took advantage - or suffered through court-ordered punishments - of the warm months ...

Kate Hudson fought off rumors about an affair with Owen Wilson as August drew to a close - but at least she can splash her problems away when the need arises.

Kate Hudson Lunch Photo

What's a gorgeous, engaged actress to do before her wedding day arrives other than judge a dog contest? Elizabeth Hurley doesn't know.

Elizabeth Hurley Summer Dress

Boy George probably wishes he spent time rolling in the mud with pigs. Instead, the singer cleaned up street trash as part of a court mandate.

Boy George Service Photo

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We'd rather not talk about the fact that Elizabeth Hurley is engaged. That makes us sad.

Elizabeth Hurley Pink Dress Photo

But let's delve into the fact that this British babe has decided to develop her own range of organic foods, made from items grown on her country estate. That makes us ravenous!

"It's the best thing I've ever done … It's the only place I want to be," Hurley said.

Sorry, Hugh Grant, we know you thought you were the best thing Hurley had ever done.

"When we get our organic status we're going to farm properly and we're going to have a herd of cows and proper sheep and proper chickens, and we're going to have small amounts of Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs," Elizabeth continued. "I've joined the breeders' club already and I'm quite excited about it."

Way to go, The Gossip says. We're sick of celebrities and their supposed fashion sense (cough ... cough ... Britney Spears ... cough ... cough).

Give us a food line over a clothing line any time.

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Elizabeth Hurley announced in an interview that she is planning to marry her boyfriend of several years, Arun Nayar. Hurley, 41, gushed over her upcoming nuptials with the millionaire business tycoon of Indian descent.

"I can't reveal the date, but it's very soon. And we're even thinking about having a baby," she told the Italian edition of Vanity Fair.

Nipple Exposure

Hurley's 13-year relationship with Hugh Grant, who didn't exactly help his chances of keeping Liz when he was busted soliciting sex from an unattractive hooker, ended in 2000. Two years later, she had a baby boy, Damian, with U.S. film producer Steve Bing, but brought the child up as a single mother, telling Vanity Fair that it was "a choice that I never would have made."

Still, Hurley continued, "I wouldn't change a comma of what has happened. My life with Damian has been splendid. He is the perfect child."

The actress says marriage will not be a major life change for her.

"I'll tell (what it's like) when I'm married. But with Hugh Grant... we were like husband and wife. I don't think there is a big difference," she said.

Hurley met Nayar shortly after her child was born, and says they were instantly attracted to one another. Which is not surprising, really, since she is Elizabeth Hurley -- if you know what we're saying. We're saying she's hot.

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Look, when Elizabeth Hurley and her accent talk about ANYthing, The Gossip is all ears.

But when the topic is this beauty's breasts? Well, we can't even hear anything else. The actress recently revealed that, despite appearances to the contrary, she's not immune to the aging process.

Liz Hurley Photo

Hugh Grant's ex told Grazia magazine that she's given all her skimpiest, sexiest outfits to her teenage niece since "what was once firm and perky may have altered somewhat by now."

"Our bodies change. Time stands still for no one."

So profound. So sad. But so untrue. Hurley is still quite the looker in our eyes. We're sure her boyfriend, Arun Nayar, agrees. He didn't have a comment, however, as Hurley keeps him busy by suggesting fashion tip after fashion tip.

She's talked him out of constantly tucking in t-shirts, but explains he's not allowed to pack for holidays just yet:

"If you leave it to him, you're in for a week of Speedos."

And sex with Hurley, right? We'll take that trade-off.

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