Elisabetta Canalis is the ex-girlfriend of George Clooney. They dated for two years and split in the summer of 2011. Canalis has enjoyed...

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Steve-O and Elisabetta Canalis are totally dating. Don't ask us how the heck that happened, but they are dating and not shy about flaunting it in public. At all.

Some people might say that going from George Clooney to one of the dudes from Jackass constitutes a step down for the Italian model and DWTS contestant.

Those people would be 100 percent correct, but hey. Beauty is only skin deep, right? Maybe Steve-O can please her in ways George never, ever could.

LOL. Sorry. We tried Steve.

Steve-O and Elisabetta Canalis

Steve-O, yeah! Look at that Jackass land Elisabetta Canalis!

Clooney, meanwhile, has moved on from Canalis with Stacy Keibler. Much more of a lateral move if not slightly upward. The WWE alum cleans up so well.

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The residents of Italy were given a beautiful reason to be thankful this weekend: Elisabetta Canalis unveiled her nude PETA ad in Milano yesterday.

Elisabetta Canalis in Italy

George Clooney's gorgeous ex, who didn't make it very far on Dancing with the Stars this season, is urging fans not to buy even the tiniest amount of real fur.

"You must remember that animals don’t have a voice," she said earlier this fall. "You must be their voice. Never be afraid to speak up."

Or pose up in your birthday suit, as the case here may be. Speaking of which, feel free to hate on Mehcad Brooks, fellas. The Necessary Roughness star gets to wake up to alongside this body every morning.

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George Clooney isn't the only one who has moved on.

Elisabetta Canalis, who split with the Oscar winner this summer, was spotted arm-in-arm with Mehcad Brooks in Italy today. He's the well-sculpted specimen who appeared on True Blood as Eggs and currently stars on USA's Necessary Roughness.

Elisabetta Canalis and Mehcad Brooks

Canalis recently opened up abut her relationship with Clooney. She said he was more of a father figure than a boyfriend... which is just a tad creepy. 

For Brooks' sake, let's hope this gorgeous model sees him as more of a sex toy than anything else.

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Elisabetta Canalis may have dated George Clooney for years, but the 33-year old model has come out and denied reports that she was pressuring the actor into having kids or getting married.

After all, Canalis says, "between us there was more of a father-daughter relationship."

  • Elisabetta Canalis in Germany
  • A Clooney Close Up

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant makes this strange comparison in Bruno Vespa's new book "Questo Amore" ("This Love"), saying there's no bad blood at all between her and the Oscar winner, 50.

She considers Clooney "the person who valued my feminine side the most" and "also one of the best people I have met from a charitable point of view," adding creepily again: "He has been a special for me, and very important, just as a father would be."

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The bad news for Elisabetta Canalis? She was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars this week.

The good news for Elisabetta Canalis? Ex-boyfriend George Clooney made a rare public statement about a relationship and came to the model's defense.

  • The Clooney Death Stare
  • Elisabetta Canalis Red Carpet Pic

In response to the latest issue of Us Weekly, which claims Canalis sent the Oscar winner a series of angry text messages after she learned he was dating Stacey Keibler, Clooney has released a statement that reads:

The story "was completely fabricated in order to sell magazines. I never comment on my personal life unless it affects others...and this lie affects others. Since I would be the only actual witness, I ask you to correct your story immediately, but that would assume you cared at all about telling the truth."

Don't hold your breath for a retraction, George.

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The season's second Dancing with the Stars results show dealt viewers somewhat of a surprise when it was revealed that Elisabetta Canalis was ousted.

George Clooney's ex isn't complaining or making excuses, though.

"Maybe dance isn't my thing. I'm not going to lie," the Italian actress told People backstage after being eliminated Tuesday night. "This show was challenging for me because I had to learn how to ballroom dance."

"I've never done it before. I hope to have learned something."

Elisabetta Canalis, Val Chmerkovskiy

Canalis' partner Val Chmerkovskiy stood tall by his prótége.

"There are a challenges for everybody," he said, chalking the loss up to her unfamiliarity. "There were huge challenges for her. We're a proud nation."

"We're a welcoming nation, but [Americans] have our idols and our own fan base. This show is about people and fans. We can't compete with that."

"Yesterday, we did [well]," he said. "But unfortunately they gave our score to five other couples. That killed all of our chances [of staying on the show]."

At least she can go out knowing that her best routine was her last, even if she only did two. Here's what turned out to be her final performance:

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Elisabetta Canalis bounced back strong on Dancing with the Stars. She quickstepped all the way from one of the worst scores last week to one of the best.

"The gears were grinding, the engine was hot and the pistols were pumping," Bruno Tonioli said, no doubt aroused by the Italian TV personality's routine.

Len Goodman admitted her dance was "not great," he acknowledged there was some real improvement - good enough for a seven (she scored 21 in all).

Watch the model's energetic routine below:

Chaz Bono posted the lowest score of the week (17) and Ricki Lake the best (23). Who do you think will be eliminated on this evening's DWTS results show?

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The Kardashian sisters are as confused by this week's Dancing with the Stars results as we are by their fame.

After brother Rob Kardashian was ranked in the bottom three on Tuesday night - saved from elimination when fans voted off Metta Peace instead - the siblings took to Twitter and expressed their outrage.

"There is NO way Rob Kardashian was trending worldwide last night and in the bottom 3. Impossible!" Kourtney wrote. "HOW IS ELISABETTA SAFE?!??! HOW?! Seriously!!!"

Khloe Kardashian had the answer for her shocked sister, Tweeting: "Shows are rigged all the time."

Finally, Kim chimed in with an abuse of the English language: "Rob in the bottom three is impossible! He did soooo good!"

Allow THG three responses to these reactions:

  1. Kourtney, trending does not mean one is popular. Rob may have been trending because people were curious about the brother of the girl who got famous for having sex with Ray J on video.
  2. Khloe, the show might be rigged. Viewers also might dislike your talent-free family.
  3. Kim, unless you are referring to charity work Rob did during commercial breaks, one cannot do "good." One can only do "well."

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Dear PETA: We are very sorry.

For years, we've mocked you as an organization that cares more about publicity than efficiency, focusing on the strange reasoning in your ad campaigns that photos of naked D-listers would somehow inspire others to NOT wear fur.

But we take it all back. Every last word and criticism, and it's all due to the following nude shots of Elisabetta Canalis. George Clooney, we have no idea what you were thinking...

Elisabetta Canalis Nude Pic
  • Elisabetta Canalis Naked Photo
  • Elisabetta Canalis PETA Pic
  • Elisabetta Canalis Topless
  • Elisabetta Canalis Naked for PETA

Says the model of her belief system: "These poor animals are electrocuted, skinned alive, drowned, and bludgeoned just for the sake of fashion... Don’t buy fur. Even a little trim - your gloves or your bag or your jackets... You must remember that animals don’t have a voice. You must be their voice. Never be afraid to speak up."

Canalis is a contestant on the new season of Dancing with the Stars, which ought to increase male viewership on that competition by about 879% this fall.

[Photos: PETA via Pacific Coast News]

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Elisabetta Canalis has moved on from George Clooney to Valentin Chmerkovskiy. Sort of.

The Italian model, who split from the Oscar-winning hunk in June, is a contestant on this season of Dancing with the Stars and is paired up with one of the show's new professionals. But before she Waltzes into America's living room, Canalis is opening up about Clooney.

Beautiful Elisabetta Canalis

"At the end of the day I have always seen the end of my relationships as a personal failure," Canalis tells Italian magazine Chi. "There is nothing ever pretty is saying goodbye."

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