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Wayward actor Edward Furlong pleaded not guilty Tuesday to assaulting his girlfriend and threatening her if she called police, according to reports.

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Furlong, 35, who most recently appeared in The Green Hornet but is best known for Terminator 2, is being held on $100,000 bail after his recent arrest.

The actor faces two pending misdemeanor battery cases and was under a restraining order when he went to his girlfriend's home in West Hollywood.

There, he allegedly assaulted her and damaged a laptop and photo gear on May 21, according to officials from the L.A. District Attorney's Office.

Charged with three felonies and a misdemeanor, Eddie Furlong could be sentenced up to four years in prison if convicted in his latest brush with the law.

A preliminary hearing is set for July 1.

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Edward Furlong has somehow landed back in a jail cell. Again.

Rachael Kneeland

The troubled Terminator 2 star got popped last month for allegedly violating a restraining order taken out against him by his ex-girlfriend Rachel Kneeland.

The restraining order was in place after he was arrested for shoving her.

Furlong was released on $50,000 bail following that arrest, but yesterday during a court hearing, a judge decided to raise the amount to $100K.

Just because? We have no idea. But he hasn't paid it, at least not yet, and was remanded into custody. Another hearing is set for later this month.

It's unclear if he'll be out by then ... or if he should be.

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Edward Furlong has been arrested. Stop us if you've heard this one.

This time, police say the troubled Terminator 2 star blew off a restraining order, got into a verbal altercation with his former girlfriend, and got popped.

His ex called the cops from her West Hollywood home.

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When law enforcement personnel arrived at the residence, they apparently found the 35-year-old Furlong hiding under a stairwell near the property.

Furlong was taken into custody for violating the restraining order (a felony), which is in place because he has (twice) been arrested for girlfriend shoving.

He is currently being held on $100,000 bail.

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Looks like Edward Furlong will be locked up for awhile.

The troubled Terminator 2 star, who is used to this sort of thing by now, was just sentenced to another 180 days behind bars for violating his probation.

Edward Furlong Mugshot

The actor, who's been in and out of jail a slew of times over the years, was sentenced on Monday in L.A. Superior Court for two probation violations:

  1. Violence against ex Monica Keena, for which Edward Furlong was arrested twice.
  2. Violating the protective order stating he was to have NO CONTACT with her.

He was placed on three years probation in 2010 for violating a restraining order against ex-wife Rachael Kneeland. Probaton, of course, requires you to obey all laws.

See items #1 and #2 above or any Lindsay Lohan article.

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Edward Furlong was thrown in jail today after allegedly violating a protective order that barred him from contacting his estranged wife, Rachael Kneeland.

Rachael Kneeland

It's unclear how or when Ed violated the order, but he was in court today after being accused of doing so, and a judge remanded him into custody.

The judge angrily accused him of not taking the stay-away order seriously and told him he belongs in a lockdown rehab facility for substance abuse.

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Eddie Furlong is best known for playing John Connor in Terminator 2.

But dealing with dangerous cyborgs to sent to kill him may have been a more pleasant experience than the actor's divorce proceedings with Rachael Kneeland.

In court documents, Kneeland claims her soon-to-be-ex used drugs, attacked her and threatened her life; charges that Furland's rep, R.J. Rousso considers outlandish.

Rachael Kneeland

"Mr. Furlong vehemently denies all allegations that have been made and is currently working with his legal team to have this temporary restraining order extinguished," said Rousso. "Unfortunately, the two parties are going through a very contentious divorce and custody battle. Eddie's main concern is his son, Ethan, and moving forward with his life."

Rousso adds that his client has been sober for five years.

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