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Dustin Zito is making headlines again.

The Real World: Las Vegas star was arrested last Saturday for sexual battery and resisting arrest after he allegedly reached up a girl's skirt at a nightclub.

Dustin Zito Mug Shot

According to NBC affiliate KETK, police in Lafayette, La., were called to Employees of the City Bar to clear a crowd of people who stayed past closing time.

Upon their arrival, cops were approached by a woman who claimed Dustin Zito, touched her inappropriately as she bent over a cigarette machine.

He allegedly told police that she "should be thankful that he reached up her dress" since he is a TV star and "several girls wish for that to happen to them."

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MTV headed back to Las Vegas for the premiere of its 25th edition of The Real World last night.

Among the highlights was a dinner scene in which the roommates played "Never Have I Ever..." and cast member Dustin Zito was forced to admit that he's been in a threesome and, yes, he's kissed a man.

Viewers were then filled in on the reason why:

In order to escape a life in Louisiana that included a bi-polar, drug-addicted mother, Zito moved to Los Angeles and joined FratPad, a Web series that features (often naked) men living together.

Is Dustin ashamed of his past? It doesn't seem that way.

But he is concerned about what his new roommates will think when they see clips such as the one above.

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