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Since graduating from Saved by the Bell, Mario Lopez has appeared on Dancing with the Stars and dated Karina Smirnoff. Not a bad resume.

But it's peanuts compared to the life of Dustin Diamond since he hung up his suspenders as the character of Screech. To review:

  • He fought washed up actor Ron Palillo on the reality competition Celebrity Boxing.
  • He went into foreclosure.
  • He conspired with late adult film peddler David Hans Schmidt to produce and release a sex tape that showcased Diamond in a hot tub with multiple women who proceeded to commit acts that would make Jenna Jameson blush.
  • He became a pitchman for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.

Wait... what? Yes, that last fact is true. Check out the video proof of it now:


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Some websites sites are braver than this one.

The good Samaritans at have selflessly subjected themselves to the crimes against amateur celebrity porn perpetrated by opportunistic former Saved by the Bell star Dustin Diamond and reviewed his infamous sex tape.

Interestingly, first off, the sex tape is apparently called Screeched, not Saved By the Smell, as was widely reported when the story broke last fall.

In any case, we've got excerpts of their review of the Dustin Diamond sex tape - which the actor first claimed was stolen from him and "somehow" made its way into the hands of vaunted celebrity image broker (best job title ever) David Hans Schmidt.

On the tape, Screech supposedly lures a pair of bachelorette party goers back to his motel for erotic adventurea involving a bubble bath and some nice defiling of them - the extent of which we can't even describe for fear of our advertisers dropping us.

Here are excerpts from the review, which is nothing short of a huge letdown:


"Shot in very poor P.O.V. style, Screeched features too many shots of Dustin Diamond's face. It is a plus, though, that the banter seems real and that the bachelorette party, getting consistently drunker, appears nevertheless to be doing this of their own volition.

That Diamond, whose financial woes drove him to selling anti-foreclosure t-shirts, now peddles a sex tape through Paris Hilton sex tape purveyors Red Light District, comes across as painfully self-conscious should be a given, but that the video fails to reveal any hidden redeeming talents is the unkindest cut of all.

And that hyped Dirty Sanchez comes as something of an anticlimax. There is poo. Apparently 'Bro' offers points for that sort of thing.

The Screeched DVD also contains unrelated bonus scenes from porn pros just in case viewers feel Shaved by the Quality. The sex isn't good, but a tape one makes for one's friends isn't really about that, anyway."

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The Gossip just finished watching wacky video clip, obtained by celebrity gossip sleuths TMZ, from this season's VH1 "Celebrity Fit Club."

Just like the last time we talked about "Celebrity Fit Club," the subject is Dustin Diamond, a.k.a. Screech Powers, going absolutely nuts.

In January, Diamond proclaimed to fellow "Fit Club" contestant and American Idol castoff Kimberley Locke that he would "make a dildo of my c**k and f**k" her with it. Classy.

Time time, the Dirty Sanchez distributor goes absolutely crazy and drops a vicious rant against fellow D-list celebrity contestants.

Dustin Diamond spews slurs toward his fellow dieters, calling them "retarded" and "morons," then threatens each of them by saying, "I would like to slap the spit out of their mouths!"

He then singles out Locke once again, telling her she's a "big girl" and will always be.

That may be, but at least Locke didn't make a homemade porno with two low-rent sluts, then lie about it getting out accidentally (as celebrity image broker David Hans Schmidt, who bought and sold the Dustin Diamond sex tape, later called DD on).

Nor did Locke lie about her house being foreclosed upon. What an a$$hole.

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It's chaos on the set of VH1's hit show Celebrity Fit Club, according to TMZ, which has exclusive details on multiple battles raging between its "stars."

According to sources, the first flare-up took place between medical/diet expert Dr. Ian and Ant, the show's host - over a cigarette. Dr. Ian blew up (figuratively) when Ant fired up a Marlboro Light in the doc's vicinity. Britney Spears would be proud.

After the two men were separated, egos were stroked, and both got over the incident, production resumed. But that wasn't all the drama by any means.

Soon after, former Saved By the Bell star and current porn star Dustin Diamond allegedly threatened to "make a dildo of my c**k and f**k" former American Idol star Kimberly Locke with it during a heated altercation.

Gross, dog. It would probably be hotter if it were another Saved By the Bell star threatening another American Idol finalist with this. Like Mario Lopez saying it to Carrie Underwood.

Nevermind, it's still nasty.

According to sources, Locke, along with almost every member of the cast, including pop star Tiffany, rap star Warren G and Brady Bunch star Maureen McCormick all stormed off the set.

Wow. We knew Screech was a sick f**k back when he gave those chicks the Dirty Sanchez, but this is messed up. The producers have reportedly exiled him and he will no longer interact with the cast. No word on whether the cast will watch the Dustin Diamond sex tape instead.

While we applaud Diamond for trying to make things interesting, hopefully the next season of Celebrity Fit Club will feature some more interesting characters. Like Katie Rees, maybe. Or how about David Hans Schmidt. The guy could stand to lose a few pounds.

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Ah, Screech. He's not only a sick f**k, but a liar.

The Gossip has officially learned what it has been saying all along - that the release of the infamous Dustin Diamond sex video was no accident after all. Zoinks!

In shocking news, the man known best as Screech Powers now confesses to Details magazine that he was in on the release of the now-infamous sex video from the start.

While he did not mention whether there is a "package double" on the tape, Diamond says in the interview that someone was threatening to let the Screech sex tape (Saved By The Smell?) loose, so he called up Red Light District and struck a deal with them to beat the "sleaze guy" to the punch and make some money.

"We backdoored them," he said, pun possibly not intended.

So much for his war of words with celebrity porn broker David Hans Schmidt, the so-called "sleaze" who got his hands on the tape and has maintained that Screech was in on it from the get-go.

We could have told you that. Known for integrity and candor, David Hans Schmidt has shown himself to be a gentleman and a true professional. If he's not the personification of the American Dream, we don't know who is.

In any case, the Dirty Sanchez distributor is going to be an amateur porn star before you know it. Eat your heart out, Mary Carey.

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Yes, that's right. Dustin Diamond is back in the news regarding his infamous sex video, which we first learned of last fall.

The Saved by The Bell alum said recently on The Dr. Keith Ablow Show that he unsuccessfully tried to stop the video from being distributed.

The Dustin Diamond sex tape, says its star, shows him cavorting with (and performing lewd acts upon) two young women, but it was just a dare from some poker buddies, and never was intended to get out.

Sure thing, says the tape's owner, David Hans Schmidt, who got his hands on the thing shortly thereafter. Singing a different tune, David Hans says the alleged comedian known as Screech was "in on this deal from the start."

What's more, Schmidt said that he's not even sure that it's all Diamond - at least where it counts - in the graphic sex video.

"You never see his face and his [manhood] in the same shot," said Schmidt, the celebrity sex tape broker who added that he might sue if Diamond is indeed misrepresenting himself.

One possible theory: It's Mario Lopez on the tape, not Diamond!

But anyway, don't go filing that lawsuit just yet, David Hans Schmidt. Diamond's girlfriend - really, he has one, and it's not Lisa Turtle - tells the New York Daily News that she can vouch for the package.

Who knew that more Screech sex tape controversy would arise. At least we know those nude Britney Spears pictures from last month are the real deal.

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By now, you've probably heard about the Dustin Diamond sex tape. Details aren't pretty. Evidently, they aren't healthy, either.

After all, the man who played Screech for about three dozen years is leading an washed up all-star cast of stars in the latest season of Celebrity Fit Club, a reality show on VH-1. The network's website describes the series as follows:

Eight overweight stars are divided into two teams and challenged to get fit and lose weight over a 14 week period.

Joining Diamond this season will be former American Idol contestant, Kimberley Locke, along with Warren G, Maureen McCormick and Da Brat. Previous editions have included Daniel Baldwin, the car-stealing brother of Alec and Stephen.

Rumors are swirling that the next reality series for the channel will be Celebrity Fat Club.

It will star Nicole Richie, Kelly Ripa and Kate Bosworth and a newborn baby. Participants will be judged on who weighs the most after a set period of time. Peter Sarsgaard will judge.

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He may have a perfect name for a porn star, but Dustin Diamond swears he wasn't looking for a second career when he filmed himself having sex with a pair of skank hoez four years ago.

Riiiight, and Kate Bosworth meets up with her dear friend Nicole Richie to pig out at Old Country Buffet nightly.

"I'm not an adult actor. I did something stupid in private," he said.

Diamond met the women when he was on the road doing stand-up comedy.

"It was a bachelorette party and the bride-to-be and one of her bridesmaids were staying at a local hotel. They invited me back to come back and party," Dustin said.

Soon everyone will be able to see what transpired, as the much-anticipated Screech sex tape is set to be released in November. The man who made the name Samuel "Screech" Powers really, really annoying on Saved By The Bell says he and some pals each made sex tapes as a joke.

But someone -- he claims he doesn't know who or how -- got ahold of his and leaked it. At first, he threatened to sue, but instead has agreed to take a cut of the profits.

"I thought, I can spend a fortune fighting this or I can try to make a fortune," he said.

Diamond, a Milwaukee resident who was recently mugged, and who is releasing a comedy CD in November, doesn't sound very regretful. In fact, this whole thing reeks of a PR stunt. And feces.

"Let's just say, if I were a small man, it would be worse," he said.

Somebody kill us now.

The actor, 29, says the Dustin Diamond sex tape was made around the same time he met his manager, Jennifer Misner, 30, who he is currently dating.

When the tape came out, "She wasn't happy at all," says the Dirty Sanchez distributor. But he defends his actions.

"We were just dating. It was the very beginning, you know? There's a difference between being committed and just -- I mean, at that point, if she had pulled any kind of power trip, I would've said, ‘Uh oh, psycho!' and I never would've called her again."

Does he still keep in touch with any of his former castmates?

"No, I am always on the road and they are all out in California. People just won't let the Saved by the Bell stuff go!"

We have no idea what he's talking about.

But here's a nice pic of Diamond and former SBTB co-stars Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Those were the days, people. Those were the f*%king days.

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If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

That's how Dustin Diamond, a.k.a. Screech Powers, feels about cashing in on his disturbing and recently-leaked sex tape.

The actor/comedian defended his recent decision to profit from the alleged Screech sex tape to Rita Cosby on MSNBC's Scarborough Country Wednesday.

"We could spend a fortune fighting it in court, with little bits already being leaked out on the Internet, or we could suck it up and say you know what, it could be a losing battle, we'll make money if we just side with it," Diamond said.

And thus, the career of Screech Powers, amateur porn star, begins.

Double D also confessed that he's formed a different opinion of his former enemy, the porn video kingpin David Hans Schmidt, even going so far as to pay that sick bastard a backhanded compliment.

"I tip my hat to the guy ... if someone has a tape out there, they gotta watch out, 'cuz chances are he's gonna get a hold of it... the Sultan of Sleaze has done it again and I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar."

THG NOTE: Hard to fault Screech for his decision to sell out. It's like we've been saying for years. If you're going to give some skank the Dirty Sanchez, you might as well try and make some cash off it.

Schmidt also appeared on the show and boasted of four more celebrity sex tapes which have recently fallen into his possession -- one featuring a certain rap artist, another of a celeb who stars on the Bravo network.

No clues yet, but at least it's not K-Fed. That dude is no artist.

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Heads up, Paris Hilton, you're about to have company.

Actually, you probably have had "company" for the past few hours already. Maybe twice!

In any case, it's about to become official -- Dustin Diamond is going to join the ranks of other sex tape stars and have his moment in the very disturbing spotlight.

Sex tape broker and certifiable sick f*&k David Hans Schmidt has struck a deal with to distribute the tape. While the actor has publicly protested the sale of the Screech sex tape, that's not stopping him from hitting The Howard Stern Show and MSNBC to chat about it.

Red Light tells the New York Daily News that the tape is "quite humorous and, at times, arousing."


While we don't judge anyone here at T.H. Gossip (with the exception of that b!tch Ashlee Simpson and her utter lack of redeeming worth), the motivation behind the Dustin Diamond sex tape is hard to fathom. Is this some sort of publicity stunt by Screech? How do you do that to some skank on film and not think it's gonna get out? Who the hell knows.