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As style showdowns go, Rachel Zoe vs. Drew Barrymore is not exactly a heavyweight matchup. And not just because Rachel Zoe last ate a healthy dinner in 2002.

Seriously, there's nothing there. While Halle Berry and Mariah Carey flaunted their voluptuous figures, Zoe apparently wore some curtains from her guest room.

Last night's Golden Globe Awards brought out the best and worst in celebrity fashion, of course. Drew Barrymore's gown almost qualified as the former. Almost.

The weird porcupine-things on her shoulder and hip don't really do it for us. But what about you? Which of these two looked better, do you think? Vote below ...

Barrymore Pic

Who looked better at the Golden Globes?


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A trio of beautiful actresses walked the red carpet for last night's world premiere of the upcoming romantic comedy, He’s Just Not That Into You.

The event was held at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, as stars Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Connolly posed for photos and waved to fans.

Take a look at all three stars below:

Who looks best on the red carpet?


Click on the photos above, and below, for larger images of each actress at the event:

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A couple of swingin' singles, Drew Barrymore and Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl fame, are now dating, Perez Hilton is reporting this morning.

"It's early on but they're definitely dating," an insider said.

The pair hit up the Saturday Night Live after-party together this past weekend, and were out and about again on Monday night!

Drew Barrymore and Chace Crawford were at the Kings of Leon concert in New York City and they made no attempt at hiding their relationship.

Multiple eyewitnesses say they were making out in plain view!

Chace's last relationship of note was with Carrie Underwood, but they broke up via text message. Like, OMG. Drew broke up with Justin Long in July.

UPDATE: Now Us Weekly is reporting that she actually made out with Ed Westwick - Chace's BFF and Gossip Girl co-star. Apparently Crawford was there, as they go everywhere together, but Drew was all over Ed. Nice work, Perez. Jackass.

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While the celebrity baby bug has bitten stars such as Nicole Kidman and Camila Alves, the break-up beatle has crawled all over a pair of kind of high profile relationships.

First, Kate Moss has reportedly split from rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince.

The couple had been dating for 10 months, but seemingly hit an obstacle during the July 4 weekend after a heated fight early Saturday morning. Later that day, Hince was spotted moving his belongings out of Moss' North London home.

Despite looking totally happy and in love in this photo, Jamie Hince and Kate Moss have broken up.

Meanwhile, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long have broken up, as the actress' spokesperson said she "can confirm the split with no additional comment."

Barrymore and Long began dating last August. They met, ironically, on the set of the upcoming movie, He's Just Not That Into You.

In other, presumed break-up news: How long before Deanna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak call it quits?

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Oh, that's Drew Barrymore on the far right. We guess she's a part of this photo finish too. But that full-length dress / jumpsuit is a tad much, don't you think? We think.

Let's shift our focus, then to Lauren Conrad (left) and Jamie Lynn Spears (center), both of whom recently made public appearances and went with a wholesome, girlish look in the form of their respective plaid, sweetly patterned sundresses.

As she proved with your praise of her short-shorts and suspenders look, the cute star of MTV's The Hills can make just about anything work. We suspect you will think the same of her plaid dress in this celebrity fashion spotlight.

As for Jamie Lynn Spears? Well, being the younger sister of Britney Spears immediately gives her an advantage in that she's not flashing any inappropriate body parts in this picture. With no nipple slip in sight, Jamie Lynn already looks classy by contrast.

Then again, Jamie Lynn Spears' parents' names are (really) Jamie and Lynne Spears. That might just disqualify her right there. It'd be as if LC's folks where named Lauren and Conrad.

So you tell us, celebrity fashion fans. Who wore plaid the best… and who should plaid the fifth? Sorry, that was a truly awful play on words. But you get the point. Leave a comment!

THG NOTE: Incidentally, Lauren Conrad's middle name is Katherine.

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Drew Barrymore has a crush on many people and things. According to a recent interview with People magazine, the single life is now one of them.

At the Hollywood premiere of her new romantic comedy, Music and Lyrics, the actress was asked what's the best thing about no longer dating Fabrizio Moretti - or anyone.

Will Kopelman and Drew Barrymore

She responded:

"Just look at my face â€" I can't stop smiling!"

Well, okay then. In other face news: don't look at the mug of Jessica Simpson these days. Yikes.

"I think it's important to give someone your heart and trust them and not be cynical," Barrymore continued. "At the same time, I think being independent and strong and happy on your own and by yourself, it's probably what will make you a better lover.

Drew went on to say that love isn't any more difficult in Hollywood than in an office or anywhere else - oh, and she is not attached romantically to Zach Braff, despite published reports claiming otherwise.

Later in the night of the premiere, Barrymore chilled with her Fever Pitch costar Jimmy Fallon, along with Grey's Anatomy's T.R. Knight and Kate Walsh at an after-party.

Shockingly, Isaiah Washington was not present.


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Drew Barrymore has said in the past she wants to be scared.

Perhaps the single life will frighten her.

Barrymore Pic

The actress and her boyfriend of five years, Fabrizio Moretti, have broken up. A source close to Barrymore said Drew "needed time off" from a relationship she recently gushed about to Harper's Bazaar.

Maybe now she can pursue David Letterman or Sacha Baron Cohen, as also mentioned in that article.

The pair â€" who hooked up in April 2002 â€" seemed like a good match on the surface, friends say.

"Drew has always had a taste for subculture," Barrymore pal and crazed rocker Courtney Love said.

But they had suffered some rocky times together, as well.

"He's younger, and she's more worldly," said a source. "He doesn't like the Hollywood stuff. He doesn't get her friends."

But the friend added they might get back together eventually. Perhaps new, hot couple Jessica Biel and Derek Jeter can show them how it's done.

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Drew Barrymore probably doesn't care that The OC has been canceled. She's never been into the teen scene anyway.

"The guys I had crushes on growing up were Ted Koppel and David Letterman," she tells Harper's Bazaar in its February issue.

Will Kopelman and Drew Barrymore

The actress, whose upcoming movie Music and Lyrics costars Hugh Grant, says her dream collaborator is Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen. She likes "smart, weird, funny and sharp."

The Hollywood Gossip assumes Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti fits that bill.

After all, the couple has been dating for five years.

"You have to reinvent your relationship if you want to continue being together," Barrymore says. "Right now, I'm in a phase of 'I'm not even your girlfriend. I'm your best friend who is madly in love with you.' I'm really interested in watching him right now."

We're interesed in watching the show Heroes with Hayden Panettiere. But that could be a digression.

Barrymore, of course, is a former child star-turned-wild teen with a cocaine problem. So she can offer screw-ups such as Lindsay Lohan sound advice.

"I know Lindsay, and I like her very much," she says. "You just have to try to be as graceful as you can. You know, you flub, you flub. And that's life ... I think, do what you want, but just be professional."


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Evidently, being a drug addict before she hit puberty wasn't frightening enough for this actress.

In the October issue of Elle magazing, Drew Barrymore says she wants a unique challenge.

Drew Barrymore Picture

"I want to be terrified. I really want to do what I think I'm going to f--king fail at miserably."

We admire that attitude. Others should take it and try something new, such as Brooke Hogan with being talented.

In Barrymore's new movie, Lucky You, Drew gets to do what she has feared for most of her adult life: sing. The phobia stems from being the only cast member in Woody Allen's 1996 musical Everybody Says I Love You to be dubbed. It was an incident which Drew describes as "really unfortunate in my life."

We feel the same way every time Ashlee Simpson opens her mouth, Drew.

For her latest role, the 31-year-old worked with a vocal coach for five months to play a Vegas lounge singer opposite Eric Bana. It probably helped to be dating a musician throughout the process, Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes.

In the article, Barrymore also opens up about recently losing 20 pounds, which she says has made her "more confident and adventurous" with her outfit choices. This is what's commonly referred to as "pulling a Nicole Richie."

Nevertheless, despite her sometimes questionable fashion risks, Barrymore says: "I don' t regret those moments because they're kind of what define you."

Or, if you're Heidi Klum, you're just defined by being absolutely beautiful.


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Tick ... tock. Tick ... tock.

The time running out on how long Kevin Federline will be in the news? Perhaps. But the countdown is also on for Drew Barrymore, as the actress hopes to mothera child or two in the near future.

Barrymore Pic

"I definitely feel the beginnings of a tick tock," Barrymore, 31, tells InStyle in its September issue. "Whether I have children or adopt ��" whatever form a family comes in, I would absolutely love to have it."

The 12-year old cocaine addict sure has come a long way. She's been been getting more domestic in her advanced age, having won a Project Runway-style dressmaking contest on the set of her new movie, Lucky You.

She also says she plans to start saving sewing kits from the hotels she stays in with her boyfriend, Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti. Is that legal? Whatever, it's a better hobby than blowing chunks in public.

Another thing has changed as she's Barrymore has aged; she's become more comfortable in her skin.

"You learn to love your body," she says. "You can't look at models and feel bad about yourself. I'm not the kind of girl who can stuff her face with pasta all the time and not gain weight."

To stay healthy, "I've been running and doing yoga and Pilates, and I love the way it makes my mind and body feel," she says. "I really don't obsess about it."

Despite these urges to become a mom, even if she has to do it Angelina Jolie-style (no, not tanging Brad Pitt, but adopting), one of Charlie's Angels still can't get used to the adult world.

"Am I going to walk home from work one day … and realize I'm a homeowner? That I run a production company and have responsibilities and a long-term relationship?" she says.

Let's hope so. Otherwise 50 First Dates would actually be turning into a reality.

"All of those things are so adult. I keep wondering when it's going to hit me. Maybe it never will. And that's okay."

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