Yes, Drake Bell is Nickelodeon star of the sho, Drake and Josh. But more importantly? He may have been the one Vanessa Hudgens nude pics...

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Take this, Drake Bell!

Following months of being taunted by this Z-Lister, Justin Bieber enjoyed a bit of revenge last night, rolling up to Bell's album release party at Mixology in Los Angeles and causing the crowd to go crazy over his presence.

Bieber then posted a video of the mini prank to Instagram, writing as a caption: "So nice seeing my fans at the grove tonight."

But Bieber wasn't finished.

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Man, it must REALLY suck to be rich! All that money and absolutely NO IDEA what to do with it! That's IT! Spend it all in one place, just like your mama said NOT to do!

While this certainly happens to regular people, when it happens to celebrities it's pretty epic. Watching stars who bring in millions and millions per picture have no money at all is sort of weird.

And yet, it happens. Often. Celebs file bankruptcy like some of us change our underwear. Maybe they wouldn't have to file bankruptcy if they bought normal-priced underwear?


Here are 11 stars who went broke (some will surprise you, some won't), because having a lot of money doesn't mean they know how to spend it wisely.

11 Stars Who Went Broke
Lindsay Lohan used to make serious bank! But she spent it all on blow and had to have her move to New York bankrolled by Oprah Winfrey.
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Lindsay Lohan

1. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan used to make serious bank! But she spent it all on blow and had to have her move to New York bankrolled by Oprah Winfrey.

Drake Bell

2. Drake Bell

Nikelodeon star Drake Bell, from Drake & Josh, filed for bankruptcy in early 2014. He was only 26 years old at the time.

Pamela Anderson

3. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson owed a reported $1.1 million in back taxes and had to sell her house to keep from filing bankruptcy.

Nicolas Cage

4. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage demands around $20 million per movie, which he spends on castles and jets and more material possessions than he will ever use in his life.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

5. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

Spencer and Heidi might have lived large on The Hills, but Pratt says that lifestyle is far from their reality. Imagine that! Reality TV that isn't real!

Courtney Love

6. Courtney Love

Courtney Love might have been a member of Hole, but she's in the hole more often than she's out. She sold 25% of her share of Nirvana's music catalog to get out of debt.

Teresa Guidice

7. Teresa Guidice

RHONJ Teresa Giudice actually owes so much money she's facing JAIL TIME for it. She and her husband, Joe Giudice, were indicted on tax evasion charges and plead guilty.

Willie Nelson

8. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson once owed the government $16.7 million dollars. He released a special album called The IRS Tapes: Who Will Buy My Memories to pay his debt with the proceeds.

Lena Headey

9. Lena Headey

Game of Thrones beauty Lena Headey is embroiled in a bitter divorce from Peter Loughran which has left her with as little as $5 in the bank.

Tionne "T Boz" Watkins

10. Tionne "T Boz" Watkins

Tionne "T Boz" Watkins filed for bankruptcy in 1995, 2011, and again last year. The judge dismissed her third filing because she never tried to pay off the first two.

Brendan Fraser

11. Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser used to make a pretty decent living. Then, he claims, he was injured during Hurricane Katrina, which has left him unable to work. He owes his wife $900,000 a YEAR in child support.

Sonja Morgan

12. Sonja Morgan

Sonja Morgan, a RHONY housewife, is so broke she has to rent her lavish apartment for $25,000 a month, which only covers taxes on the property and doesn't make a dent in her debt.

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Not all celebrities get along like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

Over the past few years, feuds have broken out in Hollywood over mental health issues; late night talk show skits; and Kim Kardashian sex tape parodies.

Who won each of these rivalries? The public, really. They were darn entertaining!

Click around below to relive the back-and-forth between Kathy and Dami, David and Bristol, Kanye and Kimmel and many other famous folks who simply don't see eye-to-eye:

13 Celebrity Feuds We Never Saw Coming
Nancy Grace wondered aloud on Twitter whether pot was to blame for a guy killing his wife. Seth Rogen replied that the anchor is a "dumbass."
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Seth Rogen vs. Nancy Grace

1. Seth Rogen vs. Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace wondered aloud on Twitter whether pot was to blame for a guy killing his wife. Seth Rogen replied that the anchor is a "dumbass."

Kathy Griffin vs. Demi Lovato

2. Kathy Griffin vs. Demi Lovato

Kathy Griffin thinks Demi Lovato is the biggest "douche" in Hollywood. Lovato's fans thin Griffin should shut the eff up.

Lady Gaga vs. Perez Hilton

3. Lady Gaga vs. Perez Hilton

Lady Gaga has accused Perez of stalking her. Perez has slammed the singer for thinking she's the Queen of Twitter. Ugly stuff, people.

Khloe Kardashian vs. Joan Rivers

4. Khloe Kardashian vs. Joan Rivers

So much for Khloe's appearance on E!'s Fashion Police. The reality star snubbed the talk show host after Rivers mocked Kim Kardashian Superstar.

Selena Gomez vs. Lorde

5. Selena Gomez vs. Lorde

Lorde doesn't think Selena represents feminists very well. When you're ready come and get it? Come on, Lorde says!

Drake Bell vs. Justin Bieber

6. Drake Bell vs. Justin Bieber

Drake Bell slams Justin Bieber at every opportunity. He even wants the singer deported to Canada!

Carol Alt vs. Kate Upton

7. Carol Alt vs. Kate Upton

Carol Alt does not see what the "hullabaloo" is around Kate Upton. We question her hindsight.

David Letterman vs. Bristol Palin

8. David Letterman vs. Bristol Palin

David Letter had a lot of fun at Bristol Palin's expense when the teenager was pregnant. Some thought he crossed a line.

Jimmy Kimmel vs. Kanye West

9. Jimmy Kimmel vs. Kanye West

These two have sort of buried the hatred hatchet. But Kanye and Kimmel went at it over Twitter after the latter mocked the former.

Sinead O'Connor vs. Miley Cyrus

10. Sinead O'Connor vs. Miley Cyrus

Yes, Sinead O'Connor is still around. And her feud with Miley Cyrus actually ignited some interesting points about mental health.

Donald Trump vs. Rosie O'Donnell

11. Donald Trump vs. Rosie O'Donnell

It started in 2009 when Trump referred to O'Donnell as a "pig." She then slammed his failed marriages. Juicy stuff all around.

Chris Brown vs. Law

12. Chris Brown vs. Law

Okay, maybe this feud isn't so unexpected.

Naya Rivera vs. Lea Michele

13. Naya Rivera vs. Lea Michele

Glee stars Naya Rivera and Lea Michele are reportedly beefing.

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Justin Bieber suddenly has company.

The singer, who has so often felt the wrath of Drake Bell, is once again the focus of this young actor's ire. But he isn't alone this time.

In an extended interview with BuzzFeed, Bell goes off on Bieber, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, mostly in regard to how they don't call out their fans for engaging in unruly behavior.

Bell, Drake

According to Bell, Bieber (who Bell has called a "little sh-t") and Gaga "don’t come out and say, 'I love having you as my fans, but you shouldn’t be acting this way.'"

"They just eat it all up," he adds, "and I think it’s repulsive."

Bell would also love to see Justin Bieber deported.

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Drake Bell may wanna spend less time dissing Justin Bieber... and more time taking care of his finances.

The former Nickelodeon star - who is leading the charge to have Bieber deported back to Canada - submitted legal documents this week that state he is $581,000 in debt.

According to, TMZ, Bell is earning $2,820 per month… yet somehow has monthly expenses of $18,771.

What is at the root of this financial collapse? Bell's inability to adjust to his changing salary: he took home $408,000 in 2012, and then $14,099 in 2013.

At least Bell isn't alone. Isn't that right, Casey Anthony, Teresa Giudice and company? Here are some other stars who have also filed for Chapter 7:

11 Celebrities Who Have Filed for Bankruptcy
Drake Bell has fallen on hard times since starring on Nickelodeon. He filed for bankruptcy in early 2014.
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Drake Bell

1. Drake Bell

Drake Bell has fallen on hard times since starring on Nickelodeon. He filed for bankruptcy in early 2014.

Toni Braxton

2. Toni Braxton

Unbreak Toni Braxton's heart? More like break out your dollar bills, this singer needs some financial help!


3. Octomom

Octomom filed for bankruptcy in 2012. She was later arrested for welfare fraud. She sucks.

Abby Lee Miller

4. Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller knows a thing or two about dancing. But she knew nothing about spending wisely when she filed for bankruptcy in 2013.


5. Sinbad

Sinbad is sort of funny. But there's nothing humorous about this: he's filed for bankruptcy twice.

Casey Anthony

6. Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony probably killed her daughter. But she DEFINITELY filed for bankruptcy.

Kelly Rutherford

7. Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford filed for bankruptcy in the summer of 2013. Someone is not spending her Gossip Girl royalties wisely.

Danielle Staub

8. Danielle Staub

Danielle Staub filed for bankruptcy despite the fact that she starred in a sex tape. Let's hope he doesn't make a sequel.

Aaron Carter

9. Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter still tours, and for good reason: he's totally broke!

Janice Dickinson

10. Janice Dickinson

There actually is one thing worse looking than Janice Dickinson: her financial records!

Teresa Giudice

11. Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice filed for bankruptcy in 2010. She has since been charged with many counts of fraud.


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While fans of Justin Bieber are cheering this singer's release from a Miami jail, following last Thursday's arrest for drunk driving, others are trying to take action against the artist.

They want him deported back to Canada!

And Drake Bell is leading the charge.

The young singer - who believes Bieber is a little sh-t, who thinks Justin paid Lil Za to take a drug possession rap in his place this month and who has labeled Beliebers as insane - is helping to promote a petition on the White House website that aims to revoke Justin's green card.

How many people have virtually signed off on the idea?

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First, Jared Padalecki. Now, Drake Bell.

Justin Bieber really isn't making any friends these days.

A day after the aforementioned Supernatural star took a huge shot at Bieber, Tweeting that Lil Za was arrested for possession of drugs that actually belonged to his famous friend, Bell has come out and made the same accusation.

"Hey @justinbieber how much are you paying Lil Za to take the coke wrap for ya? Be a man and take responsibility," the former Drake & Josh wrote. "Learn to be an ADULT!"

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Drake Bell is either a major Justin Bieber fan... or a major agitator.

A week after labeling followers of that singer as insane, the actor posted a photo to Twitter yesterday of himself in a Bieber Fever hat, simply writing as a caption along with it:

"Leaving dive practice."

Drake Bell Twit Pic

Has Drake actually come around to the Biebs? Or is he poking a bit of fun here at the artist's loyal supporters?

Elsewhere this week, Ricky Gervais mocked Beliebers as "illiterate" and their icon as a "gimp."

Can't we all just get along, people?

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Drake Bell has gone ahead and done it this time.

The former Nickelodeon star has apparently let his role on Splash go to his head, as he took to Twitter over the weekend and positively laid into Justin Bieber.

  • Drake Bell Pic
  • Justin Bieber Crotch Grab Pic

"Justin Bieber is 5'6" now I understand why you guys love him!!" Bell wrote on Saturday. "He's the same height as all you 12 year olds! I totally get it now sorry guys."

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Lady Gaga, Jordin Sparks, Pauly D, Julianne Hough and other celebrities you wouldn't expect to find in the same place have gathered to ask a question:

What will you do to honor the memory and upcoming anniversary of 9/11?

These stars are featured in videos below as part of the “I Will” Public Service Campaign, an effort led by Viacom, MyGoodDeed and HandsOn Network and meant to organize the single largest day of charitable service in U.S. history this Sunday. Take a few moments to watch, and then get involved...

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