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Unlucky in love star Taylor Swift is reportedly in a familiar romantic place - alone - after being spurned by her latest crush, British actor Douglas Booth.

Swift, 24, was in hot pursuit of Booth after spotting the hot Romeo and Juliet star, 21, at a party at the West Hollywood Soho House in November.

“Taylor kept on making an effort to flirt with Douglas, but he gave her the cold shoulder and was extremely dismissive towards her,” an insider dished.

Swift was not taking no for an answer, but Booth was not offering yes.

“She would go get a drink and then approach him; she would chat with [actress and Swift bestie] Hailee Steinfeld and then she'd re-approach him."

"It was all very funny for those of us watching."

Funny to watch her strike out? That's a little harsh, N.Y. Daily News insider. But it was to no avail, in any case, as Booth gave her the cold shoulder.

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