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Doug Reinhardt did not exactly try to stop Brody Jenner from cheating on Jayde Nicole on last night's episode of The Hills. But in real life, he quickly sprung into action when some jackass tried to make a move on his girlfriend Paris Hilton.

A man who reportedly tried to grope the ho-tel heiress at a Los Angeles club Monday night was soon confronted by her boyfriend of several months.

The two were dancing at H-Wood when an intoxicated male clubber approached Hilton and tried to touch her cleavage, a witness tells Us Weekly.

Perhaps he just wanted a whiff of Paris' new fragrance? Either way, her former terrible minor league baseball player beau intervened in a hurry.

"Doug protected his lady and pushed the guy," adds another source. "That's when all of Doug's boys stepped in and beat the crap out of the guy."

Doug Reinhardt then had security kick him out of the club.

Fellow clubgoers Jessica Alba and Cash Warren - who of course were dancing alongside Hilton and Reinhardt when this went down - were shocked.

"They looked at one another and were like 'wow,'" says an onlooker.

Hilton and Reinhardt didn't seem bothered by the brawl. They mingled with Brody Jenner around 1:20 a.m. before calling it a night shortly after 2.

A source also dished on the happy couple's weekend plans:

"They are very much in love ... They make the perfect couple. [They] are taking the family jet and headed to Kentucky for the Derby this weekend."

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When Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Stephanie Pratt and Lo Bosworth came up with the idea to "crash" (somehow they knew precisely where to stay) Brody and the guys' bros-only weekend in Hawaii, we knew some drama was gonna go down.

But not like this.

Spencer Pratt at LAX

At first, Brody Jenner seemed upset, to see them, but all was forgiven at the mention of shots. And why shouldn't it be. It's Hawaii, and hey, there were now cute girls in bikinis along with surfing and copious quantities of alcohol. Holla!

Talk turned to Audrina Patridge and her "hate-love relationship" with that douche Justin-Bobby. She said she's not waiting for him to come around.

Ever the gentleman Brody noted and complemented his friend on her "most revealing one-piece." Stephanie clarified again that Audzo is single.

At this point, you know where this is headed.

BEER: Helping guys make bad decisions since 1927!

Later, Frankie Delgado, Doug Reinhardt and some dude who calls himself Sleazy T teased Brody about Audrina, who told the girls that she's crushin' on Brody.

Brody Jenner assured the guys that Audzo and he are just friends and that he was thinking about his girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, who was not present of course.

During some late-night alone time, he sought to quell the sexual tension, until ...

"I don't want it to be awkward," he said. "You are sweet and a good friend, but if we decide one night late with nobody around, well, feelings are feelings."

Audrina Patridge didn't emerge until morning.

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The Hills' Lauren Conrad, Dancing with the Stars' Melissa Rycroft, The Girls Next Door's Holly Madison, Fergie, two Hiltons (Paris and Perez) and loads of other stars hit up US Weekly's annual Hot Hollywood Style bash in Hollywood last night.

The celebration of celebrity fashion and the celebs we love took place at the hot new club MyHouse and proved to be a bonanza for gossip and style followers.

Who looked fab, and who looked drab? Who's the Hottest in Hollywood in your opinion? Click to enlarge tons of celebrity pictures from the event and tell us!

  • Mad about Madison
  • Fergie Image
  • Doug, Paris Photo
  • LC, aka Lauren Conrad
  • Perez: Legalize Gay
  • Eliza Dushku Fashion
  • LC: Hot in Hollywood
  • 3 Krazy Kardashians
  • A Shot of Tequila
  • Paris Hilton with Doug Reinhardt
  • Shanna Pic
  • Khloe Pic
  • M. Ry.
  • Bisexual
  • Holly Madison Style
  • Doug Reinhardt with Paris Hilton

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Despite reports that Paris Hilton remains close with Stavros Niarchos, her on-again, off-again boyfriend of yesteryear, Doug Reinhardt is totally still hitting it.

And looking like a bit of a d-bag.

The ho-tel heiress and The Hills castoff were seen getting cozy at Coachella's Music Loves Fashion event Saturday at House of Hype sponsored by 5Gum.

If there's an event sponsored by anything anywhere with cameras, it's a pretty safe bet you'll see Paris Hilton there with Lauren Conrad's increasingly lame ex.

Will Doug marry Paris, as the skanky one herself has intimated? Or is he soon to be banished from her life, and celebrity quasi-stardom, a la Stavros?

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We don't know why Paris Hilton is filming a second season of the reality show that features her search for a new BFF.

It's clear the attention-starved heiress already has one: former boyfriend, and perpetual celebrity gossip favorite, Stavros Niarchos.

A source told Great Britain's The Daily Mail that Paris is still in very much in touch with her Greek shipping heir ex-boy toy.

"Paris and Stavros are still good friends and speak on the phone quite a bit," said the insider. "Doug knows they are close, but not how often they speak."

The anonymous mole added that Doug Reinhardt has purchased an engagement ring and Hilton "seems intent on marrying him." Will this new information affect the proposal?

And does anyone care either way?!?

A kiss goodbye? Will Paris Hilton's friendship with her womanizing ex-boyfriend affect her future with Doug Reinhart?

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Paris Hilton hasn't spoken this glowingly about a boyfriend since her last boyfriend.

The former sex tape star was asked about paramour Doug Reinhart over the weekend, and the heiress had nothing but tremendous things to say to E! News.

"We're best friends. It's not like we just met. We've known each other over the past year. I was in a relationship before and we reconnected. I'm really in love and really happy."

  • Kissy Faces
  • Cozy Couple

Doug Reinhart and Paris Hilton got disgustingly close at Queen Latifah's birthday party last month. [Photos: Splash News]

So, might there by wedding bells in this couple's future? Reinhart said "you never know," though Hilton seemed to have a good idea:

"He's going to be my husband," she said.

Meanwhile, Paris is shooting the second season of her My New BFF. Why didn't things work out with original BFF Brittany Flickinger?

"It's really hard because I loved her and I trusted her, but sometimes people get too caught up and they change. I want a best friend who wants to be friends with me because I'm a good person and a good friend, not for any other reason."

Considering the fact that Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, Flickinger and others no longer speak to Hilton, is it possible she's simply not a good person and a good friend? Discuss.

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Despite dating one another for a good six weeks at least by now, Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt aren't planning on walking down the aisle any time soon.

"People ask me these questions all the time," Paris' mom, Kathy, said at Melanie Segal's Kids Choice Awards Lounge Presented by Stouffer's in Hollywood.

"I'm not planning a wedding anytime soon for either of them!"

The HO-tel heiress has recently spoken about wanting kinds with her new beau, but Kathy laughed, "Well, she's only known him a few weeks, so I don't know."

But Paris is smitten: "I think she is very happy," Kathy said.

Reinhardt, a terrible former minor league baseball player who has also dated Lauren Conrad and Amanda Bynes in the past year, also has Kathy's seal of approval.

"I just met him. We had dinner the other night," Kathy said of the Hills alum and Laguna Beach, Calif., native. "We have only met twice, but he seems nice."

Doug Reinhardt also seems to be getting hot and heavy with your daughter every time we look, Kath. Check out these some recent photos of Doug and Paris:

  • D-Rizzle, P-Hizzle
  • Paris Hilton and Doug
  • Paris and Doug Kissing
  • Pug
  • What a Skank!
  • Doug and Paris Hilton
  • Behind Paris

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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The Doug in Paris Celebrity Gossip Tour 2009 returned from a sexy stint in Hawaii recently back to their native Los Angeles. But the two are no less hot and heavy.

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt partied at My House in Hollywood over the weekend, then moved on to another Hollywood nightspot accompanied by her sis Nicky.

By our account, they've been together at least six weeks now, beating expectations by about five and a half weeks. Here's the pair on the way to a club ...

Doug Reinhardt and Paris Pic

Crazy as it sounds, Doug Reinhardt has now dated Paris Hilton longer than he did Lauren Conrad. Guess slumming it was even more fun than imagined.

Click to enlarge more pictures of the rich, useless couple en route to various hot clubs you would never be allowed into in the greater Los Angeles area ...

  • Hilton Pic
  • Gripping Paris Hilton
  • Paris and Doug Reinhardt
  • Paris and Doug Photo
  • Doug Behind Paris
  • Mr. Doug Reinhardt
  • My Eyes Are Up Here

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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The least talented of Hollywood's elite are getting desperate for attention.

Earlier this week, we reported that Lindsay Lohan has been reduced to selling her own brand of self-tanner.

Now, Paris Hilton - without a new movie, album, sex tape or skill of any kind - is in such need for relevance that she invited celebrity gossip photographers to join her... underwater!

We've already shown you photos of Paris and new boy toy Doug Reinhardt in Hawaii. Perhaps, in this case, the couple could pretend as though the paparazzi invaded its privacy by snapping shots of the pair's supposedly private embrace.

But a new round of pictures sheds light on just how this industry works: celebrities invite photographers into their lives, and are paid a fee for allowing them to take "candid" photos of them.

Either that, or some reporter got REALLY lucky that he happened to be scuba diving at the same time as Paris...

  • Paris, All Wet
  • Scuba Diving
  • Paris Underwater

Please, readers. Don't ever let a celebrity fool you into thinking that life is tough because cameras follow him/her around. Most stars invite this attention at every turn.

Click on the pics below for more examples of Hilton and Reinhardt enjoying their vacation, as the paparazzi-fueled money rolls in:

  • Wet BJ
  • Beach Goers
  • Big Smooch
  • Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt Photo
  • New, Annoying Lovers
  • Scuba Diving Diva

[Photos: Splash News]

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Seriously, Doug, we hope you brought along enough protection. Those UV rays can be brutal when you get that close to the equator. Careful, man.

Paris Hilton showed off her bikini body as she hit a Hawaiian beach with shirtless Doug Reinhardt, her new boyfriend, on a sunny Tuesday afternoon.

As you can see, they wasted little time showing off their affection for celebrity gossip sites' attention one another as they frolicked in the waves ...

Shirtless Doug Reinhardt

Paris Hilton clutches a shirtless Doug Reinhardt.

The ho-tel heiress said of her new mean: "Doug and I became friends about a year ago and we continued talking and hanging out ... He’s such a gentleman. So sweet and nice and elegant and smart and fun. I’m just really happy."

Lauren Conrad? Rolling in grave.

Granted he's just trying to screw his way to fame, but dude is slumming it big time. Click to enlarge more pics of Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt in Hawaii ...

  • Posing For Doug
  • Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt Pic
  • Doug Reinhardt, Paris Hilton Pic
  • Dirtiness
  • Paris Gets Wet
  • Doug Reinhardt Shirtless
  • Doug and Paris Pic
  • Paris and Doug Pic

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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