Another day, another reminder that Donald Trump is the most absurd and vile presidential candidate in 240 years of American sovereignty.

This one comes to us in the form of shocking new footage obtained by the Washington Post which captures an incredibly lewd conversation between Trump and Access Hollywood host Billy Bush that took place on the set of Days of Our Lives in 2005.

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C'mon, you didn't really think you'd get through a day without a new report of Donald Trump being a sexist douche bag, did you?

The latest comes to us from the set of The Apprentice, a show from the time when "rich guy from the '80s who yells a lot" was still a funny character and not a daily reminder that one of our major-party presidential candidates is an all-caps YouTube comment come to life.

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Part of Donald Trump’s taxes were leaked to the N.Y. Times over the weekend, anonymously, casting the real estate mogul in an unflattering light.

A glimpse at Trump's returns from 1995 shows he claimed $916 in losses, and, as a result, may or may not have paid taxes for 18 years.

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If you watched the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Monday night, you might've noticed a couple strange things about Donald Trump.

Okay, you might have noticed many, many strange things about Donald Trump during the debate, but for the sake of time and our own sanity, we'll just stick to two things that would've made for some of the weirdest television of the year, even if they'd come from a fictional character and not a real-life guy who wants the nuke codes.

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