He insisted that his offensive banter in 2005 about Nancy O'Dell was merely "locker room talk," but new footage from The Apprentice proves that Donald Trump can't define exactly what "locker room talk" is.

The Daily Show tweeted a scene from the 2010 scene, in which pro wrestler Maria Kanellis criticized fellow contestant Curtis Stone in front of Trump.

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Ken Bone remained above the fray on Sunday night.

While insults flew back and forth between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (see above video), this red-sweater wearing gentlemen from Missouri earned the love and affection of nearly every Presidential debate viewer.

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Nancy O'Dell used her national TV platform to address the ongoing scandal with Donald Trump on Monday night.

Unlike other pundits and personalities who have done the same, O'Dell has a very personal stake in the notorious video that went viral last Friday:

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Yet another participant in the notorious Donald Trump video has broken her silence.

On Friday afternoon, The Washington Post released footage from 2005 of Trump and Access Hollywood co-host Billy Bush on a bus, wearing microphones, and headed to the set of Days of Our Lives.

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