Donald Trump just gets worse and worse - however, in this case, some might be apt to agree with his dangerous sentiments ...

But they have to do with the Kardashians, rather than reputable human beings, so there's that to consider, additionally. 

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On Wednesday night, four women accused Donald Trump of sexual assault, detailing incidents that took place across several decades in locales ranging from a first-class flight to New York to Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Coming on the heels of "hot mic" footage in which Trump boasted about groping unsuspecting women, these accusations would've been enough to bury just about any other presidential campaign in history.

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The flaming Hindenberg wreckage that Donald Trump calls a presidential campaign inched ever closer to self-parody Wednesday night thanks to the revelation that Trump once entered into a professional relationship with a remorseless bloodthirsty beast.

No, not Ted Cruz.

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More shocking allegations against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump today, as four women have come forward to accuse the candidate of groping and sexually harassing them.

Two of the incidents were reported Wednesday by Jessica Leeds and Rachel Crooks, who claim that Trump physically violated them in separate incidents that took place months apart.

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Look, we can't write about every Donald Trump video and scandal out there.

We wouldn't have time to update readers on the Kim Kardashian robbery or cheer on Ken Bone or give attention to any other celebrity gossip story out there.

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