Donald Trump may actually be leading in some Republican polls at the moment...

... but it's never a good sign for any Presidential campaign when your own kids have to issue a statement of support.

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Donald Trump slammed John McCain while speaking Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa today. The controversial presidential candidate declared that he does not believe McCain is a war hero.
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Donald Trump may be battling Scott Walker and Jeb Bush in the polls, but try telling that to The Huffington Post.

The highly-trafficked website has taken a stand against the Republican hopeful, writing online today that it will no longer categories any of his speeches or action as falling with the ream of "Politics."

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Donald Trump has gone from trashing Mexicans to trashing the Democratic front-runner for President.

Asked in an interview with NBC about Hillary Clinton, the controversial Republican hopeful held nothing back in his assessment of the current favorite.

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