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Who knew December 18 would be such a huge day for celebrity birthdays?

Two of our five featured celebs are acclaimed actors (and form parts of huge Hollywood power couples). One has been nominated for a dozen Grammys and sold 42 million albums. Another was nearly stripped of her Miss USA crown after cocaine and alcohol abuse (plus girl-on-girl action). The last raps and has been arrested like 79 times.

Give it up for Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes, Christina Aguilera Tara Conner and DMX!

Here's a little photo tribute to the birthday boys and girls. Click to enlarge ...

  • Suri, Tom, Katie
  • Christina Aguilera Nude Pic
  • DMX Mug Shot (Yawn)
  • Smiling DMX Mug Shot
  • A Mug Shot of DMX
  • Earl Simmons Mug Shot
  • DMX Mug Shot

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In a rare story about DMX that doesn't involve him getting arrested, the rapper was brought to the emergency room at a hospital in Aventura, Florida.

He was admitted for what officials are calling "fear of a stroke."

DMX, who is averaging 2-3 court appearances per month, was supposed to be appearing in an Arizona court to face drug charges this afternoon.

Doesn't look like he's gonna make it. We hope he recovers fully from this medical situation ... so he can continue his crime sprees and mug shots!

Smiling DMX Mug Shot

As reported in the Arizona Republic, DMX was moved from a Miami Dade County on September 10 and taken to Phoenix, Arizona’s Maricopa County Jail.

In addition to facing felony drug possession charges, DMX is also expected to defend his numerous traffic violations, animal cruelty accusations, and even defrauding a hospital with an invalid Social Security number and name.

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DMX is the best.

The troubled rapper has been arrested so many frickin' times, it's becoming familiar and amusing to him - as well as to The Hollywood Gossip.

When you can't even recall what the man is being charged with because all his arrests blend together after awhile, that's a long ass rap sheet.

But we think this is the deal:

DMX was extradited from Florida yesterday - where he finally pleaded guilty to drug charges - so he could return to his home state of Arizona.

There, he's facing more drug charges and another warrant for his arrest. Yes, we're serious. Anyway, enjoy possibly the best DMX mug shot yet ...

Smiling DMX Mug Shot

Even DMX is amused by DMX's legal brushes at this point.

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These celebrity quotes stem from a courtroom exchange today in which DMX was denied bail at a Florida hearing re: one of his many arrests:

DMX: "I ain't going back to no f%$king jail."
Miami-Dade County Judge: "Oh, well that just ingratiated you to me."

Ah, DMX. Then told his next hearing would be October 3, he reacted similarly:

"I ain't coming back on f*%king October 3."

A bold statement, since he was already in custody at the time. Oh, DMX.

A Mug Shot of DMX

THUG LYFE: The most recent of eight (known) DMX mug shots.

DMX was arrested in Miami back in June - once for attempting to purchase cocaine and marijuana during a narcotics sting, then another time on an outstanding arrest warrant for possessing no valid driver's license.

Ultimately, DMX got the last laugh, though. Despite the judge denying bail for him initially, his attorney Bradford Cohen somehow hammered out a plea deal in which the rapper was freed on time served and a $483 fine.

Of course, he's far from home free. Arizona authorities have 15 days to drag him into custody to face charges on a number of crimes there.

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This booking photo of DMX - the first take in what appears to be an entire week - shows the once-prominent rapper in all his glory.

Just look at that turned-up collar with a white undershirt. This upstanding citizen is where celebrity mug shots and fashion collide!

DMX, a.k.a. Earl Simmons, was arrested Thursday in Miami after missing a court date in Arizona. These things happen when you're DMX.

A Mug Shot of DMX

He was arrested by Miami P.D. outside a WalMart in Miami after police got a warrant for his arrest for missing a court date earlier this week - where the rapper was supposed to appear before a judge over drug charges.

We assume it was for this arrest, but how can we be sure?

DMX's lawyer, Charles Kozelka, said he was "literally in the process of working out a self-surrender" when he got nabbed. Literally.

Again, these things happen when you're DMX. See below:

  • DMX Mug Shot
  • Another DMX Mug Shot
  • Earl Simmons Mug Shot
  • Mug Shot, DMX
  • DMX Mug Shot (Yawn)
  • DMX: The Mug Shot
  • DMX Mug Shot (Again)

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Celebrity scandals are so funny and frequent these days that we can't resist a face-off of sorts featuring some of our favorite celebrity mug shots.

One of these celebrities was recently nabbed for drug possession and feeling up some girl (underage no less) in a Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot.

The other was arrested for ... gosh, we can't even remember. This is like his third mug shot this month and seventh career (that we know of).

But enough background information. Let's get to the mug shots ...

  • Andy Dick Mug Shot
  • Another DMX Mug Shot

Which celebrity mug shot do you like best: Andy Dick or DMX?

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There are now more DMX mug shots than there are Ashley Harkleroad nude photos in Playboy.

The rapper was arrested last week for allegedly giving a false name and Social Security number to Scottsdale's Mayo Clinic in April. DMX reportedly used the name "Troy Jones" to weasel out of paying for $7,500 in medical expenses. Of course he did.

For the obscenely long record, DMX was also arrested on July 2, June 27, June 23, May 9 and May 7 of this year.

Another DMX Mug Shot

Compare this DMX mug shot with numerous other ones now!

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Man, there are celebrities who get arrested a lot, and then there is DMX. The 37-year-old rapper / actor is in a league of his own.

DMX was recently arrested in his hometown, Phoenix, on outstanding warrants as soon as he stepped off a plane from Los Angeles. His lawyer said he knew he was going to be arrested, because he failed to appear in court on other charges.

Truly, if you're DMX, this is standard procedure by now.

He is being held on $1,075 bail for driving with a suspended license and $10,000 bail for various other illegal activities. Yawn.

Anyway, click to enlarge any of the following DMX mug shots - and follow this link to view our hilarious, ever-expanding celebrity mug shots gallery!

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TMZ and KPNX television in Phoenix are reporting that officers from the Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff's Department raided the home of rapper DMX early yesterday morning.

There, officials reportedly made a disturbing discovery - no fewer than 12 distressed pit bulls.

Distressed as they might be, those dozen pit bulls should consider themselves lucky... they could have met their demise in Michael Vick's Bad Newz Kennelz. Thin about it.

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was not home at the time. The Phoenix news channel is reporting that a large cache of weapons was found in the home as well.

Wow, guns at the home of DMX. That's about as surprising as learning that Britney Spears has a new "nanny" that she may be having an affair with.

DMX has a long rap sheet (heh), having been arrested back in 1999 for (seriously) stabbing and shooting his mother. He was later cleared of those charges.

In 2002, he pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges. Last summer, he was arrested and given some candy ass fines for driving without a license. Paris Hilton would be proud.

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An arrest warrant has been issued for DMX after the rapper failed to turn up at a New York court, where he was due to face several charges including driving without a licence.

City Court Judge Barbara Leak issued the warrant on Wednesday for the star, whose real and extremely uncool name is Earl Simmons. The proceedings had already been postponed twice.

DMX at the Hip Hop Awards

DMX/Simmons' lawyer, Stacey Murray, promised he would show up in court on Thursday and said her client had been ill. He is also accused of speeding and not wearing a seatbelt.

"We have granted him a number of courtesies. It ends now," the judge said.

The 35-year old rapper was stopped by law enforcement officials in the New York district of White Plains on June 2 for speeding and making unsafe lane changes, police say. Officers then found he was not wearing a seatbelt and did not have a driver's licence.

Nine days later, he was given a ticket for driving on the shoulder of the Hutchinson River Parkway in Harrison, N.Y. Last month, he was arrested by police after abusing airline staff at Heathrow Airport in London.

For a guy who has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide, and who is about to release his sixth album -- Year of the Dog, Again -- these are some awfully weak charges. Driving without a seatbelt? Unsafe lane changes? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought DMX was supposed to be at least semi-hard. I personally can top these infractions many times over.

Come on, Earl. Couldn't you have at least assaulted someone in the process?

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