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We were starting to think it had been awhile.

Last time we reported a DMX arrest was over two months ago. Something seemed amiss ... until he was busted in Phoenix last night for violating his probation. The violation was simple: not checking in with his probation officer.

He faces a revocation hearing November 24.

DMX Mug Shot (November 2010)

DMX MUG SHOT #15: That's not an exaggeration, amazingly.

The arrest was first reported by local FOX 10. The rapper, who has a long history of legal trouble in his home state and beyond, says he has no hard feelings toward Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the man who keeps arresting him.

“No, hate would ruin my life. I wish him the best - good health, long life - just leave me alone,” DMX said. Hey, at least he's not bitter, right?

Until his next arrest, we leave you with this ...

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DMX is the man.

When barely a day passes in between your run-ins with the cops, that's when you know you are hard core. Lindsay Lohan and her driving woes have nothing on him.

Just hours after X was released from jail yesterday, the rapper was pulled over by the police driving down Sunset Blvd in a rented Mercedes and busted again!

X's manager says he recording studio around 11:20 p.m. when he was stopped for a minor traffic violation. Officers then learned he didn't have a valid license.

A rare kind of DMX photo - it wasn't taken in a police station!

DMX was issued a citation and will be due to appear in court sometime in the near future. Cops even allowed a passenger in the car to drive the rapper home.

That's nice. Give the man a break. He's been in solitary confinement enough times this year already ... might as well give him a night or two in his own bed.

Yesterday's release from jail came after the man served just 18 days of a 90-day sentence stemming from a reckless driving conviction way back in 2002.

Lohan was let out after 14 for the same thing. Just saying.

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Knock us over with a feather, because new reports say DMX has been arrested. We don't want to assume such shocking news is true, but you ever know.

The rapper is planning to surrender to authorities in L.A. to start serving jail time for crime he committed "5-6 years ago," reports TMZ, via X's manager.

DMX is "not sure" about the nature of the crime, or at least his manager isn't. Which makes sense. Details blend together after a dozen arrests or so.

According to the manager, X is "focused" on taking care of all of his past legal issues so he can move on with his life. That should take a few centuries.

DMX-tra Mug Shot

DMX is a chill dude. Mug shots do not faze him.

Earlier this month, DMX, whose booking photo comprise most of our celebrity mug shots gallery, completed a four-month jail stint for a probation violation.

Looks like his freedom was short-lived.

The celebrity gossip site claims that X's jail stint all stems from a 2002 reckless driving conviction. He was placed on probation after pleading no contest.

He has subsequently violated his probation, of course, with unrelated offenses, and has therefore been ordered to serve 90 days in a city jail facility.

Lindsay Lohan can relate.

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Can Dr. Drew save DMX from six months in the slammer? That's the rumor going around, and if it's even half true, it's the most ridiculous rehab story we've heard.

Okay, second most ridiculous. Evander Holyfield seeking out Dr. Phil after allegedly beating his wife, then getting indignant and storming out? That's gotta be first.

In any event, DMX was just sentenced to six months in jail for violating his probation. His first arrest of 2010 took place last week after he was busted with drugs.

Seeing as DMX comprises approximately half our celebrity mug shot gallery, he was on probation at the time, and thus violated it, leading to his return to prison.

But rehab could save him yet.

Dr. Drew: DMX's trusted savior and confidant?

DMX admitted to five probation violations at his hearing last week, claiming they were the result of using illegal drugs. Here's where the Celebrity Rehab doc comes in.

During the hearing, a rep from the Pasadena Recovery Center gave the judge a letter from Dr. Drew Pinsky, asking permission to treat X at his facility ... in lieu of jail.

X himself reached out to Dr. Drew upon his arrest. Looks like it worked.

The judge seemed open to the idea, although no decision has been made yet. We can only hope it happens, and that cameras film all of the odd couple's interactions.

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DMX was arrested Tuesday in Arizona, marking approximately the 126th time the rapper has been taken into custody for some legal matter or another.

This time, though, he wants to turn things around, and his lawyer is reaching out to the one man that DMX believes can save him ... Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The details of the arrest are unclear, but attorney Gary Jenkins tells us "He has been battling addiction for some time and he's in need of treatment."

Jenkins adds, "We're hoping that maybe Dr. Drew might be able to help him." Maybe now that he got that crazy stalker off his ass, he'll have free time.

DMX Mugshot

Can Dr. Drew help DMX get clean?

DMX mug shots over the past two years are almost too numerous to count. Jenkins added, however, "He's a talented man ... we're praying for him."

While unconfirmed, two reports suggest that DMX violated his probation by using illegal drugs and was booked on five counts of probation violation.

It's also being reported that he let fly a few expletives during his initial court hearing last night, which is kind of hilarious and wouldn't surprise us in the least.

Come on. This is DMX. It's how he rolls.

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December 18 is a good day for celebrity birthdays.

From acclaimed actors to celebrity gossip staples (sometimes those two overlap) to Grammy-winning singers, crazy beauty queens and rappers who've been arrested approximately 147 times, this day in history produced them all.

Happy birthday to Brad Pitt (46), Katie Holmes (31), Christina Aguilera (29), DMX (39) and Tara Conner (24)! Steven Spielberg (63) and Keith Richards (66) too!

Here's a photo tribute to the birthday boys and girls ...

  • Just a Mustache
  • Katie Holmes Elle Cover
  • Suri and Katie Picture
  • Perfume Pitch
  • Awesome Aguilera
  • A Mug Shot of DMX
  • Smiling DMX Mug Shot
  • New DMX Mug Shot!
  • DMX Mug Shot (Yawn)

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Sometimes all a thug wants to do is perform. Do not attempt to hinder DMX in such situations, should they arise. Consider this your free advice for the day.

There are only a select few celebrities whose names could appear in the headline above and have us not even bat an eye, and DMX is most definitely one.

He was 90 minutes late to a charity concert over the weekend in Colorado Springs, and when he arrived, security wouldn't allow him to perform as planned.

This did not end well for them.

X got into a screaming match with security guards. A real screaming match, as the video below shows. Followed by a shoving match involving large dudes.

The funniest part? The crowd, which was just told he wasn't going to show, chanted "D-M-X!" and "Let him go!" Even more entertaining than him rapping.

He eventually got on stage, to the crowd's elation, but the sound system was turned off and couldn't perform. Amazingly, X did not end up in jail for once.

Check out the classic video here ...

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DMX was released from the Maricopa County Jail in Arizona yesterday, and as far as we can tell, the man has yet to be arrested for anything else yet. Yet.

The king of celebrity mug shots added a new booking photo to his wall of fame, as is customary when prisoners with lengthy criminal records are let out.

Here's his latest work of art ...

New DMX Mug Shot!

This photo was taken as DMX was discharged on May 14. He is finally free ... to get arrested again! This writer has June 1 in The Hollywood Gossip office pool.

DMX was sprung from his home away from home at 4 a.m. Thursday after serving 90 days in jail - the minimum sentence for pleading guilty to the following:

  • Cruelty to animals
  • Possession of narcotic drugs
  • Theft and possession of marijuana

Eh, that list is little ho-hum for a supposedly hard-ass criminal of X's stature - but getting arrested for all of that at the same time is still pretty impressive.

Oh, and he was booked on aggravated assault and probation violation while behind bars for hurling a tray of food at guards and threatening to fight them.

  • Yet Another DMX Mug Shot
  • Smiling DMX Mug Shot
  • A Mug Shot of DMX
  • DMX Mug Shot (Again)
  • Earl Simmons Mug Shot
  • DMX Mug Shot (Yawn)
  • DMX: The Mug Shot
  • DMX Mug Shot

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How does he do it?

How can one man be arrested SO many times? We have often asked these questions about the incomparable DMX because, well... if one gets busted for serious crimes enough times, eventually you will be placed in some sort of jail.

Well, that's where he is right now - and that still hasn't stopped the rapper from going berzerk and incurring the wrath of the law enforcement community.

DMX is officially on "lockdown status" in Arizona's Tent City Jail after pulling one of the best moves an inmate can make - threatening to fight the guards.

Yet Another DMX Mug Shot

After he failed to report for his medication, officials say the rapper began cussing at officers and threatened to "assault somebody to get some respect."

DMX was immediately thrown into lockdown, separated from the other inmates and punished with a "special diet that is a form of bread and water."

It all started when he refused to report for work, telling officers, "I already have a job and don't need this s***." Hard to argue with that sound logic.

Sounds like he's finally reforming. Click to enlarge more booking photos of DMX (our career celebrity mug shots leader), past and present ...

  • Smiling DMX Mug Shot
  • A Mug Shot of DMX
  • Earl Simmons Mug Shot
  • DMX Mug Shot (Yawn)
  • DMX: The Mug Shot
  • DMX Mug Shot (Again)

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Hey, sometimes it's a lot easier to run all your errands in one place. For Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge that place is totally Wal-Mart.

For DMX, who is making a serious, single-handed bid to comprise half of The Hollywood Gossip's celebrity mug shots gallery, it's court.

In Maricopa County Ariz., court this morning, DMX pled guilty four times in three different cases, all at the same time. Here's the breakdown, courtesy of TMZ:

  • In case one, he pleaded to one count of cruelty to animals (Michael Vick would be so proud), as well as to one count of possession of narcotic drugs
  • In case number two, he pleaded guilty to theft
  • And in lucky case number three, he pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana
DMX Booking Photo

As part of DMX's plea agreement, all additional charges against him were dropped - and there were actually quite a lot more, if you can believe it. The somewhat insane rapper also known as Earl Simmons will be sentenced on January 30.

DMX Biography

DMX Mug Shot DMX means business. He's a rapper and an up and coming actor... and he's also a frickin' idiot. Unless he is reading this right now, in... More »
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