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Is Dina Lohan poised to go Dancing With the Stars this season?

It'd certainly be an image-rehabilitation effort for the mother of four, who is probably best known as a fame whore who made a mess out of her family.

Dina, whose lack of maternal skills may be rivaled only by Emily's mom on Pretty Little Liars, was overheard talking about plans to appear on the show.

The Dumb Dina

The topic came up as she celebrated daughter Lindsay Lohan's birthday, which coincided almost exactly with her completing her house arrest. Sweet.

LiLo herself was in talks to appear on DWTS at one point, but it did not materialize. The show has not commented on potentially casting her mom.

More random people have certainly appeared, so it's not that big of a stretch. The question is who else ABC has in mind and whether it wants her.


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Despite interest from producers and support from her fans, Lindsay Lohan has turned down an offer to appear on Dancing With the Stars.

"We are huge fans of the show and think it's incredible," terrible mom Dina said. "We'll watch it, but it is not going to happen this season."

Plugging herself, Dina adds, "Lindsay actually told the woman at Dancing With The Stars who made the offer, 'you need to take my mom!'"


HOLD UP: Dina and Lindsay have put the brakes on DWTS.

Lindsay gave the offer serious consideration, but decided to keep her focus on drug and alcohol rehab, which is a very mature decision.

"Lindsay is a great dancer, but she's taking a break right now. She has been through a lot," Dina said, before talking about herself again.

"Our family loves the show. I'm a dancer, and I taught dance when Lindsay was growing up. I dragged her from one studio to another."

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Dumbass Dina Dina Lohan is Lindsay's crazy mom. She may be the worst of all celebrity moms. Sorry, Lynne Spears and Kate Gosselin. But Dina pimped out... More »
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I've learned to just deal with it. It's so silly. We actually laugh about it now… It really does hurt…. but you develop a thick skin. You have to ignore it.

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If she's happy, I'm happy. That's all I'll say. Samantha's great. I've known her and her family for ten years.

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