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Glee took some hilarious shots at Lindsay Lohan last night, courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow's substitute Spanish teacher character. Dina Lohan is far from pleased.

The episode, which you can read all about in our TV site's Glee review, didn't just ridicule the troubled star for no reason. "The Substitute" actually had a point.

Gwyneth's character later talked about how she tries to relate to the students, maintaining attention spans with the aid of these crazy antics ...

That's tough math in any language!

Nevertheless, Lindsay Lohan's mom and siblings don't see the humor, calling it "shameful" how the rehabbing actress was mocked on the show last night.

Dina is reportedly saying "Shame on Gkee," and calling the show "tasteless." Then again, Lindsay reportedly feels the same way about Dina, so we'll call it even.

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Lindsay Lohan has always been enabled by Dina Lohan, her worthless fame whore of a mom. Only now is she starting to realize that's part of the problem.

The rehabbing star's wake-up call was Dina's appearance on Today this month. While Dina showed some humility, it's the pretense that bothered Lindsay.

Basically, Lindsay told her mom not to go on Today at all.

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  • Whiner

When Dina defied her and chatted it up with Matt Lauer, Lindsay, whose patience with her mom had already been wearing somewhat thin, was "furious."

Since that interview, Lindsay has become warier of her mother and is beginning to understand her antics are part of the reason for her many problems.

Moreover, Linds is beginning to realize Dina's demonization of her dad, Michael Lohan, is not the whole picture and that both parents share the blame.

Unlike her mother's behavior, the actress has been surprised, in a good way, by her dad's seeming sincerity in reaching out and respecting her wishes.

Just when you think you've heard everything ...

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Lindsay Lohan and estranged parents, Michael and Dina, haven't had the best of relationships, but all three may sit down to resolve old issues, reports say.

Just when we thought we'd seen everything. What's next? Kanye and W making up and Bristol Palin making it to the final four on Dancing with the Stars?

Oh, wait ...

ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY? Hey, anything's possible. Apparently.

Doctors and therapists at the Betty Ford Clinic, where Lindsay Lohan will continue to reside until early 2011, have been "encouraging" her to get in a room with her folks to resolve issues that may have put her in her current state.

Five or six years too late, but hey, better than never.

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America's least favorite celebrity mom, Dina Lohan, visited the Today Show Monday after spending time at the Betty Ford Center with troubled daughter Lindsay.

Lindsay's chief enabler and de facto publicist called the facility "life-changing" and an "amazing place," and sounded surprisingly humble (for her) about her struggles.

Matt Lauer asked Dina, who spent two weeks in family sessions at the clinic, about Lindsay's condition. "Happy, relaxed. She's just a different person," Dina said.

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Are these two finally seeing the light? [Photos:]

"She's been in a couple facilities, but this one, to me, has really changed her. They get into your psyche and your family and they bring the problem to the surface."

Lauer and Lohan sparred the last time she was on Today, but this time, there wasn't too much contention, even when Matt pressed Dina Lohan on Lindsay's woes.

"When the judge said [Lindsay] needed to go here and sent her, he said to her in no uncertain terms, 'You're an addict,'" Lauer said. "Does Lindsay fully get that?"

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Let the Michael Lohan bashing session begin!

Today is "family day" at the Betty Ford Center, the first scheduled since Lindsay Lohan became a patient there, and it will be a jam-packed therapy session.

One with cameras rolling if some people have their way.

  • She's Baaaaaaaaaaack!
  • Lohan and Behold

Dina never misses a chance to be there for her cash cow baby girl.

The Betty Ford Center is two and a half hours east of L.A., and the train wreck's mom, Dina Lohan, is flying out from New York for the emotional reunion.

At the moment, she is planning on bringing all three of her other kids, Ali, Michael Jr. and Cody (Dakota), to make the day as lucrative special as possible.

Not invited? Dina's ex-husband Michael Lohan. We'll see if Mike's plan to sneak in by getting wasted and making a scene outside the place comes to fruition.

Dina surprisingly took the high road this weekend and refused to get into a "war or words" with Michael, although she did accuse him of "hurting Lindsay."

Pot? Meet kettle.

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Michael Lohan is a douche, but may have been right about one thing:

Dina Lohan sucks at parenting just as much as he does, if not more.

While Lindsay Lohan "can't stand the thought" of her father's plan to sneak in the Betty Ford clinic where she's being treated, Dina, the troubled star's chief enabler, excuse maker and media pimp, may pose an even bigger problem.

La Loser Lohan

DONE IN BY DINA: This explains so much about Lindsay.

Never one to pass up a chance to cash in, White Oprah is shopping an interview for after she visits Lindsay in rehab, and the asking price is in the five figures.

Dina is trying to broker a deal that would allow cameras to film her inside Betty Ford. No word if any of this figures into Dina's new Lindsay reality show plan.

For this coveted Q&A, sources say Dina is asking "high five figures" for the interview and none of the proceeds will go to charity. That's right, none, not all.

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Talk about a new Lo ... han. We just hope cameras catch Lindsay trying to escape.

We're unsure about the accuracy of this exclusive scoop, but we also don't put it past her in the least. Reports say Dina Lohan is currently shopping a reality show based around visiting her daughter, Lindsay, while she is in rehab. Sickening.

Eh, we'd watch it because we're THG, but still. Abhorrent.

Dumb Dina, Poor Ali

Watch out, Ali. You're next. [Photo:]

"Not only is she shopping around her upcoming trip to visit Lindsay in rehab at Betty Ford with her other three abandoned children to media outlets to sell the photos, but she's doing it to develop a new reality show," says a source.

Dina Lohan did this years ago when Lindsay first went to rehab, "selling the footage for an E! Network special and then worked with E! to land her show, Living Lohan."

"It's really sad Dina is doing this again. She's been advised it's in poor taste but that's Dina for you." Indeed. You don't become the worst parent ever for no reason.

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Yeah, so Dina Lohan is pretty much the worst parent ever.

Michael Lohan tried to instill this in our minds yesterday, and while MiLo's no prize himself, there's no getting around the fact that Dina was warned by local law enforcement that Lindsay Lohan was out of control ... SEVEN YEARS AGO.


Back then, just like now, mama enabler did nothing.

MEAL TICKETS: That's all Dina's kids are in her mind.

Back in 2003, Lindsay was 17. L.A. law enforcement officials became aware that the teenage actress had a stalker. The threat was so serious that an investigator was assigned to follow LiLo around to protect her and bust the stalker.

At that point, the investigator became alarmed when he saw Lindsay clubbing all over town, which made the investigator fear she was drinking and driving.

Law enforcement contacted Dina to give her the heads-up. If only they knew how useless that was, since all White Oprah cares about is money and fame.

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In response to Lindsay Lohan's conclusion in rehab that he is the root of all her issues, Michael Lohan says that ... well, Dina Lohan is no prize herself!

Given a history of violence, prison stints, overall bad behavior and relentless quest for fame and money at his kid's expense, Lindsay is pretty spot-on.

Still, rather than manning up, Michael Lohan tells TMZ that his ex-wife and Linds' mom, Dina, was violent as his little girl was growing up, scarring her.

HAPPY DAZE: Things weren't always so bad. Actually, yes they were.

The d-bag claims that when Lindsay was four, Dina was arguing with his mom and Dina allegedly smashed a telephone across his dear old mother's face.

Six stitches for grandma and countless rehab trips for granddaughter.

He also says Dina lost her $h!t one time so bad, she jumped across two beds and accidentally knocked herself out while attempting to attack him. Oookay.

Furthermore, it was Dina's idea to leave Lindsay in Hollywood at such a young age, even though LiLo had a stalker, making her the worst parent ever.

Hard to argue with that last part if nothing else. A Dina source says: "This is absolutely not true. She will not respond to anything Michael Lohan says."

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Dina Lohan needs to shut her yap.

Lindsay Lohan's enabler and mother simply will not acknowledge her kid's faults in any capacity. Unconditional love is one thing. Living in denial, babying grown adults and setting a terrible example overall are quite another.

Argumentative diva Dina appeared on the Today show Friday morning and promptly defended the behavior of Lindsay Lohan while placing all the blame on the criminal justice system, specifically the judge who sentenced her to jail.

Basically, in DinaLand, Marsha Revel refused to give Linds a free pass (which she basically got anyway from the correctional facility), therefore she sucks.

"I'm not condoning drinking and driving, but she's still paying the price for what she did in 2007," said Dina. "She's changed. She's grown up considerably."

This is not true. Lindsay repeatedly violated the very simple terms of her probation, acted like she was beyond reproach, and finally got hers. End of story.

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  • Diva Dina

To Dina, Lindsay can do no wrong. This explains a whole lot about the train wreck's conduct over the past several years. [Photos:]

Asked what accounted for the change, Dina told Matt Lauer, "Age. Living life. Knowing life. Growing up." Right. Whatever that means. Very convincing, Dina.

Accusing Revel of "going overboard" and "playing hardball" by ordering Lindsay to jail for 90 days (she served 13) and to rehab, Dina claims the judge recused herself from the case this week because she was about to be fired.

Lindsay "was [thrown in jail] for missing a couple of classes and was working at the time," Dina Lohan says, apparently confusing "clubbing" with "working."

Pressed about coverage of her daughter's problems, Dina said it's "propaganda," and "pre-orchestrated. You're reading things that are not based on fact."

Whining about attention she craves, she adds: "Her life is magnified. She is under a microscope … Lindsay doesn't realize a lot of people are watching her."

For now, in rehab, "She's great," said Dina. "She's been through a lot."

What do you think? Lindsay Lohan belongs in ...


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