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- Chace rollin' solo style? Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford was spotted hitting up New York nightspot Butter ... without a certain someone. While many in the club wondered if his "friend" Carrie Underwood would show up, the young star, sporting a suit and skinny black tie, instead was seen with a different blonde.

- At the same club, one of the regulars, Diddy, kept a low profile, then chatted it up with another Butter mainstay, Jay-Z. The hip-hop moguls seemed to enjoy the mix of music (which was, conveniently, heavy on the Jay-Z hits).

Wino in St. Lucia

- Across town, Natalie Portman was seen rocking out at the Band of Thieves concert with a male friend (likely Nathan Bogle) in tow. "It looked like they were roaming around the East Village and wanted to hear some new music," says an onlooker.

- As her beleaguered European tour rolls on, a still-living Amy Winehouse took a pre-concert cruise around the tattoo parlors of Paris' Pigalle neighborhood with hubby Blake Fielder-Civil. The couple gawked at the Moulin Rouge cabaret and shared a kiss before making a stop at the L'Académie des Billiards.

- In Berlin to film the thriller The International, Naomi Watts stepped out with Liev Schreiber for supper at Sagrantino wine bar. Bor-ring.

- Okay, so this isn't exactly club news (or club news at all), but we love Mary-Louise Parker, who was seen working out with her trainer at Equinox in New York. They were doing weight training and work with a yoga ball. According to an onlooker, the actress "looked stunning... even in her gym clothes and no makeup."

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The same day entertainment news outlets leaked the story of Diddy's illegitimate child with Sarah Chapman, the music superstar was spotted out and about with Kim Porter... and the couple's adorable twin daughters.

Say what you want about Sean Combs and his poor taste in women (Sienna Miller, really?), but the man does seem to be fairly responsible when it comes to his children.

Pic of Diddy

Britney Spears should take note. Of, well, everything.

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Diddy? Oh yes, he did!

Now that DNA reports have proven that Sean Combs did father a daughter with Sarah Chapman, the rap mogul says he'll be taking care of his extended family for life.

Diddy Dirty Money on Idol

Reportedly, the 15-month old named Chance was a major factor in the break-up of Diddy and Kim Porter (pictured, below). She wasn't thrilled that her man cheated on her with Chapman, while also putting a bun in his mistress' oven.

Diddy denied Chance was his daughter for more than a year, but now that blood tests have confirmed that he's the father, Combs says: "I will take care of her for the rest of her life."

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Maybe Kim Porter should've been jealous of Britney Spears instead of Sienna Miller.

Diddy and the lead performer for tonight's Video Music Awards chilled - and drank, according to their faces below - in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Giving Her All

They seem awfully chummy, don't they?


At one point, while a group of celebrities hung out in Pure Nightclub, the rap mogul gave Brit a shout-out, declaring that the singer deserved respect because she had gone through some hard times but "she keeps her head up."

Hear that, Vanessa Hudgens? Nude pics, schmude pics. Just keep your head up.

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You can relax now, Kim Porter.

Turns out your ex-flame is NOT about to be a daddy again.


Celebrity news reports had stated that Diddy had knocked up Danity Kane lead singer Aubrey O'Day. But she's here to tell you that this story is as fake as Heidi Montag's breasts.

I "laugh [my] way through dramas" like that, O'Day said, not actually denying the rumors to Us Magazine.

O'Day and fellow Danity Kane girls Shannon Bex and Aundrea Fimbres said their next album is due in 2008. They wanna show people who "Danity Kane is."

And, for the record, they are not the Pussycat Dolls. While these gals said they had respect for Nicole Scherzinger and that barely clad band of ladies, Danity Kane represents something wholly different.

Like, well, a shorter group name.

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OK! Magazine is beginning to be a leading source of celebrity gossip.

It had the exclusive Britney Spears meltdown two weeks ago - and now it has an interview with Kim Porter coming out in its latest issue. Here are some highlights from it:

A Diddy Pic

On Diddy: "I'd been in an on-again, off-again relationship with Mr. Combs for about 10 years, and it came to a point where it was time for me to move on with my life. I had invested a lot of time in that relationship, and it wasn't going where it should have been going. So it was time to [end it]. In a relationship, it's important that the people are on the same page at the same time. And we weren't on the same page."

Kim Porter joins Jason Wahler as a well-known ex in Hollywood.

On his alleged cheating: "I will never sit here and say that Puffy - or any man - is 100 percent faithful. I just don't believe it. Some of you are, but I'm not going to sit here and say that I didn't believe that he cheated on me. I would never say that. I'm aware that he's cheated."

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Come on, Kim. Brody Jenner is faithful... to being a player!

On J.Lo's relationship with Diddy: "It was an embarrassment. I never thought it was real. I knew what was going on with him. Despite what you see in print and when the cameras are flashing, what's going on in someone's heart may be totally different. He was still [in love] with me. I never looked at their relationship [as serious]."

When asked if Sienna Miller played a part in her break up:: "They're just friends. That wasn't the cause."

Then why break up with such a mogul, Kim? Why?!?

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Forget Jack and Diane.

Diddy has written a little diddy about Kim Porter - and the title of it may not be one she wants to show the couple's kids.

Diddy on Stage

Despite the fact that Sean Combs is the one who never married Porter, fathered children with her and reportedly cheated on her with uber-skank Sienna Miller, the rapper has released a song called "Through The Pain aka Kim Porter"

The video debuted on BET last week. Aside from having a stupid title, the song reeks of immature bitterness. You don't see Brody Jenner penning a tune about his break-up with Spencer Pratt, do you?

Hip-hop Web site reports Diddy created the music video as a response to Porter's appearance on CNN discussing their breakup. "This is how he's coming back," the site says. "Basically it's like, 'You're putting me through hell.'"

That's pretty much how we feel every time Lindsay Lohan opens her mouth. But we're not gonna write any dumb songs about it.

We're just gonna say that this drunkard makes Britney Spears look put together.

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Kim Porter is Diddy-free.

After celebrity news outlets first reported it, the longtime on/off girlfriend of Sean Combs has confirmed that the couple has decided to call it quits after 10 years.

Diddy on Stage

"In ending this relationship, I made a decision that was in the best interest of myself, Sean and our family," Porter said in a statement that Us Weekly printed. "I look forward to moving on with my life and my career, and wish him prosperity, health and happiness in life and in love."

Diddy and Kim are parents to twin 7-month-old daughters and a 9-year-old son named Christian. Porter also has a teenage son, Quincy, from a previous relationship.

She added: "We will remain friends and committed parents to our children."

That's probably for the best anyway. It leaves Diddy with more time to boink Sienna Miller.

Diddy, of course, has denied dating the Factory Girl actress, though shortly after the birth of his twins, he was frequently seen partying with Miller. It's safe to assume that - like Britney Spears and Daimon Shippen - the truth will soon come out.

The two were also recently spotted flirting in London at the Princess Diana Memorial Concert. However, Sienna claims that she has another man in her life.

"I am in love with someone but not Puff Daddy," Miller said. "He's just a good friend."

We believe Miller, if only because she doesn't even know that Diddy hasn't been called "Puff Daddy" in years. That would be like us saying Beyonce was still in Destiny's Child.

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Even Tantric sex isn't enough to keep Kim Porter around.

Especially if her man, Diddy, is conducting that speciality with someone as gross as Sienna Miller.

Pic of Diddy

Sources inside the Sean Combs' camp told Page Six that Porter moved out of his apartment in New York because talk of the rap mogul bedding the sex mogul are heating up again.

"Kim is in Louisiana filming a movie right now, and when it's done she's moving to L.A.," the source said.

Porter has already bought a posh pad in Beverly Hills for her and her four children - three of whom, Christian, 10, and twins D'Lila and Jessie, 7 months, are Diddy's.

"She is focusing on her career as a model and actress and raising her children," an insider said. "They are the best of friends, but they just can't be together right now."

Of course, this is far from new. Kim and Diddy split for several years when he was dating Jennifer Lopez. This couple gets back together more often than Lauren Conrad gets called "America's Sweetheart."

Rumors of a rift between Porter and Diddy started circulating earlier this year when, right after the December birth of the twins, Combs stayed out almost every night till the wee hours of the morning partying with Miller.

This sex romp friendship between Combs and Miller was rekindled last weekend when he went to London to perform in the Princess Diana Memorial Concert at Wembley Arena. Celebrity gossip sources across the Atlantic were almost more focused on this affair than Kate Middleton and Prince William getting back together.

According to Britain's Daily Mirror, Combs went to the concert after-party at a club called Paper, but "didn't look too happy to be there . . . until [Miller] arrived . . . For seemingly the first time all night, he started to enjoy himself . . . he ordered six burly bouncers to form a ring around the couple.

And one unlucky reveler who accidentally strayed too close to the pair at Paper . . . was manhandled out of the way by their heavies."

A rep for Diddy said "there is no truth to this," but didn't Britney Spears once say she loved her mom? We've learned how to read between the lines.

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The party went on for Sean Combs Tuesday night.

But following the cancellation of his London concert with Snoop Dogg, the man better known as Diddy says it just isn't the same without his pal.

Doggy Dogg

"I am going through Snoop withdrawal right now. I miss him a lot," Diddy told People Tuesday at a party he threw at Paper in London.

Snoop and Diddy are currently on a European tour and had been expected to play five dates in Britain, but their One Love Peace Tour UK was unexpectedly sidelined.

Why? Snoop Dogg, who was arrested in London last year, was banned from the country.

Hey. These things happen when you're Snoop Dogg.

"We are going to get together in Dublin and we will be back here," Diddy said. "We are going to work everything out so that we can come back because I think we can have a positive impact."

Still, Diddy partied on without his friend, and helped Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas celebrate her 32nd birthday.

"I am 32. It is wonderful. I have had so many experiences so I am happy to be 32," said the singer, accompanied by boyfriend Josh Duhamel.

"You can't have a party on the same night that Diddy is having a party. You can't compete, so expect me to join it. He is a really good friend of mine. He throws the best parties."

He also throws a good left hook, we're told.

Diddy, who has some time to kill in London until his concerts in Dublin on Saturday and Sunday, said he has been hanging out with David and Victoria Beckham. On Monday night, he was spotted out dining with the pair.

"We're both at the top of our game. A lot of people BS us all the time, but we really just check on each other," Diddy said of David Beckham. "He is a real cat. A lot of people you meet, you know, they ain't really real."

Interestingly, that's what a lot of people have said about Posh's huge breasts.

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Pic of Diddy Diddy used to be known as P. Diddy. But his real name is Sean Combs, in case you were wondering. More »
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Diddy Quotes

The concert changed my life. I was so impressed and inspired. I fell in love with hip hop again.

Diddy [on Kanye West Glow in the Dark tour]

I think that it's important for me to mature and evolve as an artist... I'm trying to get my Black Bruce Willis on.

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