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Sarah Palin, you scare me. You could be the President of the United States. John McCain is 72. Boys and girls, vote. I beg you. I’m not coming out the covers. It’s safer underneath the covers!

This quote pretty much sums up how many Americans feel about the prospect of Sarah Palin making a living in The White House.

Oh, You Betcha

Listen to Diddy say it, and a lot more, in the video below. Watch, enjoy and leave us a comment about it!


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You might think Sarah Palin - the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States - is having a great week, but three recent developments have popped up:

  1. Political website The Daily Kos says Palin is lying about being the mother of her fifth child. Seriously.
  2. Palin's own mother-in-law in unlikely to vote for her, as Faye Palin told The New York Daily News: "I'm not sure what [Sarah] brings to the ticket other than she's a woman and a conservative."
  3. Diddy is down on her as a selection.

In a hilarious - albeit truthful and insightful - rant, the rapper went off on John McCain for being irresponsible enough to place someone as inexperienced as Mrs. Todd Palin on the ticket.

Diddy Dirty Money on Idol

See what Diddy has to say now:


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We wonder if Jessica Alba would watch this Olympic event.

Recently asked what sport Diddy would earn a Gold Medal in if he were to participate, the music mogul gave an unusual answer:

Diddy Dirty Money on Idol

"Who could have sex the longest. I think that's an event I can do well in. And probably who could stay up the longest."

The rapper added:"Just so you know, that's supposed to be funny. Even though I am serious."

We know, Diddy. We know.

Who wants to challenge Diddy in the sack?

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The news that Amy Adams was engaged to Darren Legallo wasn't met with much excitement this morning.

But celebrity gossip followers are abuzz with this wedding news: Diddy is set to marry Cassie Ventura!

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

"He told everyone to keep it extremely quiet because he didn't want it to get out, but you could tell he was excited," a source told Star. "Diddy said they hadn't set a date yet, but he wanted his family to hear the news first."

Cassie Ventura and Diddy are engaged. Congrats to the couple!

The hip-hop mogul met the 21-year old Cassie when he signed her up to his label, Bad Boy Records, in 2006.

About a year ago, Diddy ended his 10-year relationship with Kim Porter, the mother of his twins.

** Update: Diddy's rep is denying this rumor: "Contrary to tabloid reports, there is no engagement. This was a complete fabrication," he said.

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Awww, who says a music mogul has to be a tough guy all the time?

Diddy is seen here sitting down for a father-daughter playdate with his adorable 18-month-old twins, D'Lila Star and Jessie James.

Jessica Simpson Birth

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Like a true attention whore using relationships for fame and money, Tracey Edmonds didn't need long to move on from ex-husband Eddie Murphy.

Less than six months after breaking up with the actor, the former Mrs. Babyface is dating Diddy. And just listen to how much she loves him already!

Diddy on Stage

"Diddy is the funniest man I've ever met," Edmonds told The Daily Mirror. "I'm so talented at latching on to men with fame and fortune lucky to find someone so soon after Eddie."

So, will Diddy become the third Mrs. Tracey Edmonds?

"We've only been on three or four dates, but he's whisked me off my feet," Edmonds said. "I don't know about wedding bells but he's definitely the man for me."

Definitely. Without a doubt. Until these two break up and Tracey dates Ray J, that is.

** Update: A rep for Diddy has now said:

"Sean is very single. He and Tracy have known each other for over 10 years."

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Forget whether or not Diddy's line of clothing, known as Sean John, is fashionable, fellas.

Focus on what's important:

Its ability to help you in the bedroom.

"Sean Jean is fashion Viagra. I've had 40 year-old men tell me that once they started wearing Sean Jean, everything changed for them, including their sex life," Diddy recently said.

Based on Cameron Diaz's love of sex, it's safe to assume she dresses all her men in Diddy's fashion line.

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No, our headline isn't implying that Diddy and Kim Porter are having children out of wedlock again.

But the music mogul's baby mama did show up for his 38th birthday party this week in Miami, looking rather pleased to be there. We wonder if Sarah Chapman was also invited.

Diddy on Stage

When it comes to getting along with an ex in a mature, friendly manner, who would have thought the best role models would be Diddy and Porter, and Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson?

We hope Paul McCartney and Heather Mills are paying attention.

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While Tyra Banks focuses on the vagina, Oprah Winfrey is focusing on YouTube.

The talk show queen kicked off her YouTube channel with a show dedicated to that website yesterday - and, for some reason, a major part of it was centered around Sean Combs choosing a new assistant.

Diddy has been running a contest online to find a new personal assistant, waiting until Tuesday to make the big announcement.

And, with the three finalists sitting in the front row, the winner was... Heather Thompson!

"It was just a passion, it was the way she articulated herself," Diddy said of the selection. "I think [she] understood what the job entailed. She had a background that was stellar. It was just the way she came across."

We hope Thompson is ready to mail many child support payments to Kim Porter and Sarah Chapman.

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- Chace rollin' solo style? Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford was spotted hitting up New York nightspot Butter ... without a certain someone. While many in the club wondered if his "friend" Carrie Underwood would show up, the young star, sporting a suit and skinny black tie, instead was seen with a different blonde.

- At the same club, one of the regulars, Diddy, kept a low profile, then chatted it up with another Butter mainstay, Jay-Z. The hip-hop moguls seemed to enjoy the mix of music (which was, conveniently, heavy on the Jay-Z hits).

Wino in St. Lucia

- Across town, Natalie Portman was seen rocking out at the Band of Thieves concert with a male friend (likely Nathan Bogle) in tow. "It looked like they were roaming around the East Village and wanted to hear some new music," says an onlooker.

- As her beleaguered European tour rolls on, a still-living Amy Winehouse took a pre-concert cruise around the tattoo parlors of Paris' Pigalle neighborhood with hubby Blake Fielder-Civil. The couple gawked at the Moulin Rouge cabaret and shared a kiss before making a stop at the L'Académie des Billiards.

- In Berlin to film the thriller The International, Naomi Watts stepped out with Liev Schreiber for supper at Sagrantino wine bar. Bor-ring.

- Okay, so this isn't exactly club news (or club news at all), but we love Mary-Louise Parker, who was seen working out with her trainer at Equinox in New York. They were doing weight training and work with a yoga ball. According to an onlooker, the actress "looked stunning... even in her gym clothes and no makeup."

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The concert changed my life. I was so impressed and inspired. I fell in love with hip hop again.

Diddy [on Kanye West Glow in the Dark tour]

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