Diane Lane is hot at any age. She can still call us when she turns 95.

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No doubt fueled by speculation regarding Hillary Clinton's possible second candidacy for president, NBC has ordered a four-hour mini-series based on her life.

Diane Lane will star in Hillary, recounting Clinton's life from 1998-present.

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NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt announced the miniseries Saturday at a TCA press event, calling her "one of the most fascinating women of our time and this world."

"And on the precipice of what we all assume will be her running for president, we think it's an interesting story to tell with classy producers and a great star."

The script, which has not been written, will begin during her husband Bill Clinton's second term and will likely include her second run at the presidency.

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Diane Lane has already pulled the trigger in her divorce from Josh Brolin, filing the papers in L.A. Superior Court and citing irreconcilable differences.

Lane signed her divorce documents on Valentine's Day, citing February 13 as the date of their official separation, although sources say it was earlier than that.

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"They've been separated for several months. This was a hard decision for both of them to make," says a source close to Diane Lane and Josh Brolin.

"The relationship just ran its course."

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Diane Lane and Josh Brolin have announced they will divorce after eight years of marriage.

"Diane Lane and Josh Brolin have decided to end their marriage," the actors' reps said.

Adds an insider: "It was a mutual decision. It is very amicable. It's not ugly, it's just over."

The spouses, who wed in 2004, split a few months ago. They have no children together.

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Lane was previously married to actor Christopher Lambert from 1988-1994, and Brolin to Alice Adair, with whom he has two kids, Trevor, 24, and Eden, 18.

We wish both of them the best during what is surely a difficult time.

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The Venice Film Festival may not receive as much publicity as the Emmy Awards when it comes to celebrity fashion - did you see how gorgeous Katherine Heigl at the latter? - but the stars certainly shine bright in Italy nonetheless.

Let's take a look at some of the hottest.

Mugler Shot

How old is Diane Lane? Who knows. Who cares. The actress looks as beautiful as ever on her way to attending a showing of her latest flick, Hollywoodland.

Sandra Bullock, meanwhile, isn't typically included among Hollywood's finest - but looks like she's trying to Crash that party. Bullock looks up to Speed on the latest fashion here.

Finally, simple certainly works for Josh Hartnett here. We're not sure if he dressed himself or if ladyfriend, Scarlett Johansson helped - but good job no matter what!

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We always knew someone gave love a bad name for Jon Bon Jovi. You could feel the pain in the rock 'n roll god's voice every time he mentioned an angel's smile being up for sale.

But Diane Lane was responsible for such heartbreak?!? Who knew? (That these two were an item ... that Bon Jovi was suave enough to bag such a beautiful actress ... that the repercussions of that affair would be etched in Best of the 80s CDs forever ...)

Jon Bon Jovi Shirtless

20 years later, the painful effects are still felt for Jon. He turned down the opportunity to view the premiere Hollywoodland in Southampton last weekend. The movie stars Ben Affleck as George Reeves, the original TV Superman.

We're gonna avoid the obvious consternation at Affleck playing the role of Superman and comment on who stars as the woman Reeves had an affair with back in the day: Lane.

See, When Bon Jovi split from his high school sweetheart, Dorothea Hurley, in the mid-'80s, he got to see Lane naked many, many times. But the relationship ended badly, leading to the band's classic, "You Give Love a Bad Name"

The result did drive Jon back into the arms of Hurley, who he married in1989 and has had four children with.

We love Jon Bon, don't get us wrong. But we'd take being promised heaven and then being put through hell if it meant we could recreate the hallway railing scene from Unfaithful with Lane.


That imagery even puts this picture of Jessica Simpson to shame.

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