Diana Bianchi is the home-wrecking teen that broke up Christie Brinkley's marriage to Peter Cook. At only 18, Diana Bianchi was the Long...

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An alleged sex tape of Peter Cook and Diana Bianchi is not only making the gossip rounds, the New York Post is stating unequivocally that it exists.

Christie Brinkley will love this.

The paper claims to have seen still photos from a sex tape of Peter Cook and Diana Bianchi nude, having sexual intercourse on a brown love seat.

They also show Diana Bianchi performing a striptease down to a pair of black panties and then to her birthday suit as Peter Cook holds his crotch.


Diana Bianchi Picture

Peter Cook is also shown resting his head on Bianchi's ass. It appears the sex tape was made at Cook's Southampton office without her knowledge.

But then there is the matter of other Diana Bianchi photos - apparently not from the sex tape - that show the 19-year-old willingly posing topless.

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Even though her divorce trial with Peter Cook is beyond ugly, Christie Brinkley is extending an olive branch to the mistress who came between them.

After a long day on the witness stand Thursday, Brinkley told reporters she wanted to let Diana Bianchi know that she forgives her.

"I'd just like to say that I can't help but think about Diana Bianchi, and I want her and her family to know that I feel really badly for them," said Brinkley. "I feel bad for her and forgive her completely. She was manipulated."

Christie Brinkley also added of Thursday's testimony, "today was really difficult reliving the horror (of what happened two years ago)."

A source says that on Wednesday, the day the trial commenced, Diana Bianchi went up and approached Brinkley's daughter, Alexa Ray Joel (whose father is Brinkley's previous husband Billy Joel) outside the courtroom to apologize.

"Diana Bianchi said to her, 'I am sorry for all the pain I have caused you and your family,'" reports a New York Daily News source.

"Alexa then hugged her and said, 'We have all been through a lot.'"

The humiliating, public skewering of that bastard Peter Cook and his obsessions with sex and online porn is expected to resume Monday.

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At Day Two of the sensational Christie Brinkley-Peter Cook divorce trial, the supermodel sobbed repeatedly, describing how he ruined her life.

But, Cook, who smirked and whispered into his attorney's ear throughout Brinkley's teary testimony, said his wife was just putting on a show.

"Shrek was more believable," he quipped during a recess.

Among the details Christie Brinkley revealed, sobbing:

  • Peter Cook offered to pay women he met online for sex.
  • Brinkley, a blonde, found a black hair in their bed.
  • Their son, Jack, stumbled upon porn stashed on his computer while doing research for a school book report.
  • Distraught, Cook threatened suicide after his affair with Diana Bianchi, his teenage assistant, was exposed.

Christie Brinkley then revealed how she learned the news after delivering a commencement address at a high school in the Hamptons in June 2006.

The high school grads were collecting their diplomas - with Peter and Jack Cook cheering Christie on - when Diana Bianchi's step-father approached her.

In tears, Brinkley testified:

"Suddenly, I heard these words ... I heard him say, 'That husband of yours just won't knock it off. He is having an affair with my teenage daughter and that bastard won't knock it off and I have to come to you.'"

"I said, 'What did you say?' At this point my eyes were fading out around the edges, this tunnel vision in a way," Brinkley said. "I looked at Peter and he was just going 'no' and I thought to myself 'it's true, he did that.'"

Wednesday, Peter Cook detailed the affair with Diana Bianchi, also took the stand, calling their "mutual." She said they had sex fewer than 10 times.

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Diana Bianchi, the teenage home-wrecker who destroyed Christie Brinkley's marriage in 2006 is going to testify at her upcoming divorce trial.

Not surprisingly, she's lawyering up hard beforehand.

Bianchi ate breakfast with lawyer Rosemarie Arnold, reports the New York Post, at East Hampton's Maidstone Arms on Sunday.

They were prepping to talk about her affair with Peter Cook.

Having been subpoenaed, Diana Bianchi will have to speak about it under oath even though she reportedly got paid $300,000 for her silence.

Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley in happier times (pre-secretary boning).

Carri Lyn Ciamarra, a fitness model who said she had a "relationship" with Cook after he split with Christie, is also expected to testify Wednesday.

No word on if Samantha Cole, 31, will testify about her supposed affair with Peter Cook back in 1996, when he and Brinkley were engaged.

Yes, 1996. Peter Cook? Not un-shady.

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The teenager who split up Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook apparently got herself paid by Peter - though it might all be a big waste of ca$h.

The New York Post says Peter Cook shelled out $300,000 to Diana Bianchi, his 19-year-old assistant, and she agreed not to talk about the affair.

Of course, now that Diana was subpoenaed and will testify in a New York court, that cash may be useless, as she will be legally compelled to reveal all.

Dianna Bianchi says she will testify "truthfully" if she has to.

Meanwhile, we hear (shockingly) from some celebrity gossip sources that the 21st Century Long Island Lolita may not exactly be a teen angel.

The now-infamous mistress beckons guys to write her on her (yes) blackplanet.com personal page. "If you wanna get to know me," writes Diana Bianchi, "It's cool, hit me up ‘n' we'll see what happens."

Besides showing off her knockout body in a bikini, the sexy Bianchi identifies her ethnicity as "Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, White."

Some of her interests are "Cookin', dancing, singing" and her income is "$75,000-$100,000." She's giving Ashley Dupre a run for her money!

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Aspiring singer / teenage mistress Diana Bianchi will testify in the upcoming divorce trial of Christie Brinkley, her lawyer confirms.

Diana Bianchi, then 18, was the woman at the center of the sex scandal that ruined the marriage of Brinkley and Peter Cook in 2006.

Supermodel and mom Christie Brinkley, 54, and home-wrecker Diana Bianchi, 19.

"She is looking to move forward in her life and regain her anonymity," Bianchi's attorney, Rosemarie Arnold, said.

"She has pursued a career in music by choice. That choice has nothing to do with Christie Brinkley or Peter Cook. She wants the media to respect her privacy."

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Before we answer the question posed in the headline, we probably need to respond to the inquiry on the minds of most readers:

Who the heck is Diana Bianchi?

Bianchi is the (very, very) young woman at the center of the nasty Christie Brinkley/Peter Cook divorce. The former model's lawyer has requested that the aspiring singer - who Cook admitted to having an affair with - take the stand during their upcoming divorce trial, set to begin July 2 in Long Island.

Diana Bianchi Picture

Diana Bianchi wanted to make it as a singer. Instead, she's making it as Peter Cook's mistress.

In response to a possible court appearance by Bianchi, Peter Cook's attorney, Norman Sheresky, told People Magazine:

"Since Peter admitted [to an] affair two years ago, dragging in Bianchi is just one more example of Ms. Brinkley's thirst for revenge. Peter has moved on with his life. She should do the same."

We disagree. For the sake of celebrity gossip followers everywhere, we think this battle should continue in public for many months to come.

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Christie Brinkley's estranged husband, Peter Cook, has reached a settlement with Diana Bianchi, the teenager he had an affair with soon after he hired her as an assistant in his office.

Lawyers involved in the matter declined to disclose the details of the settlement. Rosemarie Arnold, the attorney for Diana Bianchi, would only say, "The matter has been resolved."

Peter Cook's attorney, Kathleen McKenna, did not return calls.

The Long Island architect's scandalous affair with Bianchi, who is now 20, led to the breakup of his 10-year marriage to Christie Brinkley, 53, last July.

The supermodel and mother of Alexa Ray Joel - as well as two younger kids with Cook - is still working out the details of her divorce and the couple is due back in court next month.

Despite the unthinkable heartbreak and humiliation she suffered, so far, Brinkley's only revenge has been a positive attitude. And a divorce, of course.

It was a saga that makes this week's Alec Baldwin voicemail rant seem tame. Well, sort of. But she's moving on. Though Arnold declined to disclose any details, her partner, high-powered lawyer Joe Tacopina, said last August:

"What [Peter Cook] did is prey on an 18-year-old girl. It's a textbook case of why an employer is not supposed to carry on a relationship with an employee."

Think about that, Britney Spears, the next time you feel like you want to seduce one of your backup dancers. Be strong, girl. You can handle it.

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Before she allegedly became a home-wrecker, Diana Bianchi just wanted to be a singer!

The 19-year-old, who began an affair with Christie Brinkley's estranged husband, Peter Cook, and ultiamtely caused the demise of the supermodel's marriage to the Long Island architect, harbored aspirations of becoming a singing star.

Diana Bianchi Picture

We highly recommend checking out some footage TMZ.com has of Bianchi from 2004, in which she performs Journey's "Open Arms" at an amateur night competition in the Hamptons.

"I'm a singer/pianist and I don't really have a CD coming out right now but I've been working around usually just places like these trying to promote myself and get people to know me," she said.

Well, it seems that she became a household name after all. Dreams really do come true!

As if Cook weren't getting enough bad press over this, Samantha Cole, yet another singer, recently came forward with similar claims of Cook's infidelity -- back in 1996, when she was also 19.

We don't know what to make of this. These chicks are not only borderline illegal, but they aren't even hot. What gives?

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It's only been about a week since Christie Brinkley announced that her marriage is ending due to her husband's infidelity, and there's already an avalanche of information regarding the sex scandal(s) to sift through.

Let's recap.

Christie Brinkley And Family

First, 19-year-old Diana Bianchi came forward with details of how Brinkley's husband, Long Island architect Peter Cook (with Brinkley, pictured), seduced her.

Then, another woman -- Samantha Cole, 29 -- told the New York Post that she had a relationship with Cook when she was 19. She claims he asked her to marry him in a failed attempt to win her back after she dumped him in 1996.

After Cole refused his marriage proposal, Cook became engaged to Brinkley a month later.

"I was pretty upset about it, pretty angry," Cole said. "I was the last person he was with before Christie... I thought that she was too old for him. I said to him, 'You've always dated younger girls.'"

Cole also added that when she first met Cook, he was engaged to someone other than Brinkley. The news of his affair with Bianchi hit close to home for her.

"I laugh at this," Cole said this week Bianchi's story became public. "Our story is exactly the same. I never thought he would do something like that, being married, with his family so important to him."

What drives a man with a great family, high-paying job and a supermodel wife to pick up teenage girls? The same reason any guy cheats.

"Beauty, wealth and celebrity are no guarantee against an affair," said psychoanalyst Bethany Marshall in the Post. "The best insurance policy is to be in a relationship with a man who loves you and where there's a really good attachment."

Cole told the Post that Cook has a habit of doing aspiring teenage singers from the Hamptons who work for him. She seems to know him pretty well. Cook, 47, reportedly seduced Bianchi back in 2004 after hiring her as an assistant at his architecture firm. E! Online reports that Bianchi is exploring a possible sexual harassment lawsuit against her former boss.

The Gossip is still not clear on how anyone cheats on Christie Brinkley. Sure she's 52, but if she doesn't define the term MILF, I don't know who does. Good lord. She's also a true uptown girl, if you know what we're saying. We're saying she used to be married to singer Billy Joel. Who wrote songs about her.

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