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When Tiger Woods mistresses engage in a war of words, and threaten physical violence against each other, it is far from pretty - and far from unfunny.

Devon James has reportedly threatened to kill Joslyn James as the ongoing feud between two of Tiger's most infamous porn star bed buddies intensifies.

In an email sent via a mutual friend, Devon threatened Joslyn and likened the latter James' broken heart at the hands of Tiger to "her botched boobs."

Joslyn James Cleavage

Devon James (left) is not a fan of Joslyn James.

"Trust me I swear to you I will kill over this," Devon James, who also lied and accused Tiger Woods of knocking her up 10 years ago, wrote to Joslyn.

The feud erupted after the pair signed to shoot a porn flick about their sex-capades with the golf superstar, according to a friend of both (who we pity).

While on set, Joslyn accused Devon of stealing cash from her purse. "That's when Devon flipped out and wrote the threatening email," the source said.

Devon wrote to Joslyn James: "I will never be set up like this. Oh yeah and wait til (sic) you see what your prize has coming! Joslyn should be scared."

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Tiger Woods is officially divorced. But, come on, do you really think that means we've heard the last about his cheating ways and the women not named Elin Nordegren with whom he had intercourse while married?

Many of them are back in the news this week. First, Devon James got fired from her job as a prostitute at the world famous Bunny Ranch in Nevada because owner Dennis Hoff said she broke the establishment's golden rule: total and complete silence about the brothel happenings.

She "broke the code, which is privacy and discretion with all clients," Hoff told TMZ, adding hilariously: "She is a disgusting excuse for a working girl... she's a scumbag and a snitch."

What Did Elin Know?

James isn't the only former fling speaking out.

In the latest issue of Life & Style, a pair of past mistresses claim Elin wasn't as ignorant over her husband's adultery as she has claimed. Here's what they had to say:

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Anyone else really, really surprised by this breaking sports news?

A paternity suit filed by the upstanding, totally credible Devon James against Tiger Woods has officially been thrown out, ending her bid for ... who knows.

Tiger's porn star mistress was shown no mercy by a judge this morning, who dismissed her paternity case and request for a DNA test from the golfer.

James claimed Tiger is the baby daddy of her 9-year-old son, Austin T. James, and wanted the judge to force Tiger Woods to submit to a DNA test.

A TIGER TALE: Despite the fact that he probably tapped that, along with dozens of other women, Devon James' paternity claims were a bunch of baloney.

The judge in Manatee County, Fla., had none of this, tossing the case in part because Devon James was MIA, and for other, more significant reasons.

For one, she doesn't even have custody of the kid now. Her mom does. Moreover, her mom says a prior DNA test in 2002 proved another man was the dad.

There you go. Got the time, by any chance, Devon? Looks like 14:59 ...

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Rough month for Devon James.

Not only was Tiger Woods' mistress basically shot down in her bid to prove the golfer fathered her son Austin T. James (T for Tiger), she had to withdraw from a Celebrity Boxing match last night because she failed the pre-fight physical.

History was still made at the event, however, as it marked the first time the words "pulling out" and "Devon James" were ever used in the same sentence.

James was scheduled to get in the ring with Susan Finkelstein, a woman who posted a Craigslist ad offering sex for Philadelphia Phillies tickets. Classy.

The only ring Devon James is known for is ... forget it.

They really brought out the big guns for this clash of titans. Screech, a.k.a. Saved By The Bell and sex tape star Dustin Diamond, was supposed to ref.

But just before the opening bell, New Jersey EMT's determined that Devon's blood pressure was too high and expressed concern over her poor performance.

In the eyeball reaction test, that is - her performance in other arenas is said to be spectacular, even professional grade. No word if she also failed any polygraphs.

The decision was made at that time to remove her from the fight, leaving the Celebrity Boxing federation to swap in some other random non-celebrity.

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Devon James, Tiger Woods' porn star mistress who claims he's the father of her son, even though he's clearly not, continues to fight the good, money-grubbing fight.

She's filed new court documents practically begging a judge to force the golf great to submit to a DNA test to establish paternity of nine-year-old Austin T. James.

T for Tiger, natch.

As for the previous DNA test that showed Tiger is not the father (the real daddy is a convict named Pele Watkins), Devon claims there was a "misunderstanding."

Right. Those often happen in science.

  • Devon James Nude
  • Careful Observation

FORK IT OVER: Devon James wants Tiger's DNA ... again.

In the docs, Devon states again that she believes she gave birth to Woods' love child, and she's willing to provide information on the time, place and hotel location where conception allegedly occurred to help prove Tiger knocked her up.

She's also willing to name "his golf buddies who were there at the time in Pebble Beach." Wow, knock us over with a feather. You're officially toast now, Tiges!

Through his attorneys, Tiger has denied the whole thing, and has recently filed papers of his own asking a judge to throw out the entire paternity case.

Undeterred, Devon presses on, even wearing a shirt proclaiming herself Tiger Woods' Baby Mama. 'Cause if she says it enough, maybe we'll believe it?

Man, this girl is crazy. If she wanted Tiger Woods' DNA so bad, she should have pulled a Monica Lewinsky / Molly Hagerty after the act. Just saying.

Sorry. Gross.

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Devon James says Tiger Woods fathered her love child.

A DNA test proved otherwise ... or so we were informed.

Tiger Woods wants Devon James' paternity claim thrown out because another guy was already determined to be the father, according to a 2002 test ... but that other guy is now saying he never even took a DNA test. Pretty bizarre.

As we previously reported, documents filed back in 2002 show there is a 99.9 percent chance that Pele Watkins fathered Devon James' son Austin T. James.

Not the case, says Pele.

Devon James demands Tiger Woods take a paternity test. The golfer has obviously not done so, as all evidence has pointed to him not being the father of her son.

In an August 1, 2009, letter Watkins, writing from prison, tells James he never took a DNA test. At one point he wrote, "They will never get DNA from me."

He closes the letter, "I never took a DNA test but tell your mom I will fight her for messing wit [sic] me in jail." Well, that really clears everything up there.

Sources say Devon plans to file the letter with the court in response to Tiger's motion to dismiss the case, indicating that she's likely to press on with it.

It's almost like she's still dragging this out for money or something.

What do you think: Tiger's kid?


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He may have had an affair with her (and many, many others), but no love child resulted from that fornication. Thus, Tiger Woods wants Devon James' paternity claim axed.

Through his lawyers, Tiger has fired back against one of his porn star mistresses and her paternity claims, asking the court to throw the case out for one simple reason:

Tiger is not the father.

Devon James filed papers back in June alleging that the golfer was the father of her nine-year-old son ... despite DNA tests proving that the daddy was someone else.

Attorneys for Woods have now filed legal documents declaring as fact Tiger did not father James' son and, therefore, the paternity case should be history.

Better luck next time, Dev.


DISMISSED: Much as a Tiger Woods love child wouldn't surprise us at this point, a low-rent porn star mistress making up such a claim to cash in surprises us less.

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Tiger Woods may have stuck his driver in one too many open bags (if you know what we mean!) - but new evidence proves these extra practice rounds did NOT lead to the one result for which a golfer can never take a mulligan:

A baby.

Over the last couple weeks, Devon James - mistress number... who the heck knows at this point?!? - has claimed to anyone with a microphone that Tiger is the father of her nine-year old son.

She stuck by this statement even after sources confirmed the existence of a DNA test that disproved Woods' paternity. Now, that test has actually been made public.

Giving credit to for breaking the news, TMZ has in its possession documents that say Devon was made aware in 2002 that her son is the child of some dude named Pele Watkins.


If there was ever a reason for a fist pump...

In fact, according to science, there's a .001% chance that anyone other than Watkins is the dad. So you can breathe a major sigh of relief, Tiger.

To understand how low those odds are, consider: they are the same as Elin ever taking you back.

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Embattled golf legend Tiger Woods finished fourth at the U.S. Open this weekend, just as he did at the year's previous major championship, The Masters.

The similarities didn't end there, as those airplane banners that taunted him in Georgia back in April made an appearance yesterday in California, as well.

Suffice it to say, someone has way too much time, money and interest in Tiger Woods' personal life, and this comes from a celebrity gossip site, no less.

Ted from was hired by an anonymous person to fly two banners over Pebble Beach yesterday, in honor of Tiger Woods' final round.

The first banner, referencing Woods' alleged love child with Devon James, one of his porn star mistresses, read simply, "TIGER: ARE YOU MY DADDY?"

The second said "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TIGER LOL." LOL, indeed.

MAYBE BABY DADDY: Tiger Woods likely never fathered any illegitimate children, but rumors circulating online were enough to prompt this aerial taunting job.

Banners flying over April's Masters read "TIGER DID YOU MEAN BOOTYISM" and "SEX ADDICT? YA, RIGHT. SURE. ME TOO!" Presumably, the same guy is responsible.

As for whether Tiger is responsible for knocking up Devon James back in 2000, she has filed a paternity action claim against him in Florida court to establish this fact.

She's probably bluffing, but the kid does look like him. Just saying.

Her own mother, who actually has custody over Austin T. James (T for Tiger, natch), says she had a DNA test done that proves another man, not Woods, is the daddy.

Devon James says her mom has no such test results and that Tiger knows he's the dad, having brought her gifts for the kid after she revealed the news in 2008.

What do you think?


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Sitting in third place and poised to make a run at his 15th major championship at the U.S. Open, this could be a Father's Day to remember for Tiger Woods.

Maybe he can even give the trophy to his love child with Devon James!

The porn star mistress who claims Tiger is the father of her 9-year-old son says he knows all about the kid, and even sent presents for the boy in the past.

Reports that he fathered a child with Devon James surfaced last week, courtesy of claims by the mistress herself, but were refuted by James' own mother.

Devon's mom says a DNA test disproves claims that Tiger is the father.

However, Devon says no such test exists, and went and filed a paternity action suit against Woods in which she demands a paternity test, on Thursday.

Kid kinda does look like Tiger. Just saying.

A rep for James tells us the filing shouldn't surprise Tiger, either, since she told him about Austin T. James (T is for Tiger, obviously) back in August 2008.

He even gave him some swag a month later, she says.

James' rep says Tiger Woods got Devon James got pregnant in 2000, and she didn't see the golfer again until 2006, when he paid $2,000 for a threesome.

At that time, she was scared to tell Woods about the kid because she "thought he would take her son away from her." Laughable, but the story continues:

They began seeing each other (naked) again from 2006-2008, the rep says, and James told Tiger about her son, and that he was the father, in August '08.

Tiger didn't really acknowledge James' claim, but when they saw each other a month later, Tiger brought golf clubs, a hat, and a bracelet "for your son."

Anyone buying it?


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