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For Desiree Hartsock, it is her time to dream.

The 26-year-old bridal stylist, who made it to the final four on The Bachelor before having her heart broken by Sean Lowe, will star as The Bachelorette May 27.

ABC has released a pair of images for Des' season, featuring the California cutie holding a bouquet of roses ... and wearing a dress fashioned out of them:

  • Desiree Hartsock Bachelorette Photo
  • Desiree Hartsock Bachelorette Poster

"I just can't even believe I'm here," she said last month. "I just feel so thankful."

"I'm very hopeful in all of this and I do hope to meet the man of my dreams."

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Sorry, Bachelor Nation. You'll have to wait an extra seven days for the return of that cutie Desiree Hartsock, as ABC has pushed back the start of her season.

The network will now air a new scripted series called Motive after Dancing With the Stars on May 20, when The Bachelorette was supposed to premiere.


Motive will move to its regular Thursday home on May 23 (Thursday), but will receive a boost from DWTS on its premiere date (or so the network notes).

The Bachelorette, meanwhile, is now scheduled to premiere at 8 p.m. on May 27, with spurned Sean Lowe suitor Desiree Hartsock handing out the roses.

You excited to see her in the role?


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Desiree Hartsock may not have won The Bachelor, but the fourth-place finisher will be handing out the roses as the new Bachelorette starting May 20.

The cutie said on The Bachelor: After The Final Rose special that she is “ready and open” to “to meet the man of her dreams” come this summer.

Desiree Hartsock Filming

Despite the fact that she made it far and became a fan favorite, we still don't know that much about her. So here are some fun Desiree Hartsock facts:

1. She is a bridal stylist and a designer in Los Angeles. That will certainly come in handy if, as she hopes, she'll be wearing her own before too long!

2. She designed her own dress for the opening rose ceremony when she wowed Sean Lowe. Who is now engaged to Catherine Giudici, but still!

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Desiree Hartsock started out as one of 26 women vying for Sean Lowe on The Bachelor, finishing fourth behind Catherine Giudici, Lindsay Yenter and AshLee Frazier.

This summer, she'll be the one everyone is competing for.

Fan favorite Desiree (known affectionately as Des) will be The Bachelorette, as expected! The news was confirmed last night on the After the Final Rose special.

Desiree Hartsock Photograph

"I just can't even believe I'm here. It's just such a blessing," she said. "I could never have imagined signing up for The Bachelor and having this opportunity."

Overwhelmed by the crowd's standing ovation. Desiree had tears in her eyes. "If you're crying now, we're in for a long season together," Chris Harrison joked.

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Desiree Hartsock is totally the next Bachelorette.

The fan favorite from the current season of The Bachelor, whom many thought would win Sean Lowe's final rose, was spotted at Santa Monica Pier this week.

With a camera crew. It's Bachelorette promo time!

  • Desiree Hartsock Pic
  • Desiree Hartsock in L.A.

While nothing is official - look for the official announcement on Monday's Bachelor season finale - Desiree Hartsock definitely feels like a good fit.

Also ... single, fashionable, carefree girl, hair blowing in the breeze, gazing out at the sea as if she's waiting for the man of her dreams to come along?

ABC. Ratings. Gold.

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Desiree Hartsock certainly looked the part of The Bachelorette last night.

While the runner-up on next week's finale (see The Bachelor spoilers to learn who that is) would seem to be the frontrunner for the job, it could be Des' to lose.

On Monday's The Bachelor: Women Tell All Special, Hartsock not only looked great, but sounded like she was reading from the Bachelorette-to-be playbook.

Pretty and likable without trying too hard, and recounting her heartbreak with sincerity without seeming too crushed, the fan favorite further burnished her credentials.

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Ah, the annual Women Tell All filler episode special. As always, it didn't offer much in the way of insight (or The Bachelor spoilers), but boy was it entertaining.

Not only did Tierra LiCausi and her "sparkle" bring the drama, there were other notable interviews and a memorable exchange between Sean and AshLee.

What did we learn - good and bad - from the Women Tell All?

Come along below for the official THG +/- Bachelor recap!

Bachelor Women Tell All Pic

Tierra surprisingly showed up in an attempt to explain herself, although the more she talked, the deeper she dug herself into the hole of her own making.

Chris Harrison (who gets a Plus 50 for his moderation of events like this) asked Tierra if she had regrets or wanted to apologize for anything at all.

Her response?

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With that Tierra nonsense finally behind us, The Bachelor is getting serious.

Sean Lowe has reached the hometown dates. In other words, high stakes.

With four women remaining and only three spots remaining to continue on his "journey" next week, one very special someone had to get the chop. But who?

Check out The Bachelor spoilers to learn what happens next week and beyond, then come along for THG's +/- recap of the hometown date episode ...

Sean Lowe, Final Four Women

Plus 25 right off the bat for the fact that we finally get to see some real dates, i.e. Sean hanging out with the girls without six other girls waiting around.

And no Tierra, in general. Plus 5.

The first hometown date goes to AshLee Frazier, who is definitely the oldest, most mature and most serious of the final four. Does that make her a favorite?

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The Bachelor star Sean Lowe receives an unpleasant surprise Monday night on a hometown date with one of his final four women, Desiree Hartsock.

Her ex-boyfriend shows up, asking if they can talk.

An awkward exchange ensues as Des' ex professes his love for her and calls Sean an "actor," while Lowe clenches his fist and sort of threatens the guy.

This has to be scripted ... right?

Is this something they can get through, or will it seal the deal for Des? Find out by reading The Bachelor spoilers for this week and beyond ... if you dare!

Who should Sean pick?


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After a handful of tense, drama-filled weeks, it's go time on The Bachelor.

Sean Lowe is at the stage where decisions are difficult. Nay, impossible.

With six women remaining and only four hometown dates, two women he genuinely likes had to pack their bags. Was crazy Tierra LiCausi one of them?

Check out The Bachelor spoilers to learn what happens next week and beyond, then come along for THG's +/- recap of last night's episode ...

Sean and Tierra

Tierra decides it's better to sleep on a cot than share a bed with any other girl. Way to take a stand for something you feel so passionately about. Minus 30.

The first date goes to AshLee Frazier, who was whisked off for some romantic beach time on St. Croix. Cue gratuitous bikini shots. Cue Plus 20 points.

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